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Revati Nakshatra - Astrological Significance and Traits

11 May, 2021 by Swati

Revati Nakshatra - Astrological Significance and Traits

11 May, 2021 by Swati

  • Zodiac Sign or Revati Nakshatra Rashi- Pisces
  • Revati Nakshatra Ruling Planet- Mercury
  • Revati Nakshatra Lord or God-  Pooshan, a solar deity
  • Revati Nakshatra Symbol- a fish swimming in the sea or drum
  • Revati Nakshatra Degree Range- 16°40’ - 30’ Pisces
  • Revati Nakshatra Mode of Functioning- Balanced
  • Revati Nakshatra Quality- Divine
  • Chara Rashi/ Navamsa- Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces
  • Revati Nakshatra Lucky Number- 5
  • Revati Nakshatra Yoni- Gaj
  • Revati Nakshatra Dosha- Kapha
  • Type of Nakshatra- Soft
  • Revati Nakshatra Dasha-  17 yrs
  • Revati Nakshatra Numerical Potency- 27
  • Revati Nakshatra Gender- Female
  • Revati Nakshatra Guna- Sattwic
  • Revati Nakshatra Gana- Deva
  • Revati Nakshatra Element or Tattwa- Ether
  • Revati Nakshatra Mobility- Dual
  • Revati Nakshatra Caste- Shudra
  • Revati Nakshatra Animal- Female elephant
  • Revati Nakshatra Names Starting Letters- De, Do, Chaa, Chee
  • Revati Nakshatra Bird- Sparrow
  • Revati Nakshatra Lucky Stone- Emerald
  • Revati Nakshatra Lucky Color- Golden Brown
  • Revati Nakshatra Tree- Honey tree
  • Revati Nakshatra Traits- Forgiving, intelligent, soft-spoken, wealthy, attention seeker, over-indulgent, sensitive, headstrong, succumbing to obstacles, pure, well-behaved, social and helpful. 

About Revati Nakshatra

Known as the “Wealthy Constellation”, Revati Nakshatra is the twenty-seventh Nakshatra in the series of lunar constellations. It is the apex of all the zodiac energies, especially Mercurian energy. Revati Nakshatra is represented by the group of faint stars lying in the Pisces constellation. These stars form the shape of a “Dhola”, a drum with strings across the neck with a strap and played with both hands. In Modern astronomy, the brightest stars among the faint stars are referred to as Zeta- Piscium. This star is positioned on the planetary ecliptic which makes it easily locatable in the new moon night. 

Etymologically, Revati means “the wealthy”. It speaks of the association of the Revati Nakshatra with wealth and opulence. Its alternative meaning is “to transcend” or “to go beyond”. Since Revati is the final Nakshatra of the constellation series, this signifies the end of a cycle or a gateway between one and another cycle. Astrologers considered Revati star as “the constellation of transition”. As per scriptures, this Nakshatra is slow in activity because of impending change that is envisaged to it. 

Symbolized by the “a fish swimming in the sea”, Revati Nakshatra is apparently associated with the zodiac sign Pisces. It shows two fishes swimming in opposite directions. This symbolism signifies the journey of the soul in the celestial waters. Lord Vishnu is often linked with the celestial waters due to the portrayal of Lord Vishnu sitting on the Vasuki at the top of the celestial ocean (Sheer Sagar, the sea of consciousness). Alternatively, this symbolism also speaks of one’s path such as the path to salvation, the path to one’s house, the whole life path and path of spiritual awakening. 

Revati Nakshatra is attuned to collective consciousness unlike the mass consciousness represented by the Cancer zodiac sign. It allows the natives to connect with the Universal mind with a set of shared beliefs, ideas, and morals. The Nakshatra speaks of Moksha or final enlightenment which is shown with its last position in the constellation chart. The symbol “drum” speaks of the commencement of news. In ancient times, drums were used for communicating news and thus the Revati constellation is linked with attributes to communicate and express well. 

The presiding deity of the Revati constellation, Pooshan or Pushan or Poosha is a solar deity. He is depicted as the God standing at the beginning of all the paths and beginning. He is linked with safe travel and is supposed to have the power to light up all the paths. He is related to travel of all kinds such as mental, casual, emotional, astral and physical. He is known as a softer solar deity who bestows wealth, prosperity and fulfillment to its natives. Alternatively, Lord Vishnu is seen as the overseer of Revati Nakshatra. Lord Vishnu is the preserver of the Universe and the one of the Trinity Gods. He is the husband of Goddess Laxmi, the deity of wealth and prosperity (again associating Revati with attributes- wealth and richness). The depiction of Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi over the ocean of Universal waters is the imagery of this Nakshatra. 

Revati Nakshatra is correlated to the universal point where after the completion process, the material and astral realm are drawn into the causal realm and then the casual realm into a supreme eternal void. Revati star is also associated with the seventh Sacral center, “Sahastrara”, which is achieved after the awakening of Kundalini. In a lesser evolved aspect, the Revati asterism is linked with the “ocean of illusion”, corresponding to Manipura Chakra, the third sacral center governing all the worldly and materialistic actions. 

As per Vedic Astrology, Jupiter, Mercury, Venus and Moon in Revati tend to offer favorable results. Ketu placement in this Nakshatra is good for spiritual pursuits. Moon in Revati Nakshatra offers perfect body, good luck, purity, wealth and heroic countenance to the Revati Nakshatra men and women.

Revati deals with the infinity of time, space and everything else. Its main keyword is “summation”. Their ability to understand and see every other Nakshatra is exemplary. In the Universal scheme of things, this constellation is associated with “Kshiradyapani Shakti”. This is the ability to nourish through milk. Its symbolism depicts cows above and calves below. The imagery focuses on the nourishment and sustainable aspect of the Revati constellation. 

Revati Nakshatra in English is referred to as Revati. Revati Nakshatra in Tamil is referred to as Revathi Natchathiram (ரேவதி நட்சத்திரம்). The name of Revati Nakshatra in Malayalam is Revathy Nakshatra (രേവതി നക്ഷത്ര) while the name of the Revati constellation in Telugu is Revati (రేవతి). 

Revati Nakshatra Physical Characteristics

Children born in Revati Nakshatra have a lustrous and luscious body. They have a smiley and lighthearted countenance. They are jovial and funny and love to live their life to the fullest. They are born rich and desire luxury and comfort. Their personality is very attractive and they always have a calm and well-behaved disposition.

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Revati Nakshatra Behavioral Characteristics

Of 27 Nakshatras, Revati is one of the most pleasing and benevolent Nakshatra. It is an extremely lucky and positive constellation. The natives of this nakshatra are very optimistic. They stay unflustered even in the toughest of times. They trust in the divine and know how to keep their faith in it when nothing seems favorable. However, this tendency deters their growth since, at times, they do not do anything else except keeping their faith. 

Revati Nakshatra men and women have high expectations from others. They seek love, care, praise, and attention. They are soft and tender and never use any sort of harsh words in their speech. They are very intelligent and know how to fix complicated situations. These natives are not ambitious for their careers or finances. They do not covet wealth, richness and properties. For them, security is of the utmost importance and thus they expect it diligently from their loved ones. 

Revati Nakshatra-born natives exhibit a heart of gold. They speak softly and behave friendly to everyone. However, they sometimes are hasty in their actions and often interrupt people unintentionally. They are intuitive and attuned to their higher self. They follow their beliefs firmly and often get hurt when they feel deceived or lied to. In tough times and times of conflicts, you can find Revati Nakshatra men and women calm and well behaved. They do not quarrel and get depressed in adverse situations. They possess healing attributes and protect people who are weak and inferior to them. 

Ruled by Mercury, Revati Nakshatra natives are good at communication. They go by their inner calling and desire to stay independent and free. They can adjust well with others and like to follow the path of Dharma and truth. One can find Revati Nakshatra natives as Buddhist monks and spiritual aspirants. Revati can be seen as the pinnacle of civilization and thus the natives are more focused on a refined and civilized code of conduct. 

The negative characteristics of Revati Nakshatra are over-indulgence, tactlessness, lack of initiative, jealousy, low self-esteem, over-sensitivity, stubbornness, and insecurity. They are dreamers by nature and thus create different worlds around them. They do not have a sense of limits and often face hardships in achieving their targets. Revati Nakshatra men and women are not good at holding secrets and easily disclose them. For success, these natives require a realistic approach and courage to face all life obstacles.

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Career Options for Revati Nakshatra Natives

The professions that are favorable for Revati Nakshatra born people are:

  • All kinds of creative jobs such as painting, music, acting, comedy etc. 
  • All types of professions that are associated with foster homes and orphanages.
  • Shipping and marine industry can be the best Revati Nakshatra career field.
  • Conjurors, illusionists, and magicians.
  • Jobs in Pearl Industry.
  • Management and linguist jobs suit best to Revati Nakshatra males and females. 
  • Divinators, astrologers and professions involved with religious institutions. 
  • Professional hosts and hostesses especially in the aeronautical and shipping industry. 
  •  Driving instructors, traffic cops, air traffic controllers, road safety professionals. 
  • Gemstone dealership jobs. 
  • Rail and construction business-related professions and road planning jobs.
  • Driving or transport professions. 
  • Lighthouse workers.
  • Calendar or Ephemeris making jobs. 

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Favorable Activities For Revati Nakshatra

Revati Nakshatra is a very auspicious Nakshatra for initiating all the good activities. This Nakshatra is very favorable for business activities, financial dealings, exchange of goods, creative activities, charitable acts and leisure work such as gardening and relaxation. Any kind of traveling, learning and healing or medical treatment turns fruitful during the Nakshatra period. You can buy cars, homes or other valuable goods in Revati Nakshatra. Spiritual or occult practices can be done when the Revati constellation shines in the sky. As per Vedic texts, Revati Nakshatra is very suitable for dealing with gemstones or wearing them for the first time. Religious rituals, marriage, sexual activities, acts of kindness are considered propitious in Revati Nakshatra. You may select any Revati Nakshatra day to complete or give a final touch to any work.

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Unfavorable Activities For Revati Nakshatra

Being the soft constellation, Revati Nakshatra is not auspicious for harsh and bold activities. People face hardship in overcoming obstructions, difficulties and enmity in this Nakshatra. Revati star is not favorable for sharp actions like surgery and cutting. It is advisable to not indulge in any sort of strenuous activities such as mountain climbing. As per ancient Vedic texts, the last quarters of Revati star is unfavorable for beginning any new work. Thus, one should avoid starting any activity during the Revati star's last two quarters- Aquarius Navamsa and Pisces Navamsa. It is said that Aquarius Navamsa makes it difficult for natives to work on a material plane whereas Pisces Navamsa allows natives to get swayed easily.

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Revati Nakshatra Remedies

People suffering from afflictions of Revati Nakshatra should worship Lord Vishnu. He is the nurturer of the world and is known to bestow prosperity, happiness and success. 

These natives should recite the root Mantra- “Om Lam”, “Om Ksham”, “Om Am” and “Om Aam”. Chanting this Revati Nakshatra Mantra 108 times during the lunar transition and in the corresponding month of Revati Nakshatra alleviates afflictions and brings good luck, wealth and enlightenment in life. 

Revati star men and women can increase the positive effects of Revati Nakshatra by wearing light, variegated and oceanic colors. They should prefer pastel shades. People born in Revati Nakshatra are recommended to undertake all the important actions corresponding to the position of Revati star for the auspicious results. 

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