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Know All About Clairtangency - Psychic Ability to Touch

22 Sep, 2021 by Swati S. Kumar

Know All About Clairtangency - Psychic Ability to Touch

22 Sep, 2021 by Swati S. Kumar

Have you ever witnessed images or visions on touching some old photographs? Do you sense high vibrations while holding some people’s hands? If you have experienced these things or can predict events by touching an object or person, then there are chances that you have Clairtangency power and you are a Clairtangency psychic. 

Curious, what does Clairtangency mean or how you can be a Clairtangency psychic? Read this interesting article and explore the secrets!

What is Clairtangency?

Clairtangency Meaning: Etymologically, Clairtangency comes from the French word, “Clair” meaning “Clear” and Latin word “Tangibilis” meaning “touchable.” In English, the word Clairtangency can be translated as “Clear touching” or “ability to sense energy by touching.”

As per psychic experts, Clairtangency is the ability to perceive information by physical touch. It is the only power that is not the psychic information itself. By saying this, we mean that physical touch is not the psychic information here. Any psychic information is triggered when you physically touch or handle a person or thing. In simple terms, Clairtangency experiences can be only experienced if one already has other superpowers from the Psychic power list.

Referred to as Psychometry, Clairtangency is also called Open object reading, and Psychoscopy by some experts. People with this intuitive ability are called Clairtangent or Clairtangency psychic.

These people get sudden insights when they physically touch or handle a person, animal, object or place. A simple handshake, a hug, sitting on a chair used by someone else, brushing up against someone, or holding someone else’s article or jewelry is enough to trigger a psychometric impression in them.

Clairtangency psychics can also predict past, present, or future events by using their Clairtangency ability or power. During Clairtangency reading or Psychometry reading, they can offer insights about personality, different influences, and life events by holding the client’s hands or objects they own.

How Does Clairtangency Work?

It is believed that every inanimate object such as jewelry, photographs, vehicles, items of clothing, buildings, or places comprises specific energy and vibrations. The personal objects carry the signature vibrations of the owner in its composition or material. When someone with ESP (extra sensory perception) comes in contact with these vibrations they readily resonate with it and gain insights into its past and future.

Especially, when a Clairtangent person or Clairtangency psychic holds such objects, they sense vibrations and receive impressions in the form of images, sounds, smells, or emotions. They witness various information about objects such as the history of the owner, experiences connected to that object or owner, and much more.

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Signs You Are A Clairtangent

Signs You Are A Clairtangent

How to determine if you are a Clairtangent or not? Here are some Clairtangency signs that spill the beans about your intrinsic Clairtangency power. So, read the Clairtangency signs and unleash your Clairtangency ability.

  • You feel an overwhelming desire to wash your hands after handling objects such as rocks or crystals.
  • You feel drained out by touching second-hand furniture.
  • Cluttered spaces make you feel uncomfortable.
  • You feel exhausted in Pawn shops.
  • Antique stores make you feel overwhelmed.
  • Sometimes when you purchase or receive an object you feel the need to pass it on or get rid of it.
  • Images or some sounds pop up in your mind when you touch an old object or place.
  • At times, you feel a sudden sadness holding some photographs of someone else.

Did any Clairtangent sign match your experiences? Even if your answer is No and you can evolve as a Clairtangient psychic by using some simple methods. Read on to explore!

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How to Develop Clairtangency Power?

Everyone has intuitive power and by simple practice and exercises, they may develop it easily. Thus, if you want to be a Clairtangent psychic or are interested in developing your Clairtangent ability, then read these simple tricks. Using these Clairtangency development methods you can strengthen your psychometric abilities and take Clairtangency psychic reading by yourself. So, are you ready? 

Here are the easy tips to develop your Clairtangency power. 

1. Empower your Chakras

Chakras are the spiritual energy center that regulates the physical, mental and emotional well-being of a person. Your third eye chakra or the sixth sense is located in the center of your forehead. It governs intuitive power and psychic abilities. By meditation and yoga, you can empower your third chakra and improve your Clairtangency power. 

2. Evolve your Sense of Touch

When you touch an object try to pick up its energy. Notice the sensations that you experience when the object touches your skin. Practice this exercise with different objects and try to notice the difference in energies that every object renders. 

3. Breathing Exercise

Choose a quiet place where you can practice the Clairtangency development exercise. Now, close your eyes and monitor your breathing. Relax your mind and body and open up yourself for surrounding energies. Feel the sensations around you and let all the emotional blockage and restrictions get removed. Practicing this exercise daily may help you develop your senses and intuitive power. 

4. Psychometry/ Clairtangency Test

After following the aforementioned tips, you can also test your Clairtangency ability with the help of your friends. For this, ask your friends to bring an object that you have never seen before. Touch and hold the object to pick its vibrations. Write down what you felt when you held the object in your hands. Good or bad or more, whatever you have felt, share it with your friend. See if your observation matches with your friend’s experience or not. Even if you didn’t get a positive outcome initially. Do not dishearten. Practice this exercise frequently to strengthen your Clairtangency power.

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Practical Applications of Clairtangency

Clairtangency power is used by professional psychics in various ways. Here are some well-known applications of psychometry or Clairtangency ability. 

1. To Tune Into Someone’s Energy

Clairtangency power is often used to pick the energy of other people. Clairtangent psychics find it easy to see or feel things by holding or touching things with their hands. They use it to spur on one or more psychic abilities. 

2. In Crime

Clairtangency allows psychics to predict events just by touching or holding objects. There are many accounts of when Clairtangency psychic readings helped police in solving criminal issues. The hired psychics touch the object or clue at the crime scene to read the impressions of the missing person or victim or criminal. However, psychometric evidence is often considered inadmissible in various countries. 

3. For Antiquarians, Historians, and Geologists

Clairtangency psychic readings gather information about antiques and old places by touching them. This helps collectors, antiques historians and geologists. However, they do not fully rely on this information due to lack of physical evidence such as radio-carbon testing. 

4. In Daily Life

You can get online psychic chat consultation for daily life. Clairtangency psychics can suggest them to avoid negative or dark places and situations. You can use Clairtangency psychic readings for making important decisions, figuring out past issues, before making a big purchase or sale.

Do You Have Clairtangency Ability? 

As Frederick Leaz said, “As you evolve and develop your psychic abilities, you will enter into perceptions of life, truth, beauty and you will gain the power to live your life in an intelligent, perceptive, and strong way.” so, if you have Clairtangency power or are interested in strengthening it, then you must follow the above-shared information and tips. 

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