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Hanuman Jayanti 2024: Date, Mantra, Puja Vidhi & Astrological Importance

07 Feb, 2024 by Parita Soni

Hanuman Jayanti 2024: Date, Mantra, Puja Vidhi & Astrological Importance

07 Feb, 2024 by Parita Soni

Hanuman Jayanti is a significant Hindu festival that falls on Shukla Purnima in the month of Chaitra as it marks the birth anniversary of one of the dearest deities of the Hindus, Lord Hanuman. Having been born to Kesari and Anjani as per Hindu mythology, Lord Hanuman is also known as Anjaniputra. 

Lord Hanuman, also Sankatmochan, is believed to be the Lord Shiva’s embodiment, and is the most prominent devotee of Lord Ram. He is admired by his worshipers for unconditional service, honesty, devotion, and bravery for Lord Ram, which surely qualifies him as a karma yogi. 

Lord Hanuman is also seen as a representation of power and vitality by his devotees. He can change into any appearance, exert rocks, as well as move mountains. Lord Hanuman is truly a divine being with supernatural abilities who can defeat bad spirits.

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Hanuman Jayanti Date 2024

Every year, Hanuman Jayanti falls on the full moon in the month of Chitra as per the Hindu Calendar, i.e., between March and April. This year, the Hanuman Jayanti 2024 shall be on April 6, and the purnima tithi shall begin on April 23, 2024 at 03:25 am and end on April 24, 2024 at 05:17 am. 

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Significance of Hanuman Jayanti

Lord Hanuman is an epitome of physical strength as well as discipline. Hence there is immense importance of Hanuman Jayanti for bodybuilders, wrestlers, as well as Brahmacharis. Hanuman Jayanti is a festival marked with devotional music, special prayers, and reciting of the hymns Hanuman Mool Mantra as well as Hanuman Chalisa.

On this day, worshipers present sweets, fruits, coconut, flowers and holy water to the God. Boondi and jaggery-gram prasad are the favorite offerings to Lord Hanuman. Some devotees even observe Hanuman Jayanti Vrat to show their devotion towards the god and ask for his blessings. Hanuman is the eleventh Rudra incarnation of Lord Shiva and lived his life for Lord Rama and Sita Maiya. All over the world, the Hindus are inspired by the devotion and compassion of Hanuman towards them.

In addition, Lord Hanuman is deemed to be the symbol of optimism and hope. People pray to him for a good future and are led in their spiritual and personal lives by Hanuman's teachings and illustration of selflessness as well as devotion. As a result, he is a respected and beloved deity in Hinduism.

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Significance of Hanuman Jayanti Vrat

As per a belief, fasting on this day can help one purify their mind, body, and soul and seek blessings from Lord Hanuman. Devotees fast to show their gratitude and devotion to the deity. Some devotees observe a strict fast, while others eat only fruits or a satvik meal. It further aids in developing self-discipline and controlling the senses. One can acquire courage, strength, and intelligence by observing the Hanuman Jayanti Vrat. These characteristics thus connect the devotees to Lord Hanuman. In conclusion, observing a fast on Hanuman Jayanti enhances one's spiritual bond with the god and asks for his blessings.

hanuman jayanti mantra puja vidhi

Astrological Importance of Hanuman Jayanti 

Even as per astrology, Hanuman Jayanti holds much significance as it impacts the planetary positions as well as the energies of the universe. The chanting of Hanuman Chalisa on Hanuman Jayanti also has a powerful astrological perspective. It can delight the planet Mars (Mangal), which is associated with courage, strength and victory. 

The hymn can placate Mars (Mangal), a planet associated with fortitude, bravery, and triumph. The unfavorable impacts of Mars on horoscopes are diminished, and one can see beneficial life improvements by reciting the Hanuman Chalisa.

During Hanuman Jayanti, a lot of individuals engage in rituals and pujas that have astrological advantages. The Hanuman Jayanti puja helps to gain his blessings and connect with the holy powers of the Lord. Success in efforts, excellent health, and protection against bad energies are a few examples of the changes the puja brings about in life.

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Hanuman Jayanti Puja Rituals 

Devotees should perform the Hanuman Jayanti pooja by following the below-mentioned rituals for seeking blessings from Lord Hanuman for their sound health, success, and happiness. You can also talk to astrologer on call if you face any issues while performing the rituals.

  • Wake up before sunrise and bathe to perform the Hanuman Jayanti puja.
  • Do meditation and vow to do the Hanuman Jayanti pooja with full devotion.
  • Keep a wooden base facing east and cover it with a new yellow cloth. Place the idol or picture of Lord Hanuman on it.
  • Light a lamp with oil or ghee and keep it near the idol. 
  • Clean the image of Hanumanji by sprinkling water on it and wiping it with a clean cloth. Alternatively, if the idol is metal, devotees can do the abhishek using raw milk, water, honey, ghee, curd, etc. 
  • On Hanuman Jayanti 2024, devotees can offer a new fresh red or yellow cloth piece or Kalava, a holy Janeu, Akshat, Chandan paste or any natural perfume, dhoop, or incense sticks. 
  • Recite Hanuman Mool Mantra, Hanuman Chalisa as well as Hanuman Stotras.
  • In bhog, offer fruits, satvik meal, or Tamboolam made using paan, one coconut (brown), supari, banana, dakshina and fruits. 
  • Perform the Parikrama once, starting from your right. Then, light the camphor and do the aarti by singing the Hanuman Aarti.
  • Present flowers to Lord and bow down in order to seek his blessings. 
  • Lastly, conclude the Hanuman Jayanti pooja by seeking forgiveness from the god for any sort of mistakes made while doing the puja. 
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Hanuman Jayanti 2024: Mantras to Chant

Hanuman Mool Mantra 

ऊँ हनुमते नमः 

Om Hanumate Namah 

Hanuman Beeja Mantra 

ॐ ऐं भ्रीम हनुमते, श्री राम दूताय नमः 

Om Aim Bhreem Hanumate, Shree Raam Dootaay Namah

Hanuman Gayatri Mantra 

ॐ आंजनेयाय विद्मिहे वायुपुत्राय धीमहि तन्नो: हनुमान: प्रचोदयात 

ॐ रामदूताय विद्मिहे कपिराजाय धीमहि तन्नो: मारुति: प्रचोदयात 

ॐ अन्जनिसुताय विद्मिहे महाबलाय धीमहि तन्नो: मारुति: प्रचोदयात 

Om Anjanisutaya Vidmihe Mahabalaya Dhimahi Tanno: Maruti: Prachodayat

Om Ramdutaya Vidmihe Kapirajaya Dhimahi Tanno: Maruti: Prachodayat

Om Anjaneyaya Vidmihe Vayuputraya Dhimahi Tanno: Hanuman: Prachodayat


As mentioned, observing fast and performing the puja on Hanuman Jayanti 2024 shall be much beneficial for the worshipers of Hanuman. Hence, save the Hanuman Jayanti Date 2024 and optimistically do the puja vidhi on this day.

We wish you a very Happy Hanuman Jayanti 2024!

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