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Dhanteras 2022 Date and Time | Dhanteras Puja Muhurat Timing and Dhanteras Puja Vidhi

12 Oct, 2022 by Adrija

Dhanteras 2022 Date and Time | Dhanteras Puja Muhurat Timing and Dhanteras Puja Vidhi

12 Oct, 2022 by Adrija

The holy Hindu festival of Dhanteras, or "Dhantrayodashi," is observed as the first day of the lavish Diwali celebrations. According to the Hindu calendar, it is observed on the Trayodashi tithi of the Krishna Paksha, which comes during the month of mid-October to November on the Gregorian calendar. In this article you will read about, Dhanteras puja date, Dhanteras Puja Muhurat, Dhanteras Puja Vidhi, and Dhanteras puja timing.

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This year Dhanteras Date and Time 

Trayodashi Tithi timing on Dhanteras: October 22, 6:03 pm - October 23, 6:03 pm

Pradosh Kaal Time: October 23, 5:51 pm - October 23, 8:23 pm

Diwali 2022 Important Dates

The table below all the important days of Diwali 2022. Click here to know more about the 5 days of Diwali.

Day 1


October 22, Sunday

Day 2

Naraka Chaturdasi (Chotti Diwali)

October 23, Monday

Day 3

Lakshmi Puja (Diwali Festival)

October 24, Monday

Day 4

Govardhan Puja

October 25, Wednesday

Day 5

Bhai Duj

October 26, Thursday

The phrase Dhanteras is created by combining the words "Dhan," which means "wealth," and "Teras," which denotes the thirteenth. Hindus, therefore, offer their undivided homage to Lord Kuber and Goddess Lakshmi on the thirteenth day of Kartik month. Additionally, in some parts of India, Dhanteras is observed as "Dhanwantari Jayanti," the birth anniversary of "Dhanwantari," the Ayurvedic God. Want to know Dhanteras muhurat? Read on. 

Two days prior to Diwali, the major Hindu festival of lights, Dhanteras is celebrated. People worship the goddess Lakshmi on this day in order to bring happiness and wealth. Lakshmi puja should be performed on this day during the Pradosh Kaal, which lasts for around 2.5 hours after sunset. The "Sthir Lagan" reigns during this period, and it is thought that if you worship during this time, Goddess Lakshmi will constantly reside in your home. This event, which is widely observed in India with tremendous merriment and fanfare, has enormous significance for the business community. Wondering about Dhanteras Puja Vidhi? Read on!

Dhanteras 2022 - Date and Time:

This table shows Dhanteras shubh muhurat for 2022. This will help you plan your day and Dhanteras pooja accordingly. 


23 October 2022 06:31 AM.


23 October 2022 05:51 PM.

Trayodashi Tithi Begins

on 22 October 2022 at 06:03 PM.

Trayodashi Tithi Ends

on 23 October 2022 at 06:03 PM.

Pradosh Kaal Timing

October 23, 05:51 PM - October 23, 08:23 PM

Dhanteras Puja Vidhi:

Days before the actual day, Dhanteras preparations start. People begin to clean and decorate their homes and workplaces with rangoli, flowers, lights, and diyas. The entrance is embellished with traditional and vibrant rangoli patterns. At the home's entrance, the goddess Lakshmi's footprint is also visible.

The day of Dhanteras is marked by early morning bathing and rising. After completing the morning rites, they get ready for the evening Lakshmi puja. In the evening, the entire family gathers to worship the goddess Lakshmi with ghee diyas, flowers, kumkum, and chawal. On this day, people worship Lord Kuber as well to receive twice as many blessings and advantages.

Delicious sweets and savory dishes are made on this day to give to Goddess Lakshmi. A distinctive tradition in the state of Maharashtra is the preparation of "Naivedyam" using jaggery and powdered dry coriander seeds.

On Dhanteras, some devotees also follow a fast beginning in the morning and ending after the Lakshmi puja is complete. The entire family consumes the prasad together, and it is also shared with friends and families. People sing bhajans and devotional songs all day long in honor of Goddess Lakshmi.

There is also a custom of igniting Yamadeep on Dhanteras. In this rite, a diya is lit outside the residence for Yama, the Lord of Death. It is said that lighting this diya will ward off all evil and also stop any family members from passing away too soon.

Significance of Dhanteras:

According to Hindu mythology, "Dhantrayodashi" is fortunate because it is thought that on this day, Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Kuber, the God of wealth, emerged from the ocean as the milky sea was being stirred up. People subsequently began praying to Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Kuber to obtain heavenly graces for living prosperous lives.

Purchasing precious metals like gold or silver on Dhanteras is also regarded as lucky as a way for people to welcome Goddess Lakshmi into their homes. The Dhanteras holiday is also a good time to launch a new business or even buy a home, car, or jewelry.


Q1. What is the time for Dhanteras shubh muhurat?

A1. Dhanteras Muhurat starts at 6:03 PM on October 22.

Q2. What is the date of Dhanteras 2022?

A2. The date of Dhanteras 2022 is 22nd October. 

Q3. What is this year Dhanteras date and time?

A3. Dhanteras Puja date, this year is 22nd October, and Dhanteras pooja timing, Trayodashi Tithi timing on Dhanteras starts October 22, 6:03 pm - October 23, 6:03 pm, and Pradosh Kaal Time starts October 23, 5:51 pm - October 23, 8:23 pm.

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