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Bahula Chaturthi 2023: Bol Choth Date, Time Puja Vidhi & Significance

01 Sep, 2023 by Sakshi Mishra

Bahula Chaturthi 2023: Bol Choth Date, Time Puja Vidhi & Significance

01 Sep, 2023 by Sakshi Mishra

Bahula Chaturthi 2023 or Bol Choth is regarded as one of the cultural festivals of India where the farming community, mainly women make prayers to the cows. Bahula Chaturthi festival is observed in nearly all parts of India in the month of Shravana. This holy festival is majorly observed in Gujarat. Both the cows and calves are worshiped in the Hindu religion. On the occasion of Bahula Chaturthi, cows are worshiped in an effort to bring good fortune to those who see it.

Since only calves can consume cow milk, all followers refrain from drinking any form of milk or milk products. The adoration of Lord Krishna's images or idols by his followers, who refer to them as Suabhis, symbolizes his relationship with cows. On this day, the agricultural community's followers get up early, wash the barns, and bathe the livestock. Additionally, a variety of rice-based foods are produced and served to cattle.

Bahula Chaturthi Puja Tithi Timing, and Significance

The celebration of Bahula Chaturthi, also known as Bol Choth Vrat, takes place in the lucky month of Sharaavan. Although the holiday is observed all across the nation, it is thought that individuals who observe a full-day fast on Bahula Chaturthi & worship cows on the eve obtain good fortune. On this day, devotees abstain from drinking milk and other dairy products. The followers worship images or idols of Lord Krishna that represent his affection for the cows known as Suabhis. Each morning, the rural communities of Gujrat rise early. On occasion, a thorough cleaning is performed on the animals and sheds. Rice is used to produce delectable foods that are provided to the cattle. 


Date & Day

Time Starts

Time ends


Start- 02 Sept 2023, End- 03 Sept 2023

08: 49 PM

06: 49 PM

Godhuli Puja Timing

03 Sept 2023

06: 39 PM

07: 04 PM

Typically, millets are used in the cuisine cooked for Bahula Choth. It's noteworthy to note that on this day, food is prepared, cooked, and eaten outside, beneath the open sky. Evening prayer meetings are organized by the villagers. Priests or Bhrahmis led the worshippers in reciting biblical stories about cows and the newborn Krishna of Vraj, the cow-tending kid. 

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Vrat Katha: Story Behind Bahula Chaturthi

So Bahula Chaturthi Story goes by a cow by the name of Bahula once traveled to feed her calf, according to Hindu folklore. She encounters a lion who wants to devour her as she travels. She guarantees that she will return to the lion, but only if she first goes to feed her calf because she is aware of the lion's plans. In agreement, the lion let Bahula visit her calf.

She returns to the lion after feeding. The lion was greatly moved by her maternal qualities and commitment to keeping her pledge. He thus made the choice to permit her to rejoin her child. According to certain traditions, Lord Krishna put Bahula to the test to see how devoted and trustworthy he was. No other than Krishna himself was the lion. So, as per this tale, Lord Krishna blessed Bahula that people would worship her on Bhadrapad Chaturthi. This is the famous and one and only Bahula Chaturthi Vrat Katha associated with this festival. 

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Rituals of Bahula Chaturthi

People observe particular ceremonies on this day, much as Bahula Choth Puja has a special meaning. Since cattle play the most significant role in the Bol Chauth festival, the majority of these rites and festivities are focused on them.

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Farmers and believers get up early on this day to start making ready for this auspicious event. They bathe at the Brahma Muhurat because that is when celebrations should officially start. Then they think of Lord Krishna, who blessed this event with his heavenly blessings to start it off on an auspicious note. Following that, they start the remaining celebrations with a holy body and a reverent attitude.Cleaning

One of the Bol Choth festival's most significant ceremonies is this one. Agriculture-related people bathe their livestock with great affection and admiration. As a sign of appreciation and respect, they also clean the barns where their livestock are kept. It's all about having sincere gratitude for cattle in your heart on this day. Cleaning the cow shed is a way to show thanks for these magnificent animals.

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Praying to Lord Vishnu and Lord Krishna is a key Bahula Chauth celebration practice. People decorate their homes with images of the deities and use kumkum and Chandan to make prayers. In addition, they burn incense and present fruits and flowers to the gods. People also go to the Lord Vishnu and Lord Krishna temples to ask for their blessings.

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Hymns and mantras are wonderful tools for recharging your spirit and fostering a relationship with God. These beautiful melodies provide us with divine blessings and a great deal of mental calm. Thus, chanting the mantra " " 'Om Namoh Bhagwatey Vasudevaye' with your family members turns into a pleasant and the fascinating ritual of Bahula Chaturthi. To add positivity to their lives, people read the Bahula Choth Aarti and repeat the Vishnu and Krishna mantras.

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Godhuli Puja

Godhuli Puja, also known as Gau pooja, is a religious ritual of Bahula Chaturthi in which cows or calves are worshipped. People dress up their cows with flowers and garlands for Bahula Chaturthi puja. They then apply a tilak made of kumkum to the cows and pray to them. People hope for peace in their homes and a prosperous new farming season.

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Bahula Choth Vrat

Every Hindu festival in India has fasting as a central component. Without the auspicious fast on this day, Bahula Choth festivities would thus be lacking. On this day, farmers and worshippers fast. Additionally, this fast lasts all day long, starting in the morning. Bahula Chaturthi Puja Time is. After the Godhuli Puja at night, people break their fast and give Arghya to the moon.

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Special Food Items

The mouthwatering meal that worshippers make is one of Bol Choth's distinctive customs. People abstain from drinking milk or any other dairy products on this day. The reason calves have the greatest claim to cow's milk is because they are respected. As a result, people cook and consume cuisine that contains millet and other non-dairy ingredients. Additionally, they make a variety of rice meals to feed their livestock.

In conclusion, the Bahula Choth 2023 celebration provides a wonderful opportunity for family reunions and religious participation. We come to understand the importance of showing gratitude to both humans and animals. Anytime Astro encourages you to find out more about the history and importance of these occurrences. To find out more information about more intriguing festivals, visit our website and download the app!

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