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Moon Signs Meaning As Per Astrology

04 Jan, 2024 by Somya Shrimal

Moon Signs Meaning As Per Astrology

04 Jan, 2024 by Somya Shrimal

According to some verified sources, over 90 percent of adults know what their sun sign is. Approximately half of them believe that their personality matches pretty well with what is described by their zodiac sign. But, apart from astrologers, there are only a few who know that each of us has their Moon sign too. 

Predicting someone’s personality using just Sun Sign will be partial. Probably that is why the other half are not convinced by their zodiac sign traits. Your zodiac birth chart includes the position of all planets including Sun and Moon and gives a more justified picture of your inner self, outer self, strengths and weaknesses.

In this blog, we will learn all about Moon zodiac signs, their significance and how they can affect your personality and fate. 

What is a Moon Sign?

The Moon is indicative of your whole essence and that is why its impact on your zodiac is as important as the Sun’s impact. It plays a valuable role when it comes to the mental and emotional traits of an individual. The zodiac sign where the moon was positioned at the moment of an individual’s birth is their Moon Sign. Just like Sun signs, there are a total of 12 Moon Signs in the zodiac. It handles the emotions and feelings of a person.

You must be thinking How can I find my Moon Sign? Or What is the importance of the Moon Sign in an Indian horoscope?

All your queries will be answered in this crisp blog. First of all, let us see what is the importance of Moon Sign. 

Significance of Moon Sign

Understanding the Moon Jyotish Sign is very important to get a clear understanding of the emotions and psychological traits of a person. Your Moon Sign can explain your overall inner personality as:-

  • It can give you a pretty good indication of your personality, behavior, sentiments and inner attributes.
  • It plays a vital role in determining your destiny so that you can make the right decision for your future.
  • You should find your Moon Sign in case you want to find your compatibility with anyone. As, the Moon Sign can effectively give insights about your compatibility with not only your love interest but also with your friends, family or anyone in your life. 
  • Vedic Moon Sign assists you in maintaining strong and productive relationships.
  • It can reveal your fate, life path as well as your likes and dislikes. 
  • You can even determine your mental compatibility with anyone through your Moon Signs.
  • Vedic Moon Sign plays a pivotal role in Indian Astrology as Astrologers take the help of them to predict mundane life scenarios. They consider the Moon sign as the foremost house. The predictions are done based on transition of the Moon in the remaining houses. 

List of 12 Rashi in Hindi and English And Chandra Rashi Alphabets

Sr No.

Moon Sign 

Zodiac Name in Hindi




Aries Moon Sign

मेष राशि में चंद्रमा


Ch, Che, Cho, L, Li, Lu, Le, La, A


Taurus Moon Sign

वृषभ/वृष राशि में चंद्रमा


E, U, Ae, O, V, Vi, Vu, Ve, Vo


Gemini Moon Sign

मिथुन राशि में चंद्रमा


K, Ki, Ku, Gh, Dh, Chh, Ke, Ko, H


Cancer Moon Sign

कर्क राशि में चंद्रमा


Hi, Hu, He, Ho, D, Di, Du, De, Do


Leo Moon Sign

सिंह राशि में चंद्रमा


M, Mi, Mu, Me, Mo, Ta, Ti, Tu, Te


Virgo Moon Sign

कन्या राशि में चंद्रमा


To, P, Pi, Pu, Sh, Na, Th, Pe, Po


Libra Moon Sign

तुला राशि में चंद्रमा


R, Ri, Ru, Re, Ro, Ta, Ti, Tu, Te


Scorpio Moon Sign

वृश्चिक राशि में चंद्रमा


To, Na, Ni, Nu, Ne, No, Y, Yi, Yu


Sagittarius Moon Sign

धनु राशि में चंद्रमा


Ye, Yo, Bh, Bhi, Bhu, Dh, F, Dhh, Bhe


Capricorn Moon Sign

मकर राशि में चंद्रमा


Bho, J, Ji, Khi, Khu, Khe, Kho, G, Gi


Aquarius Moon Sign

कुम्भ राशि में चंद्रमा


Gu, Ge, Go, S, Si, Su, Se, So, D


Pisces Moon Sign

मीन राशि में चंद्रमा


Di, Du, Th, Jhh, Na, De, Do, Cha, Chi 

If any person is not sure about their date of birth, they can use the Name Moon Sign for getting their horoscope. 

Now let us learn about Indian zodiac signs and how date of birth can determine them.

Indian Zodiac Sign by Date of Birth

In the Indian zodiac, there are two types of Vedic astrology signs- Sun Signs and Moon Signs. 

The Sun Signs indicate your zodiac personality while the Moon Sign indicates your character, nature and overall inner traits. 

The Sun Sign of any individual in the world can be easily determined. You just need their date and month of birth. But this is not the case with Moon Sign. I cannot determine My Moon Sign using just the date of birth. 


The prime reason is that the Moon does not stay in one place. In one month, Moon takes the round of all the 12 Jyotish Signs. It stays in one Vedic Moon Sign for nearly two days. And, that is why your date and month of birth are not enough to determine your Moon Sign. You need to gather some more details.

You must be thinking what are these details and How can I determine My Moon Sign?

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How To Find Your Moon Sign

Wondering, which are Moon Sign dates? Well, there are none. Just like I explained above, people who share the same birthday can have varied Moon Signs. The Moon quickly changes its place and it can relocate even in the middle of the day. That is why to determine your Moon Sign you will have to gather these important details:-

  • Date of Birth
  • Month of Birth
  • Time of Birth- If you are aware of the exact time then it is very beneficial but even if you have an approximate time, your Moon Sign can be determined. 
  • Place of Birth

Using these details, an Online Astrologer can determine your Moon Sign or it can also be calculated through a Moon Sign calculator. 

I hope this small and crisp guide about Moon Signs helped you to understand 12 Moon Signs better. Wondering, What is your Moon Sign? At Anytime Astro, you can Chat With an Online Astrologer and know not only about your Moon sign but your whole inner and outer personality. Chat now!

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