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How to Shuffle Tarot Cards (Shuffling for the Best Energy)?

02 Jul, 2024 by Parita Soni

How to Shuffle Tarot Cards (Shuffling for the Best Energy)?

02 Jul, 2024 by Parita Soni

The first step to getting predictions and guidance from Tarot Cards is shuffling them. Though it might seem simple, the many aspects related to shuffling make it vital to understand how to shuffle tarot cards. Being a fundamental and preparatory step, it is a bridge between the Tarot Card reader and the universe energy, the individual looking for answers (querent), as well as the cards. When you pursue a proper way to shuffle tarot cards, you can present accurate and insightful readings to the querent. In this blog, we shall explore the best way to shuffle tarot cards by diving into all elements related to it.

Why Shuffle Tarot Cards?

Shuffling of cards is vital as it presents randomness and confirms the cards get spread without being influenced by previous patterns. Shuffling the Tarot Cards is also considered an act of intention-setting as well as meditation that helps connect the reader to the universe and the querent. This bond promotes the energy flow and enables precision in reading.

Different Shuffling Techniques

Next, let us look at the different ways to shuffle Tarot cards:

Overhand Shuffle

Overhand Shuffle is one of the most common and easiest techniques to shuffle cards. All you have to do is hold the deck in one hand and pull some portion of the cards with the other hand from the top to place it back on the bottom. Repeat this several times. This way, you can shuffle tarot cards in a gentle and simple method.

Riffle Shuffle

It is a familiar Tarot Card shuffling technique in which the reader can split the deck into two halves. Hold a half in each hand and gently twist them so the cards interweave as they fall one on the other. It helps a thorough mixing but might be harsh on delicate cards.

Hindu Shuffle

Another best way to shuffle tarot cards is by holding the deck lengthwise in your hand. Now, pull small parts of cards from the bottom with your other hand and allow them to fall into your hand. The Hindu Shuffle is a gentle technique that enables sound control in the mixing.


Of the different ways to shuffle tarot cards, one of them is washing. In this technique, one spreads all the cards on a flat surface facing down and mixes them using the hand. It is an excellent way to shuffle the cards apart from being a cleansing ritual. 

Be Prepared to Shuffle Tarot Cards

Here are the things to consider prior to reading the Tarot Cards:

  • Before you shuffle the tarot cards, prepare yourself and the surroundings by constructing a focused and calm environment to set a suitable energy for reading.
  • Pick a comfy, calm, and dedicated space where no one disturbs you. 
  • Before shuffling, meditate or take deep breaths by closing your eyes and letting go of distractions.
  • Purify the space using incense, sage, or essential oils. You can pass the cards through the smoke of palo santo or burning sage. Alternatively, you can even place a crystal, like selenite or quartz, to cleanse it. 


Setting Intentions

Before you shuffle tarot cards, you should set clear intentions to align your energy with the purpose of reading, as intent acts as a guiding force in the process of Tarot Card reading. Think of what you want to determine through the reading and prepare your objective clearly and concisely. Hold a mindset that is focused on your energy towards reading, as it helps build a robust bond between the querent and the cards. 

Connecting with Your Deck

For effective reading, you need to connect well with the Tarot deck. Let us find out ways to do so:

  • Take time every day to spend with your cards by shuffling them, looking through the images, and meditating with them.
  • While sleeping, keep the cards under the pillow for a few nights, as it helps the cards align with your personal energy.
  • Devise personal rituals like drawing a card daily or weekly to connect with them.

Techniques to Infuse Positive Energy

Diverse techniques can help you infuse positive energies in the Tarot Card readings, such as,

  • Visualize a positive color, such as white, entering you and your deck yet loading positive energies.
  • Hold your deck and practice deep breathing exercises. Take in positive energy and exhale negative energies.
  • Connect to the earth by sitting on the ground or any kind of physical contact. Visualize roots spreading from your feet into the earth. You can also hold a grounding crystal such as hematite or black tourmaline.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1 How frequently should I shuffle Tarot cards?

Ans. The tarot cards shuffle should be performed thoroughly every time you want to read them to mix the cards well and reset the energy. While conducting multiple readings, you should reshuffle between each session.

Q.2 What is the best way to shuffle tarot cards for beginners?

Ans. For beginners, overhead shuffle is the easiest as it is simple and gentle on the cards. It enables you to handle the mixing effortlessly without harming the cards.

Q.3 When should I stop shuffling Tarot cards?

Ans. Adhere to the proper way to shuffle tarot cards and stop when your instincts ask you to do so. You might experience various senses while accomplishing so - like calmness, tingling, or feeling the cards are ready. 

Q.4 How can I clean my Tarot deck?

Ans. You can employ various objects to clean your Tarot deck, like crystals, incense, sage, or palo santo. Additionally, you can shuffle tarot cards using a method resonating with you and your spiritual practice. 

Q.5 What to do if a card jumps out while shuffling?

Ans. When a card jumps out during shuffling, consider it to have a special significance. Keep this card aside and use it in reading, as it might present added insights.

Q.6 Is it essential to set an intention before shuffling?

Ans. While you shuffle tarot cards online or offline, setting an intention helps align your energies with your reading by presenting clarity and focus, making the readings precise and meaningful.

Q.7 How can I connect deeply with my Tarot deck?

Ans. To connect deeply with the Tarot deck and build a personal connection, spend time or meditate with them by keeping the deck under your pillow or drawing a daily card.

Q.8 How do I shuffle tarot cards without making mistakes?

Ans. While shuffling Tarot Cards, do not over-shuffle, as it can scatter a lot of energy. Also, under-shuffling might not mix the cards satisfactorily. Ensure you shuffle the cards with focus and intent for accurate readings.

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