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How to Read Reversed Tarot Cards

07 Jun, 2024 by Snehil

How to Read Reversed Tarot Cards

07 Jun, 2024 by Snehil

Have you just drawn a reversed Tarot card? First of all, do not panic! If you are an experienced tarot reader, you are probably well aware that some readers pull spreads and place the cards face up, no matter which order they come in. Some claim that drawing a spread and then ignoring reversals is like playing with half of the deck. But is that accurate? Are reversals actually important? The short answer is yes—the reverse tarot cards can significantly change interpretations and predictions. 

Some people reach for the first card they touch when pulling a tarot card, while others shuffle the deck a few times before deciding which one to choose. Tarot card reading is a practice that can help sort things out in a conscious, present, and active way. Reversed tarot cards are exactly what it sounds like—you will occasionally pull an upside-down card rather than an upright one. 

Furthermore, the particular meanings contained in reversed tarot cards may have special importance. But what is a reversed tarot card exactly? Pulling a reverse tarot card basically indicates that you are missing a portion of the meaning of the card when it is turned You can do this purposefully by turning the deck over and making your selection, or it can happen by accident. To determine what is best for your practice, continue reading to learn how to read reversed tarot cards successfully. 

What Does Reversed Mean in Tarot Reading?

When we talk about what is a reversed tarot card exactly? Some tarot readers aren’t really interested in interpreting the reverse tarot cards. The truth is that it requires the expertise of a skilled tarot reader to interpret reversed cards and provide a more accurate, in-depth reading. If you are wondering how to read reversed tarot cards, pulling a reversed tarot card and interpreting it in its exact opposite meaning is the simplest method. 

For instance, the Lovers card typically portends someone falling in love again, whether it be with a romantic partner or with life in general. Thus, if this card appears reversed, it might be a sign of unfulfilled dreams and low self-esteem. Tarot cards that are reversed can also portend a delay or block. A reversed Lovers card may suggest that you are preventing yourself from achieving the fulfillment you so desperately seek, or it may point to an outside source. Or maybe you will find a love partner after all, just not as quickly as you had hoped. 

The cards surrounding the reserved card can help tell a longer, more comprehensive story. There are several advantages to interpreting reversals in a spread. It offers a more in-depth interpretation, which aids in locating possible roadblocks. Reversals like these might discourage people from changing their behavior, which would otherwise contribute to a prediction coming true. Reversed tarot cards also assist you in responding to yes/no questions. Reversed cards indicate no, and standard cards indicate yes. 

Taking reversals into account gives your tarot deck even more ability to respond to those direct inquiries. Finally, when you try to understand what does reversed mean in tarot, it can provide you with an understanding of subconscious forces, happenings, and emotions. Reversals frequently bring to light hidden realities and can provide us with internal direction when making decisions—something we are all searching for. They make visible what lies beneath the surface, which is usually the issue we find most challenging to resolve.

How to Read Reversed Tarot Cards

If you are new to reading Tarot, you may be wondering why in the world you would want to read reversed cards and double the amount of knowledge you require to become proficient readers. However, here's the catch. To understand how to read reversed tarot cards, you do not need to learn an additional 78 meanings. All you have to do is master the techniques that enable you to apply the card's upright energy to its reversed energy. This is what you can achieve once you have mastered those few techniques for reading reverse Tarot cards.

You can receive twice as much insight and understanding of the tarot cards during a reversed tarot card reading. You have the ability to recognize the bright spots and dark areas in a situation and to decide when any blocks should be released. To determine where to make the biggest changes, it is ideal to explore the differences between what is happening inside of you and what is happening outside of you. After understanding what does reversed mean in tarot, you can delve even further with your intuitive insights and add a whole new dimension to your tarot readings. Let's find different ways how to read reversed tarot cards.

Method 1: Internalized Energy

Tarot cards are fundamentally about energy. Every single card, in all of its varied forms, is an expression of energy. The Empress, for instance, embodies mother energy, fertility, and abundance. In our daily lives, we may come into contact with the Empress and feel her energy as caring, providing for others, or successfully launching a new endeavor. An upright position is the symbol for the Tarot card "externally expressed energy." 

This means that the energy of that tarot card is expressed externally and manifests itself in your relationships with people and circumstances, as well as in your external surroundings. Reversed Tarot cards, on the other hand, represent energy that is expressed internally. That is, energy that is more confined within us or that is even more secretive. 

For instance, the upright Empress might stand for helping others, while the reversed Empress might symbolize looking after oneself. Simplify the process by using the Tarot card's upright meaning and then adding "self" or "private" to the interpretation. The best thing about this method is that, in contrast to traditional reverse tarot card meanings, which concentrate on the opposite of the upright card meaning, there is no "good" or "bad" message here. It is simply where you feel the energy.

Additionally, this method can highlight areas that require action or adjustments. If the majority of the cards in your tarot reading are upright, you can be certain that you are addressing situations outside of your control and your interpersonal relationships. If most of the cards in your tarot reading are reversed, you know you are working with yourself and that any necessary adjustments or actions must come from within.

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Method 2: Excessive or Insufficient energy

Tarot cards that are reversed frequently indicate an imbalance in energy. In other words, either too little or too much energy is present. Consider the Queen of Wands as an example. She is an upright example of a self-assured individual who relishes social interactions. But how does this appear in situations where this energy is either in excess or insufficient? Maybe she exudes an excessive amount of confidence and dominance, particularly in social situations (an excessive amount of the energy of the Queen of Wands). Or maybe she lacks too much of the Queen of Wands energy and is a wallflower or a "shrinking violet" in social situations.

Read Reversed Tarot Cards

Method 3: Blocked Energy

When determining how to read reversed tarot cards, there is a small difference between this approach and "excessive or insufficient" energy. We frequently encounter energy in our lives, but it is frequently blocked or not expressed in the most beneficial ways. The Temperance card, for instance, when it is reversed, can suggest that you are looking for harmony and moderation in your life but that you are currently unable to fully experience that energy in a constructive manner.

Simply ask, "What is stopping you from achieving harmony and moderation?". In other words, determine what is obstructing the flow of energy. Next, inquire, "What steps can you take to release any obstacles related to harmony and moderation?" Maybe you should revisit the maxim "Everything in moderation." Maybe, in order to achieve greater harmony, you should choose your battles wisely. Maybe it is time to let go of the notion that everything will always be in perfect harmony. You may either ask the Tarot these questions and see what answers come up, or you can just have an open discussion to find the answers.

Method 4: Upside-Down Imagery

The majority of tarot readers enjoy utilizing the images in the tarot cards, particularly when attempting to make a more intuitive connection with the circumstance. When a reverse Tarot card emerges, consider its imagery and see what intuitively comes to mind. The Ten of Swords reversed, for instance, gives the impression that the man's swords are falling out of his back. The client may be able to move on into a new cycle now that the pain from previous cycles has finally been released.

In the reversed Page of Pentacles, the coin appears to be about to slip from the man's grasp. He does not appear to be paying close attention, and his grip is not particularly firm. Maybe it is a clue that you are losing money because you are not paying enough attention to detail and disciplining yourself. When determining how to read reversed tarot cards, this method is especially effective for reading reversed tarot cards if you are a visual learner. Frequently, the visuals establish an immediate connection between your conscious and subconscious thoughts, facilitating the development of your intuition.

How Do You Know Which Method To Use To Interpret Reversed Tarot Cards?

With so many variations in determining how to read reversed tarot cards, you are undoubtedly scratching your head, wondering how in the world you will know which approach to take at what time. That is why mastering tarot reading requires years and years of practice! However, the following advice will assist you in selecting the appropriate method: 

1. Convince yourself to employ just one technique:

Notify the universe in advance of a tarot card reading of your preferred method for interpreting reversed tarot cards before continuing. In this manner, based on how you are reading the cards, the universe will convey your message to you through the most appropriate cards.

2. Follow your instincts:

There are moments when you simply "know" what the card is about. You might be drawn to a particular interpretation or a combination of the above interpretations if your intuition is leading you in that direction.

3. Utilize Your Own Experiences

Ask for feedback from your clients to gain an understanding of how the cards are manifesting in their lives and to aid in the development of your own experience. Do this a few weeks or months after the reading, as well as during and right after the reading. Learn how a specific card came to be for you or your client, and experience its appearance and feel.

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Final Takeaway

Learning how to read reversed tarot cards can significantly enhance your tarot reading practice. While it may seem daunting at first, mastering the interpretation of reversed cards opens up a whole new dimension of insight and understanding. By delving into the reversed meanings of the cards, you gain a deeper understanding of the bright and challenging aspects of a situation. It allows you to make more informed decisions and identify potential obstacles. 

In addition, the interpretation of reversed tarot cards can offer insightful understandings of subconscious influences and concealed realities, as well as direction and guidance in navigating the complexities of life. By incorporating the techniques for reading reversed tarot cards, you can tap into a wealth of additional information and enrich your tarot readings with enhanced intuitive insights. Embracing the reversed meanings adds depth and nuance to your interpretations, empowering you to offer more comprehensive and enlightening readings for yourself and others.

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