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10 Easy Ways To Cleanse Your Tarot Cards & Why You Need To

06 Jul, 2024 by Parita Soni

10 Easy Ways To Cleanse Your Tarot Cards & Why You Need To

06 Jul, 2024 by Parita Soni

Tarot Cards are divination tools, also considered personal instruments absorbing energies from the surroundings and the individuals handling them. Absorbing all kinds of energies, a regular cleansing of the Tarot Cards becomes necessary to ensure accuracy and effectiveness. In this blog, we shall learn about the 10 easy ways to cleanse Tarot Cards and the reasons to do so. So, let us dive deep and understand all about it. 

Why Cleanse Tarot Cards?

Before learning the ways to cleanse tarot decks, let us understand why we need to do so:

Get off Residual Energies

In every Tarot reading session, energies between the reader, the querent, and the cards get transferred. As time passes, these energies pile up, forming a residue that might impact future readings. As these residual energies can blur your readings and form biased understandings, cleansing your deck becomes mandatory, providing fresh readings each time.

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To Enrich Intuitions

As Tarot reading depends mainly on intuitions, an energetically clean card can easily tap into an individual's intuitive powers. Any hindrances in these energies might make it challenging to acquire clear messages. However, when you cleanse all of the cards, these blockages are released, facilitating a clear and intuitive bond in the readings.

Strengthening the Bond

For accurate and effective readings, the reader has to develop a robust bond with the Tarot deck. Through cleansing, one can strengthen and establish a connection with their cards. This way, you can further demonstrate respect and care for them, thus promoting trust and bond. A strong relationship with the cards presents an accurate and more insightful reading. 

Fostering Positive Energy

Tarot Readers can invite positive energies into their readings when the Tarot deck is clean. A favorable reading space presents positive and conducive results when the cards are free from stagnant or negative energies, further enhancing the readings. Thus, when you cleanse Tarot Cards, it is empowering and uplifting for the querents as well as the reader. 


10 Easy Ways to Cleanse Your Tarot Cards

Let us look at the different ways we can Cleanse Tarot Cards:

1. Moonlight Cleansing

One of the efficient and common ways to cleanse Tarot Cards is by keeping them under the Moon overnight on a full moon night. The Moon's energy recharges and purifies the cards, boosting their abilities to present insightful readings. 

2. Sunlight Cleansing

Another natural way to cleanse the deck is using the Sunlight. By keeping the cards in direct Sun for a few hours on a sunny day, you can revive your cards and restore their energies. However, do not leave the cards in the Sun for long, as excessive heat can damage the cards.

3. Sage or Palo Santo Cleansing

Tarot Readers can cleanse Tarot decks by employing the ancient practice of smudging, which holds strong cleansing properties. For smudging, you need to light a pile of sage or Palo Santo stick and let it smolder, creating smoke. Then, hold the deck in the smoke, allowing the smoke to envelop all the cards. While doing so, visualize the removal of negative energies. Smother the sage or Palo Santo when you sense they are cleansed properly. In addition to cleansing, smudging will also leave an earthy and pleasant aroma that adds to the reading space. 

4. Sound Cleansing

Another powerful tool to cleanse Tarot Cards is creating vibrational frequencies from singing bowls, bells, or tuning forks. For this, hold your deck in one hand and play any of the said instruments in the other. Now, allow the sound waves to pass all the cards by moving the instrument over the cards. You can perform this before and after every reading to ensure the energetic purity of the cards.

5. Salt Cleansing

Salt cleansing is yet another effective technique to absorb adverse energies. For this, you need a layer of sea salt in a bowl or dish in which you will have to bury your cards. Ensure they are covered completely. Now, leave them overnight or for a few hours. After doing so, take off the cards and brush off the salt particles on the card.

6. Crystal Cleansing

As crystals have unique energies, they help cleanse the cards with unique energies and enhance the vibrational frequency. You can buy these crystals to cleanse Tarot decks online or offline. Clear quartz and selenite are the commonly used crystals for this purpose. To purify, place the crystal on the top of the deck and leave it overnight or for several hours. You can also form a crystal grid surrounding your cards using numerous crystals.

7. Visualization & Intention Setting

Tarot readers have the power to cleanse Tarot Cards themselves by using visualization techniques. You can sit in a relaxed, quiet space holding your Tarot deck. Now, close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, and set a clear intention. Imagine a bright white light surrounding your cards, purifying them. Narrate 'I cleanse this Tarot deck of negative or stagnant energies.' Perform this for a few minutes, and then open your eyes.

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8. Reiki Energy Cleansing

Reiki is an energy healing method that can cleanse your Tarot cards. If you know Reiki, you can do it yourself or else connect with someone doing it. To perform this technique, place the cards on a flat surface or hold them in your hands. Channel Reiki energy via your hands and lead it towards the deck. Visualize Reiki energy to purify the cards, and do so for a few minutes. This practice even heals the cards and infuses positive vibrations.

9. Breath and Blowing

For instant cleansing, use the breathing technique to cleanse the cards. To perform this, hold the Tarot deck in one hand and take a deep breath, emphasizing drawing the positive energy. Now, exhale over the cards gently, imagining the blowing away of negative energies. Repeat this a few times until you sense the cards are energetically revived.

10. Fresh Air and Nature Cleansing

Lastly, we can take help from nature to purify the Tarot deck with the help of natural energies. Doing so in fresh air is an effective method as it connects with natural energies of the earth, promoting overall vibrational harmony. To achieve this, find a clean and safe outdoor space (grass, soil, or wooden table) that doesn't bother the cards. Keep the cards for a few hours to absorb the energy. Your cards are ready to use now.

Tips to Keep Your Tarot Deck Clean

A Tarot Reader can keep their deck clean by adhering to the following practices:

  • Employ a regular routine to cleanse all of the cards to ensure the energetic purity of your Tarot deck.
  • Treat your cards with respect and care. Have a focused mind and clean hands to maintain hygiene for your cards.
  • Keep your cards in a sacred, devoted space when not in use. Use a pouch, cloth, or box to shield them from unwanted energies.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 Why should I cleanse Tarot cards?

Ans. You should cleanse your deck to remove residual energies from the previous readings, enhancing your connection with the deck and assuring unbiased and accurate interpretations.

Q.2 How often should I cleanse my Tarot cards?

Ans. You should cleanse your deck after each reading, if possible. You can even cleanse once a month to maintain its energetic purity and have accurate readings.

Q.3 What is the simplest way to cleanse the Tarot deck?

Ans. An easy and effective method to cleanse Tarot Cards is Moonlight cleansing. All you have to do is keep your cards overnight under the full moon to purify and revive them.

Q.4 Can sunlight cleanse my Tarot cards?

Ans. Yes, even sunlight is an effective way to clean the cards, for which you need to set your cards in direct sunlight for some hours. However, do not keep them for long as it damages the energy.

Q.5 How to cleanse Tarot cards using sage or Palo Santo?

Ans. Ignite the sage or Palo Santo and cleanse all of the cards by passing the deck through the smoke, envisioning the disposal of negative energies.

Q.6 Is sound cleansing adequate for my Tarot cards?

Ans. Yes, you can cleanse Tarot cards using bells, tuning forks, singing bowls, and playing instruments around your deck.

Q.7 Can salt cleanse my Tarot cards?

Ans. Indeed, you can get rid of the negative energies by burying the Tarot cards in a bowl of sea salt for some hours.

Q.8 Which crystals are best to cleanse Tarot cards?

Ans. To cleanse your deck, you can use crystals like selenite and clear quartz. Keep the crystals on or around your Tarot deck to purify and revive the cards with positive energy.

Q.9 How to cleanse Tarot cards with visualization?

Ans. Purifying Tarot cards using the visualization technique requires you to hold your cards, close your eyes and then think of a bright white light encircling them, with the intention to clear negative energies.

Q.10 What is a quick method to cleanse Tarot cards on the go?

Ans. To cleanse your deck instantly, use your breath. You need to hold the Tarot deck, take a deep breath, and then gently exhale over the cards. Do this by envisioning the removal of stale energies.

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