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Chitra Nakshatra Compatibility - What A Chitra Nakshatra Native Look For In Their Partner

19 Dec, 2023 by Swati S. Kumar

Chitra Nakshatra Compatibility - What A Chitra Nakshatra Native Look For In Their Partner

19 Dec, 2023 by Swati S. Kumar

One of the brightest constellations, Chitra Nakshatra is the fourteenth star of the zodiac. In Vedic astrology, it is also referred to as the Star of opportunity. Chitra Nakshatra extends from 23°20' Virgo to 6°40' degrees in the Libra zodiac sign. It is symbolized by a “big, bright shining jewel”. It signifies delightful things, forms and objects. Chitra Nakshatra is ruled by Vishwakarma, the architect of deities. This asterism is governed by the planet Mars which rules aggression, enthusiasm and passion. 

The constellation of Chitra is associated with the words “Brilliant'', “Bright”, “Beautiful”, “Glittering” and “Illusory”. It is energetic, dynamic and creative. People of this constellation are obsessed with appearance, structure and complex things. They love to create magic and are keenly interested in finding details of anything. These people are mostly fond of technology, art and scientific aspects. 

These people are quite thoughtful, slow, dignified and gentle. They are extremely self-conscious and usually crave attention in their relationships. These people are good communicators and storytellers. They can easily attract the opposite gender owing to their beauty and charm. As far as love and relationships are concerned, the Chitra Nakshatra males and females can both sport and fake passion. They are impressive in their mannerism and exhibit indulgent and self-serving nature. To find the best match for Chitra Nakshatra, one should learn about Chitra Nakshatra's marriage compatibility and characteristics of Chitra matching stars. With proper knowledge of Chitra’s Nakshatra compatibility for marriage, it becomes easy to find the worst and best match for a Chitra Nakshatra native. 

Check out the Chitra Nakshatra compatibility and know who are the best and worst Chitra Nakshatra matching stars for marriage. 

Chitra Nakshatra Compatibility Chart

Born in Chitra Nakshatra! Discover your marital compatibility with other Nakshatras based on the Chitra Nakshatra Compatibility Chart. The below table offers a quick view of the best and worst Chitra Nakshatra compatible stars and their compatibility percentage with Chitra Nakshatra.

Chitra Compatibility With Nakshatras


Compatibility Percentage

Ashwini Nakshatra



Bharani Nakshatra



Krittika Nakshatra



Rohini Nakshatra



Mrigasira Nakshatra



Ardra Nakshatra



Punarvasu Nakshatra



Pushya Nakshatra



Ashlesha Nakshatra



Magha Nakshatra



Purva Phalguni Nakshatra



Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra



Hasta Nakshatra



Chitra Nakshatra



Swati Nakshatra



Vishakha Nakshatra



Anuradha Nakshatra



Jyeshtha Nakshatra



Mula Nakshatra



Purva Ashadha Nakshatra



Uttara Ashadha Nakshatra



Shravana Nakshatra



Dhanishta Nakshatra



Shatabhisha Nakshatra



Purva Bhadra Nakshatra



Uttara Bhadra Nakshatra



Revati Nakshatra



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Compatibility of Chitra Nakshatra with Other Nakshatras

Chitra Nakshatra compatibility offers detailed insights into the marriage possibilities and relationship compatibility of Chitra with other Nakshatras. Since the characteristics of each Nakshatra is different, the marriage compatibility of Chitra Nakshatra is different for each nakshatra. Thus, we are discussing the Chitra Nakshatra compatible stars with its 3 most and least compatible Nakshatras for marriage.

Most Compatible Nakshatras for Chitra Nakshatra 

Chitra Nakshatra- Hasta Nakshatra (79%)

Hasta is the best match for Chitra Nakshatra for marriage. Chitra Nakshatra's compatibility with Hasta is very strong and exciting. Chitra loves Hasta and feels drawn towards their sophisticated and caring nature. They are unfazed by the mood swings of Chitra and enjoy the different shades of Chitra’s personality. In a relationship, Hasta exhibits all the qualities to attract Chitra. They inspire Chitra partners with their earthiness, generosity and motivation.

Chitra Nakshatra- Mula Nakshatra (75%)

Chitra falls instantly in love with Mula the moment they meet them. They connect quickly and look deeply into the personality that Mula exhibits for the outer world. Mula identifies the inner beauty of Chitra and understands their spirituality. They feel content in things they have and never ask for more. In turn, Chitra loves Mula’s lifestyle and enjoys an exciting and adventurous relationship with them.

Chitra Nakshatra- Vishakha Nakshatra (74%)

Vishakha and Chitra Nakshatra's compatibility for marriage is very strong. Their romantic relationship is exciting and they share a great sense of intimacy with each other. Ruled by Jupiter, Vishakha is the best friend of Chitra Nakshatra. They both find their relationship fulfilling and satisfying. Chitra learns to share everything with Vishakha whereas Vishakha offers the romance and passion that Chitra desires.

Least Compatible Nakshatras for Chitra Nakshatra

Chitra Nakshatra- Uttara Bhadrapada Nakshatra (18%)

Uttara Bhadrapada is the worst match for Chitra Nakshatra males and females. Symbolized by buffalo, Uttara Bhadrapada doesn’t get along well with Chitra natives. They lack feelings of love and try to change Chitra as per their needs. They challenge Chitra and make them feel doubtful of themselves. In turn, Chitra takes a role of fighter and strictly confronts the rejections and condemnation from Uttara Bhadrapada. The relationship between Chitra and Uttara Bhadrapada is very unhappy and unsuccessful.

Chitra Nakshatra- Purva Phalguni Nakshatra (19%)

Purva Phalguni is one of the worst matches for Chitra Nakshatra as per Marriage compatibility. Their relationship is the relationship between Mars and Venus. They are volatile, intense and passionate in their marriage. However, as soon the passion fades away, they find it hard to stay with each other. Chitra finds Purva Phalguni's sensuality unbalancing. They block Purva Phalguni natives and create a hard shell that is hard to break for Purva Phalguni. Also, Chitra natives ignore Purva Phalguni people and never appreciate them.

Chitra Nakshatra- Bharani Nakshatra (22%)

Chitra Nakshatra's marriage compatibility is very weak with Bharani Nakshatra. Their relationship is unhappy and challenging. Initially, they fall for each other quickly and experience a fun, exciting and sensual relationship. There is nothing common between them that could bond them together. Bharani’s possessive nature proves very hard to handle for Chitra natives. They feel irked and do not show any mercy or kindness towards the emotions of Bharani.

Best and Worst Match for Chitra Nakshatra Male and Female

As per Nakshatra's compatibility for marriage, the best match for Chitra males and females is Hasta star. Their marriage compatibility is Uthamam. Whereas, the marriage compatibility to Chitra Nakshatra with the Uttara Bhadrapada star is Adhamam or Madhyama. They make challenging and worst matches as a couple in the marriage.

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