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Clairalience Meaning - Know All About Psychic Ability To Smell

20 Sep, 2021 by Swati S. Kumar

Clairalience Meaning - Know All About Psychic Ability To Smell

20 Sep, 2021 by Swati S. Kumar

Do you have a strong sense of smell? Have you experienced a certain smell with no specific physical source? Do you often notice powerful yet faint smells in the air? Do some particular fragrances feel like saying something to you? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then you may be owning a psychic ability or could say an amazing superpower- Clairalience!

Curious! what does Clairalience mean? Clairalience is the fourth power from the list of all psychic abilities. It relates to the sense of smell and is often identified as a form of extrasensory perception. Referred to as Clairolfaction, Clairosmesis, or Clairessence, this ability often occurs as a sign or guidance from the spirit. This is a universal gift of the divine that allows people to help mankind. Since everyone on this Earth is gifted with some power, Clairalience power can be possessed by anyone. Even if you are not born with it, you can develop this ability and become a great medium to help people. 

Interested to know more about Clairalience? Read on the post and explore in-depth information about this psychic power. Here you may learn about Clairalience meaning, definition, and sign of being Clairalience psychic. You may also find ways that may help you with Clairalience development and Clairalience psychic reading. So, let’s not waste the time and dive deep into this quick guide about Clairalience. 

What is Clairalience?

Clairalience Meaning: Derived from the 17th century French, “Clair” (Clear) and “Alience” (smelling), the word Clairalience means clear smelling in English. It is also spelled as the Clairallience and often associated with another psychic ability called “Clairgustance.”

Clairalience Definition: Spiritual healers define Clairalience as the ability to smell odors that have no physical source. It is a heightened sense of smell that comprises psychic impressions about people, places, or things. Since this power is beyond the normal perception this is often referred to as a miraculous part of the “Sixth sense.” Using Clairalience power people can invoke memory, feelings and even see future events based on the smells they sense. 

People who exhibit the developed sense of smell or have Clairalience power are called Clairalient or Clairalience psychic beings. These people can detect spiritual smells and understand their meanings. They may simplify the hidden messages in the odors and can easily form connections to the spiritual realm. 

However, this intuitive sense is one of the most neglected psychic abilities like clairvoyance and clairaudience. People could not detect their intrinsic power and often fail to develop it. Do you want to know if you have a Clairalience superpower or if you are a Clairalience psychic or not?

Read further to learn about the signs of being a Clairalient. 

Signs You Are A Clairalient

Unsure if you are Clairalient or have had witnessed any of Clairalience experience? Are you looking for Clairalience Quiz or test? These Clairalience signs can help you explore your psychic or intuitive power to smell. You can also see it as a self-assessment test where you can self analyze if you exhibit this power or not. Are you ready to read the signs that speak of your hidden Clairalience psychic abilities? Take a quick look. 

  • You have a highly developed sense of smell.
  • You smell the signature scent of a deceased family member or friend.
  • You are often smelling someone when they aren’t there.
  • You notice some odors that no one else perceives.
  • You get sudden fits of sneezing.
  • You often smell something powerful that isn’t physically there. 

So, these were some common Clairalience signs that point to having Clairalient powers. However, it is not necessary to have all the signs to be a Clairalient. Also, sometimes some of these signs such as sudden sneezing may be misleading. Sneezing can be because of a cold or some allergies. 

How to Develop Clairalience Power?

How to Develop Clairalience Power?

Do you find it hard to identify Clairalience abilities in you? No worries! You can develop Clairalience power and become a Clairalience psychic with some easy exercises. So, whether you are gifted with Clairalience or thinking to develop it, check out these best tips for how to develop your Clairalience abilities!

  1. Meditation: Practice mediation daily with the smells that you are already familiar with. 
  2. Avoid Unhealthy Habits: Try to avoid smoking or other unhealthy activities that dull your sense of smell and taste. 
  3. Imagine Smells You Know: Thinking about the smells that you are familiar with can help in Clairalience development. 
  4. Smell More: Smelling more things can help you strengthen your sense of smell. The more you smell, the more likely you are able to recognize them. 
  5. Practice with Friends: You can practice clairalience with your friends and family members. Observe their odor and predict their mood and emotions. Get feedback from them and practice the exercise daily to strengthen your sense of smell. 
  6. Use Crystals for Clairalience Development: Since crystals exhibit healing powers and powerful positive vibrations you may use them for meditation. This may help you to open your Chakras mainly root and throat chakra. Root Chakra signifies the third eye stimulation while the Throat Chakra represents the spiritual energy center that regulates smell sensations.

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Clairalience Smell Meanings

Confused, how to detect smells and their spiritual meanings? If you are a clairalience beginner, you may prepare yourself by understanding the spiritual meanings of some smells. Check out these Clairalience smell meanings and know what each smell represents. 

  1. Demonic Smells- These smells are worst of all. In the presence of “dark” energy and demonic spirits, you may sense rotted, sulfur, or corpse-like smell. It is believed people who are possessed by demons exhibit such kind of smell. Some houses or buildings also have a demonic smell. 
  2. Odors of Spirits- Smell of perfumes or other identifiable smells of a person often indicate a deceased person trying to communicate in the spiritual realm. 
  3. Smell of Wet Dog- Some pet owners have reported that they have experienced the smell of wet dogs around them. This often indicates the spirit of their deceased dogs.
  4. The Scent of Roses- If you smell roses during prayer and meditation, then this signifies the love of God. It indicates the presence of the holy spirit or any angel around you. 
  5. Places’ Scents- Some scents are associated with places. For instance, the scent of your Kindergarten may indicate that your guardian angel was watching over you when you were a child. If you experience the scent of a place you have never visited, then it means you may travel there or meet someone from that land.

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Why Clairalience Psychic Reading is a Good Idea?

Clairalience psychic reading can help you in various ways. Here are the main benefits of consulting Clairalience psychic experts. Take a look!

  • You may recall memories of your past and know what do they mean in your life in the current moment or situation. 
  • Connecting to Clairalience psychic can help you with your meditative practices. During Clairalience psychic reading, you may reach a more heightened state of peace and comfort. 
  • You may know more ways to improve your inherent Clairalience abilities. You may learn what do the odors you experience mean? and what does it mean by sensing smell someone when they are not physically there? The spiritual meaning of smells and their significance can be interpreted by only an evolved Clairalience psychic.

Did You Have Clairalient Experience?

As Anthon St. Maarten said in the book Divine Living: The Essential Guide To Your True Destiny, “Intuition goes before you, showing you the way. Emotion follows behind, to let you know when you go astray. Listen to your inner voice. It is the calling of your spiritual GPS system seeking to keep you on track towards your true destiny.” So, heed your clairalience superpower and unfold your destiny. Learn what the Universe wants to say to you by the means of certain scents. 

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