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Universal 6 Card Spread Tarot Reading

12 Mar, 2024 by Snehil

Universal 6 Card Spread Tarot Reading

12 Mar, 2024 by Snehil

Tarot cards are divination tools that were created to help people navigate every stage of their lives. In order to guide you along the predetermined path, a tarot session entails making a connection with a higher realm in order to channel the universal consciousness and energies. A 6 card tarot reading will give you insights into your past, present, and future, all of which will be in line with your life's purpose.

Your worries about anything in your life will be answered in this 6 card tarot spread, along with future direction. Relationships, health, money, career, love life, and even life purpose are some examples of these aspects. This reading session is available to you from anywhere in the world without requiring you to invest more time or effort.

When deciding how many cards to use, a 6 card tarot spread has been referred to by many tarot card readers as the "middle of the road." Without overdoing it or making the reading too difficult for the client or reader, you can easily make your own 6 card tarot reading spreads and give a reading that yields valuable insight. So, without further ado, let’s dive into various 6 card tarot spreads.

Various 6 Card Tarot Spreads

There are numerous free tarot readings, where you pick 6 cards, that help you deal with love, work, and healing. Additionally, there are some universal 6 card tarot spreads. Thus, if you would like to explore any challenges in your life, a six-card tarot spread can provide you with the necessary insight. If you would like to charge for your readings, you can start using these spreads to practice and then start offering them to clients. First, look at the universal six-card tarot spread.

Universal 6 Card Tarot Reading Spread

The good thing about tarot spreads with six cards is that you can make your own if you would like. This spread gives you the freedom to arrange these six cards however you see fit on the table, unlike some others that have strict guidelines. To ensure that the reading is fruitful and satisfying for both you and the client, all you need to remember is which card represents the trait you are trying to read for. Remember that six has a lot of harmonic energy, so the spread you select should always be even and balanced. To give you a concise overview of all the readings you have done, you should also include an "outcome" position.

In order to better understand the six essential positions you should cover in your readings, let us look at a spread that has four cards arranged in the middle, three stacks of cards on top, one on the bottom, and two cards in the second stack rather than one:

1. You Card

Put this card in the location right in the middle of your layout. It is intended to symbolize the current energy you are feeling if you are doing a reading on yourself.

2. Issue Card

This relates to whatever problem you are presently facing. It could be a simple problem, like an impending party or vacation, or it could be a conflict of some kind.

3. Limitation Card

The limitation card, which is positioned far to the left of the spread, indicates any problem that has repeatedly caused the client trouble. It is something that adds a little more difficulty to life than it needs to have.

4. Conscious Card

This card is positioned at the top of the spread and represents things the client might feel they have control over in a particular circumstance.

5. Unconscious Card

The client may not even be aware that they are doing these things, but once you make them aware of them, they can start making behavioral changes and seeing improvements in their lives.

6. Outcome Card

This card summarizes the narrative that is presented in your spread. It encapsulates all of the information you have disclosed thus far. This card is located in the middle section, far to the right.

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Universal 6 card tarot spread

Past, Present, and Future Six-card Tarot Spread

You must be wondering, how is it possible to have a future, present, and past in the 6 card spread since it can be represented by 3 cards? Firstly, there are alternative three-card tarot spreads that can provide you with different kinds of readings. In addition, there is a five-card tarot spread that symbolizes the past, present, and future. Let us now discuss the six-card version of that.


Card 1 is the card of the past. Usually, it represents a significant event from your past that might still have an impact on you today. Let’s understand with an example. Let us say the Ten of Wands is the first card you have. This card typically appears when you take on too much, since it represents stress and burden. What does that entail for the past, then? This card implies that you have experienced periods in the past when you felt overburdened by your obligations. The 6 card tarot spread is reminding us that in order to build a happy and healthy present and future, we must constantly resolve past issues.


Let us say you choose the World card as the present card for the following card. As the final card in the Major Arcana, this one stands for fulfillment and completion. It usually appears when you are about to start a new chapter in your life and end an old one. This card indicates that you are going through a major life transition. The World Card serves as a reminder that these are not always clearly defined chapters in our lives. We become different people through development and hard work. Sometimes all we have to do is take a step back and see how far we have come!


For your future card, you received the Ace of Cups. Understanding the suit's general meaning is helpful when trying to comprehend the Aces. The energy of the Aces is vibrant and new, making them their most powerful card. In The Suit of Cups, love and feelings are central themes. This suit has a spiritual component because it frequently represents subconsciousness and intuition. The Ace of Cups represents a wealth of love and happiness, along with a new emotional vitality. It is very auspicious to receive this card for your future, as it portends happiness and love.

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What Has to Remain in the Past

The card that is pulled as the fourth one represents what must remain in the past. It reveals to us what has affected us in the past and what we should let go of. For this card, you received the Ten of Swords, for example. This card frequently appears when someone has betrayed and injured you because it is all about terrible endings and treachery. However, the 6 card tarot spread is telling us that we should change this. It is time to let go, move on, and forgive.

Ways to Make the Present Better

In this 6 card tarot reading, the fifth card that is pulled represents how to improve the present. This card serves as an action guide, outlining the steps you need to take to reach your full potential. You chose to draw the Hanged Man card for this one. This Major Arcana card represents a period of stopping, holding back, and considering things from several angles. It is crucial to occasionally take a step back and think, particularly when life gets busy.

How to Proceed Towards the Greatest Future

The last card demonstrates how to proceed toward the best future possible by providing another action card. Here, the universe provides advice for a better future. For example, you pulled the Magician. This card represents the ability to manifest and grow, and it is pretty awesome. It serves as a reminder that, with the right tools, we can achieve our goals in life.

Consequently, this is a tarot reading that covers the past, present, and future with additional wisdom to help you make wiser decisions. Now let us examine the 6 cards spread for healing and growth.

The 6 Card Tarot Spread For Healing And Growth 

This is a strong spread that will require some shadowwork on your part. These cards are arranged in the same order as the 6 card spread for the past, present, and future. Let us now dive straight into the spread; this is something you should only attempt if you are willing to look within and confront the parts of yourself that are uncomfortable. You will unravel some trauma, negative karma, and fear here. Let's get started now. The first card is a representation of your current situation.

The second card represents how you can live your life gracefully right now. The lessons you are currently learning in life are depicted in the third card. Card number four symbolizes what is currently leaving your life, while card number five represents what is about to enter it. Card six, in the end, is the most appropriate course of action for your current circumstances.

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The 6 Card Tarot Reading For Relationship

These cards are to be used in the same manner as the previous two. This spread will help you gain an understanding of any relationships you are currently in or might enter in the future. Let us discuss 6 card tarot spread. The first card is a representation of you alone, apart from your relationship. What kind of person are you dating? That is represented by the second card.

The third card illustrates how to make your relationship better now and in the future. The fourth card depicts your partner as a single person. Card five shows your significant other as an individual, and card six shows them how to make their relationship better. If you are facing difficulties in your relationship, the 6 card tarot reading spread is a great one to work on.

The 6 Card Tarot Spread For Career 

This tarot spread on careers, work, or business will assist you in resolving issues related to your professional or work life. Just like the first three spreads, this one will also have the same position. The first card depicts your present work environment, while the second card shows your ideal work environment. Card three symbolizes any obstacles you might encounter at work, and card four shows the way out of your problems. In terms of your career or workplace, card five shows you what advice to follow, and card six shows you what will happen.

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Wrapping Up 6 Card Tarot Spread

The 6 card tarot spread can easily become one of your favorites because it is not hard to learn and offers much more than just a 1 or 3 card spread. As with any other spread you use, you may want to learn how to use this one so that it will grow in value over time. So, whichever spread you ultimately choose to use, with enough practice, you can become an expert in it very quickly. Tarot card spreads are as valuable as a reader's ability, and you should choose the one that works best for you in your practice.

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