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What Are Life Path Numbers - How To Calculate It?

21 Feb, 2022 by Aditi Gupta

What Are Life Path Numbers - How To Calculate It?

21 Feb, 2022 by Aditi Gupta

Do you believe in the 11:11 thing? Are you among the people who start to make a wish as soon as the clock strikes this time? Or have you ever noticed why do you come across the person who shares the same birth date with you?

Have you ever wondered about the reason behind these numbers? Well, these are known as the Numerology numbers in astrology. These numbers hold a powerful and sacred place in the field of astrology.

Using the numerology system an individual’s Life Path number or Destiny Number can be calculated. It is believed that we can have a better understanding of the world if we track the numerical patterns that we come across on a daily basis.

What is a Life Path Number?

Life path numbers can take any value between 1 to 9 or they can also be one of the three master numbers; 11, 22, or 33. Each of the Life Path numbers is associated with some unique strengths and weaknesses. And these numbers are believed to give deep meaning to an individual’s life. 

Life path numbers serve the purpose of helping us bring greater possibilities to life and align with our soul's needs. Just like your Sun sign, these numbers also help in revealing your identity, talents, ambitions, and much more.

Likewise, our numerology charts consider these numbers to be the most important, similar to how our sun sign impacts our lives.

Overall, this number gives us a reality check about our life and guides us on the journey of life. 

How to Calculate Your Life Path Number?

The major calculation of any numerology is based on your unique birth date. The main aim of numerology is to go down to the root number and analyze your future accordingly.

To find the number you will have to keep reducing the digits till the time you do not come down to a single-digit number excluding the master numbers. 

To illustrate, let's say you were born on June 25, 1998. In order to calculate your life path number, we will have to bring down these numbers to a single-digit number: 

As the month is already a single digit so we will keep it unchanged=6

The date 25 will be reduced to 2+5=7

The year 1998 will come down to 1+9+9+8=27 and 27 will be further reduced to 2+7=9

Let's add all the reduced numbers to get a single number: 6+7+9=22 and 22 will further come down to 2+2=4. Therefore, 4 is your Life path number. 

Initially, it might appear daunting but keeps on getting less intimidating when you read more about it. Just like this, you can also find your life path number by name. 

Now that you know your life path number let's explore the meaning and significance of each Life Path number.

Life Path Number Chart:

Life Path Number 


Number 1

Born Leader

Number 2

Collaborative Counselor

Number 3

Outgoing Extroverts

Number 4

Practical Worker

Number 5

Jack of All Trades

Number 6 

Supportive Adviser

Number 7

Clear-Eyed Philosopher

Number 8 

The Money-Maker

Number 9

Understanding and Caregiver

Number 11

Intuitive, inspiring

Number 22

Idealistic, focused 

Life Path Numbers: Meaning and Significance

Life Path Numbers: Meaning and Significance

Number 1: The Born Leader

Number 1 denotes innate leadership, independent nature, and a pioneering spirit. Natives having this as their Life path number are believed to make their own path. They are majorly attracted to innovative careers. These natives have the qualities of leadership, and they can do great in their business and other ventures. 

Number 2: Collaborative Counselor

Natives having 2 as their number are said to be peaceful, wise, collaborative, and compassionate. These natives have a great sense of understanding and believe in harmonious relationships. They can be the best fit for careers like therapy, administration, accountancy, and other things related to it. 

Number 3: The Creative Extrovert

Creative, funny, expressive, social, and charismatic are the key features that define the natives born under Life path number 3. As someone who enjoys interacting with others and speaking to people, you are confident and sociable. The careers that fascinate you include writing, teaching, acting, personal care, hospitality, and sales.

Number 3 is believed to have high life path compatibility with number 9. 

Number 4: The Practical Worker

Natives having 4 as their Life Path number are said to be confident and work hard to accomplish their desired goals. These natives are grounded, pragmatic, determined, and reliable. They find their keen interest in careers like auditing, accounting, analysis, and law enforcement. There are various numerology readers who can help you in getting better and more accurate information about these numbers. 

Number 5: The Jack of All Trades

Natives born under this number are versatile, restless, charismatic, communicative, and resourceful. They are multitasking and free-spirited who love going on adventures. They can try their hands in the fields like journalism, travel, sales, and consulting. 

Number 6: The Supportive Adviser

People having 6 as their Life Path number are compassionate, nurturing, helpful, supportive, and perceptive. These natives believe in perfectionism and always love to decorate their corners. Careers like healing, nutrition, beauty, fashion, teaching, interior decoration, etc attract these natives. 

Number 7: the Clear-Eyed Philosopher

Natives with Life Path number 7 are intellectual, intuitive, analytical. Being truth-seeking individuals, they constantly try to untangle the bigger problems of life. These natives are drawn to careers involving technology, digital communications, journalism, esoteric practices, engineering, and technology.

Number 8: The Money-Maker

These natives are career-driven, strong, materialistic, and organized. These positive traits can really help these natives in making huge money. They have great potential in starting their own business because they have a knack for it. Apart from it, they can also excel in the fields like law, finance, banking, and real estate. 

Number 9: The Understanding and Caregiver

These natives are kind, generous, helpful, and passionate who are constantly trying to help others to make a better world for them. Careers like; social work, law, creative arts, and counseling can attract the natives born under the Life Path number 9. If you are the one with Life path number 9 and want to know more about your number then you can always ask an online astrologer about it.

Number 11: The Inspiring and Intuitive

Natives born under this Life Path number have the bonus qualities as they also have the traits of number 2 along with number 11. These natives are inspiring, intuitive, perceptive, and, visionary. They are generous enough to help others and improve their lives. They are a right fit for careers like; writing, life therapy, coaching, sports, and esoteric practices. 

Number 22: The Idealistic

Number 22 are blessed with all the qualities of number 4 which is like a cherry on the cake. They are highly imaginative and always try to give creative exposure to their imagination. These natives can have a good scope in engineering, architecture, health care, politics, and innovation.

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Q. Which is The Best Life Path Number?

A. Every number is best in their way as they have the traits which make them unique from others. But, if we talk in particular then master Life Path numbers like 11, 22 are said to have the advantage of an additional number in it. So it's like a bonus which can make them luckier.

Q. Which is The Strongest Life Path Number?

A. Odd Life Path numbers can not be divided easily unlike the even numbers therefore odd Life path numbers are believed to be the strongest ones.

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