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Krittika Nakshatra Compatibility - What A Krittika Nakshatra Native Look For In Their Partner

19 Dec, 2023 by Swati S. Kumar

Krittika Nakshatra Compatibility - What A Krittika Nakshatra Native Look For In Their Partner

19 Dec, 2023 by Swati S. Kumar

Krittika Nakshatra is the third star among the Nakshatras. It lies from 26°40' degrees in the Aries sign to 10°00' degrees in the Taurus zodiac sign. Symbolized by a razor, the Nakshatra is associated with cutting and penetration. It is believed that people born in Krittika Nakshatra exhibit piercing qualities that make them critical, sharp and discerning. They display a blend of sternness and affection and are innately warm, caring and protective to their partners. These natives are aggressive by nature and face hardships in attuning themselves to changing situations. In order to have an enduring and blissful relationship, these natives should prefer Krittika Nakshatra compatible stars. The partners with high Krittika Nakshatra marriage compatibility are more comfortable and understanding than the low Krittika matching stars. They make the best match for Krittika Nakshatra males and females as per Vedic astrology

Check out what are the best and worst Krittika Nakshatra matching stars for marriage.

Krittika Nakshatra Compatibility Chart

Born in Krittika Nakshatra! Discover how well you match with other Nakshatras based on the Vedic Krittika Nakshatra Compatibility Chart.

Krittika Compatibility With Nakshatras


Compatibility Percentage

Ashwini Nakshatra



Bharani Nakshatra



Krittika Nakshatra



Rohini Nakshatra



Mrigasira Nakshatra



Ardra Nakshatra



Punarvasu Nakshatra



Pushya Nakshatra



Ashlesha Nakshatra



Magha Nakshatra



Purva Phalguni Nakshatra



Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra



Hasta Nakshatra



Chitra Nakshatra



Swati Nakshatra



Vishakha Nakshatra



Anuradha Nakshatra



Jyeshtha Nakshatra



Mula Nakshatra



Purva Ashadha Nakshatra



Uttara Ashadha Nakshatra



Shravana Nakshatra



Dhanishta Nakshatra



Shatabhisha Nakshatra



Purva Bhadra Nakshatra



Uttara Bhadra Nakshatra



Revati Nakshatra



Compatibility of Krittika Nakshatra with Other Nakshatras

Love compatibility plays a significant role when it comes to attaining a long-lasting and peaceful married life. According to astrology, the Krittika Nakshatra marriage compatibility is different with different stars. Here are the detailed insights into Krittika matching stars' characteristics and their marriage compatibility with this Nakshatra. 

Krittika Nakshatra - Ashwini Nakshatra (61%)

Krittika Nakshatra's marriage compatibility with Ashwini is quite average. These bold and frank natives feel drawn towards Ashwini star males and females. They love Ashwini’s fearless nature and find their adventurous spirit super exciting. On the other hand, Ashwini star natives love to chase. They have the ability to cut through the defenses that Krittika Nakshatra natives form. Since both Krittika and Ashwini are commitment-phobic, they try to escape from any sort of commitment in love. However, once they get committed, they keep it and enjoy a loving and pleasurable relationship. For a successful and long-lasting marriage, Krittika Nakshatra should learn to trust their Krittika matching star, Ashwini. 

Krittika Nakshatra - Bharani Nakshatra (65%)

Bharani Nakshatra fascinates Krittika star natives. They are clever enough to break the barriers and expose the emotions and innate needs of Krittika natives. On finding sensuous Bharani Nakshatra interested in them, Krittika Nakshatra natives feel uncertain and unsure. They hate the possessiveness of Bharani Nakshatra partner. However, when it comes to love and romance, they feel most comfortable and nourished with this Krittika Nakshatra marriage compatible star. Since over-possessiveness of Bharani Nakshatra creates conflicts in Krittika- Bharani marriage, Krittika natives should make Bharani star native feel secure by showing love and care.

Krittika Nakshatra - Krittika Nakshatra (65%)

Since both the partners share identical characteristics, Krittika-Krittika star natives match well. They share great commitment, loyalty, love and romance. Both of them share a powerful bond, however, due to identical traits, they encounter great friction and disagreements. The high Krittika Nakshatra compatibility shows that as a couple they overcome the issues that emerged due to similarities. As per Vedic astrology, Krittika Nakshatra compatibility for marriage with its Nakshatra natives is not favorable and auspicious. Thus, avoid getting involved with the same Nakshatra natives.

Krittika Nakshatra - Rohini Nakshatra (30%)

Rohini Nakshatra’s vulnerability attracts Krittika Nakshatra men and women. They feel secure and strong in their company. However, due to the unrealistic approach in love, Krittika Nakshatra couldn’t trust them fully. They face hardships in dealing with possessive and emotional Rohini and often escape from any commitment with them. Krittika Nakshatra natives should avoid marriage with the least Krittika matching star.

Krittika Nakshatra - Mrigashira Nakshatra (54%)

Krittika Nakshatra are argumentative by nature. They exhibit a habit to debate over every little thing in the world. Since Mrigashira natives are equally argumentative, fiery and opinionated, it is hard for Krittika Nakshatra natives to compete with them in arguments. Moreover, both the Nakshatra are passive by nature. Hence, it is always less likely that any of them will make any efforts to take their relationship further. To overcome relationship problems, these Nakshatras should learn to be decisive and willing to make the first move. 

Krittika Nakshatra - Ardra Nakshatra (49%)

Krittika Nakshatra's compatibility with Ardra exhibits great potential. As per Nakshatra astrology, Krittika- Ardra Nakshatra relationship can be exciting if they could overcome their fears and inner insecurities. Since both the Nakshatra natives lack trust and ability to express their emotions, they both get into a rut of mediocrity, leading to an unhappy and discontent marriage. In order to bring excitement and make their relationship successful, Krittika and its matching star should learn to trust and express their emotions with each other. 

Krittika Nakshatra - Punarvasu Nakshatra (56%)

The charm and wisdom of Punarvasu Nakshatra attracts Krittika Nakshatra men and women. However, the relationship expectations of both the Nakshatras are different. Punarvasu desires a strong and flexible partnership whereas Krittika Nakshatra natives seek a conventional and strong commitment. Krittika natives tend to hide feelings and show over possessiveness to their partner. For good Krittika marriage compatibility with Punarvasu, they both need to develop mutual understanding and good communication in the relationship. 

Krittika Nakshatra - Pushya Nakshatra (68%)

Pushya and Krittika Nakshatra compatibility in bed is strongest. The natives of Pushya Nakshatra know how to deal with Krittika sexual diffidence and make them feel comfortable. They work hard to invoke the desires and sensual emotions of Krittika star natives. These natives stay with Krittika in every upheaval and make them feel secure and comfortable in all situations.

Krittika Nakshatra - Ashlesha Nakshatra (57%)

Krittika Nakshatra natives are fascinated by mystical, independent and fiery Ashlesha. The natives of Ashlesha teach Krittika natives to overcome their insecurities and timidness. They help their Krittika partner feel comfortable with their sensuality. However, the Krittika Nakshatra marriage compatibility with Ashlesha is low. Krittika Nakshatra natives show jealousy over little things and make their relationship unnecessarily complicated. 

Krittika Nakshatra - Magha Nakshatra (47%)

Magha and Krittika Nakshatra marriage compatibility is low. They don’t trust each other. Both of them hide their insecurities behind their confident and arrogant countenance. Magha can make Krittika Nakshatra natives feel unwanted and rejected. However, if they recognize the feelings of Krittika star partner, they can try to bring change in their behavior. For a good and healthy Magha and Krittika Nakshatra compatibility, they need to talk and connect with each other’s inner self, ignoring the image they present.

Krittika Nakshatra - Purva Phalguni Nakshatra (43%)

Krittika Nakshatra natives are too moralistic for the fun and social Purva Phalguni. They both are hesitant to make their first efforts in love. Also, Purva Phalguni often stays out of home which doesn’t get along well with Krittika natives. Their relationship needs initiative and breaking of the outer shell that they have created around themselves. To make their relationship survive, they both need to stop being shy and show their real personalities. Also, they need to make sure that they appreciate their partner when any of them make an effort. 

Krittika Nakshatra - Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra (53%)

Ruled by Sun, both Krittika and Uttara Phalguni share similar traits and characteristics. They are warm, caring and loving to each other. In a relationship, Krittika Nakshatra needs to be loved and appreciated, however, they never receive enough love and care that they desire from Uttara Phalguni partner. They find themselves paying homage to Uttara Phalguni lovers throughout their life.

Krittika Nakshatra - Hasta Nakshatra (44%)

Hasta star natives are emotionally demanding. They crave for love and show clingy behavior in relationships. People born in Krittika Nakshatra face hardships in dealing with such emotions of Hasta natives. They hide their caring and nurturing side and do not express their emotions freely. For a healthy relationship and good marriage compatibility, Krittika Nakshtra needs to be more loving and romantic with their Hasta partner. They should understand that showing love won’t cost them anything and if they love a Hasta partner a little more, they would receive tenfold love in return. 

Krittika Nakshatra - Chitra Nakshatra (61%)

Chitra natives are confident and independent. They always make efforts to bring the best out of their partner. Krittika Nakshatra admires this nature of Chitra natives and loves them with their whole heart. They show fiery, exciting and passionate love. In the relationship, Chitra never makes efforts to hold on. They like to move on from a relationship rather than being tested. In order to sustain love and romance in a relationship, Krittika Nakshatra should refrain from testing Chitra natives. They both need to make efforts to make their relationship successful and blissful. 

Krittika Nakshatra - Swati Nakshatra (32%)

The sexual chemistry of Krittika and Swati Nakshatra is great and exciting. However, they lack trust in their relationship which often leads to separation. As per Nakshatra astrology, Krittika Nakshatra natives often feel criticized by the way Swati natives live their life. Their mutual differences create conflicts and make them fall apart. Krittika Nakshatra men and women should realize that the behavior and nature of Swati Nakshatra natives cannot be the same as theirs. Thus, they should talk and bridge their relationship differences. Both of them should learn to appreciate their flaws and accept each other as they truly are. 

Krittika Nakshatra - Vishakha Nakshatra (51%)

Krittika and Vishaka Nakshatra marriage compatibility is not good. Their relationship is spiritually challenging and they both possess the ability to hurt each other. Their emotional storms create great problems in their relationship. Plus, the negative traits such as jealousy, anger and restlessness make Krittika and Vishakha relationship unhappy and miserable. 

Krittika Nakshatra - Anuradha Nakshatra (60%)

Anuradha and Krittika Nakshatra are completely different from each other. Natives of Anuradha star seem to be serious and pragmatic to Krittika Nakshatra natives until they discover their inner vulnerability and deep romanticism. Since Anuradha Nakshatra has a deep desire to be loved, they may sometimes feel romantically exhausting to Krittika Nakshatra people. However, with their capacity to love unconditionally, Anuradha and Krittika form a bond that is unbreakable and uplifting. 

Krittika Nakshatra - Jyeshta Nakshatra (76%)

Jyeshta is the best match for Krittika Nakshatra males and females. They inspire Krittika Nakshatra and bring fun into their life. Since they appear experienced, they break the shell formed by Krittika Nakshatra natives. In the relationship, Krittika and Jyestha both fulfill their needs and take care of each other. For strong Jyestha-Krittika marriage compatibility they both need to sustain love, happiness and security in their marriage. 

Krittika Nakshatra - Mula Nakshatra (65%)

Krittika natives exhibit trust issues with Mula natives. However, as soon as Krittika and Mula advance in love, Krittika starts appreciating Mula’s qualities. Krittika Nakshatra natives admire the philosophical, courageous and romantic nature of Mula people. They support Mula and help them to stay firm and stable. In turn, Mula offers love and care that Krittika Nakshatra yearns for in a relationship.

Krittika Nakshatra - Purva Ashadha Nakshatra (47%)

Krittika and Purva Ashadha's marriage compatibility is low. Their sexual relationship is the worst and they could not get along well with each other when it comes to romance and passion. Krittika Nakshatra feels clueless when Purva Ashadha teases them in bed. They tend to keep their defenses up and never submit fully. Krittika Nakshatra knows subconsciously that Purva Ashadha Nakshatra natives can make them taste their own medicine anytime. Thus, they cut off from Purva Ashadha before such things happen.

Krittika Nakshatra - Uttara Ashadha Nakshatra (30%)

Ruled by the Sun, both Nakshatra natives possess dominating and powerful personalities. They do not get along well and try to stay apart from each other. If Uttara Ashadha natives try to get closer to Krittika Nakshatra men and women, they feel clueless. They hide behind their many friends and make some distance. If they come together, there are strong chances of living in a lonely and unhappy marriage.

Krittika Nakshatra - Shravana Nakshatra (32%)

Shravana is the worst Krittika matching star when it comes to sexual relationships. Their marriage compatibility is low and they face hardships in their marriage. Initially, Krittika natives find Sharavana natives amusing but soon the emotional and moody nature of Shravana makes them feel exhausted. Krittika Nakshatra natives feel confused about Shravana natives’ feelings and hence, tend to keep their inner feelings within.

Krittika Nakshatra - Dhanistha Nakshatra (70%)

In the relationship, Dhanishta likes to keep in charge of sensuality which goes well with Krittika natives since they are shy in expressing their feelings. Dhanishta renders immense love and care and tries to create a strong and exciting bond with Krittika star natives. Together, Krittika and Dhanishta form a passionate, loving and caring bond that lasts for a lifetime.

Krittika Nakshatra - Shatabhisha Nakshatra (75%)

Krittika Nakshatra natives face hardships in understanding Shatabhisha natives due to their elusiveness and inflexibility. Since Shatabhisha natives can rebuff Krittika natives with their cold and rude attitude, they become protective. However, once Krittika Nakshatra natives recognize their vulnerability, they start accepting Shatabhisha natives. Both of them can develop a loving and caring bond with mutual respect and understanding. 

Krittika Nakshatra - Purva Bhadrapada Nakshatra (54%)

Krittika Nakshatra natives appreciate Purva Bhadrapada Nakshatra right from the beginning of their relationship. They both make good friends, however, Krittika Nakshatra natives face hardships in expressing love given to their shyness. These natives hardly make the first move and take a long time to come out of their shell.

Krittika Nakshatra - Uttara Bhadrapada Nakshatra (50%)

Uttara Bhadrapada Nakshatra natives always give mixed signals. They exhibit dual nature and hence should not be put off by only considering their cool attitude. These natives desire appreciation and fondness in relationships. They open up their emotions to Krittika natives when they find desired love, care and acceptance. For establishing strong compatibility with this Krittika Nakshatra compatible star, try to woo them no matter how hard it may look at the start. 

Krittika Nakshatra - Revati Nakshatra (32%)

Revati Nakshatra natives are one of the Krittika matching stars that are very unrealistic in their conduct. These natives can admire their partner too much and hope they behave like a demigod. At times, they make impossible demands in the relationship. Krittika Nakshatra natives do not like their habit of analyzing everything. They dislike how Revathi Nakshatra natives let them know their shortcomings. Mostly, Krittika Nakshatra natives walk away or avoid getting too much involved with Revati Nakshatra natives.

Best and Worst Match for Krittika Nakshatra Male and Female

As per the aforementioned Krittika Nakshatra compatibility with other Nakshatras, the best match for Krittika Nakshatra will be Jyeshta Nakshatra while the least compatible life partners for Kritika Nakshatras will be of Uttara Bhadrapada, Rohini, Shravana and Swati. 

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