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Leo Moon Sign: Singh Rashi Symbol, Characteristics and Personality Traits

14 May, 2021 by Swati S. Kumar

Leo Moon Sign: Singh Rashi Symbol, Characteristics and Personality Traits

14 May, 2021 by Swati S. Kumar

Leo Moon Sign (Simha Rashi) Characteristics

  • Duality: Masculine
  • Element: Fire
  • Quality: Fixed
  • Lord of Moon Sign: Sun or Surya
  • Symbol: Head of a Lion
  • Part of the Body: Heart, Spine & Back
  • Exaltation: None
  • Debilitation: None
  • Detriment: Saturn
  • Birth Flower: Marigold and Sunflower
  • Ruling House: Fifth
  • Simha Rashi name letters- Ma, Ta
  • Positive Traits of Leo Moon Sign- Noble, Loyal, Dignified, Born leader, Creative, Enthusiastic & Broad-minded, Magnanimous, Generous, Hospitable, Authoritative, Active
  • Negative traits of Leo Moon Sign- Arrogant, Autocratic, Proud, Self-Obsessed, Bossy, Interfering, Domineering, Egoistic, Overdramatic.

About Leo Moon Sign (Singh Rashi)

Singh Rashi is the fifth Moon sign of the zodiac. Singh Rashi in English is called Leo Moon Sign. If the Moon was transiting through the Leo zodiac sign at the time of your birth, then your Moon sign is said to be Leo. According to Vedic Astrology, the Lord of Leo Moon sign is the Sun, the planet of life, energy, power and creativity. It speaks of the warm, spontaneous and confident personality that Simha Rashi people exhibit. Leo Moon sign is associated with the Fire element which bestows fiery and passionate feelings. The masculine energy of the Leo Moon sign makes Simha Rashi natives extroverted and authoritative. The Leo Moon sign exhibits fixed quality. It rules the fifth house of the astrology chart which represents pleasure, artistic talents, entertainment, recreation, romance and social inclinations. 

Simha Rashi Symbolism

Leo Moon sign is symbolized by the Lion, the king of beasts. It signifies sovereignty, dominance and courage. Like Lions, Leos are strong leaders. They have an unmistakable regal manner. The Simha Rashi symbol speaks of the bold and playful activities of this Moon sign. The zodiac glyph is depicted as a curvy upside-down “U” shape. It shows the lion’s mane and signifies the ruling power of the Leo Moon Sign. Sometimes, the symbolism is also associated with the heart that means that Leo Moon Sign natives follow their hearts no matter what situations are.

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Leo Moon Sign- How These Natives Are

Moon in astrology represents emotions and inner self. The Moon in the Leo signifies generosity, loyalty and adventurous nature. It endows attributes such as courage, self-realization, confidence, vitality, and dominance. The main keyword associated with the Leo Moon sign is “I will''. It signifies the incredible ability to strive and achieve goals even if they are tough and nearly impossible. The Moon in Leo develops the desire to gain attention. It makes the natives crave for the spotlight in home, family, and friends. They like entertaining others and express their emotions, feelings and skills to the fullest. 

Due to the Moon in Leo, the lunar qualities to create and entertain are amplified among the natives. However, sometimes, they tend to behave lazily and in a little bossy manner. They refrain from moving out of their comfort zones and command people to walk according to them. These natives don’t like to be ignored or betrayed. They seek loyalty and demand respect from everyone. These passionate natives are highly creative and express themselves in various innovative ways. For them, work and relationships are never casual. They take their commitment seriously and put their heart and soul into everything they do. 

The Simha Rashi natives treat others fairly. They respect others and expect the same from them. Even though people born in the Leo Moon sign are dramatic in displaying emotions, they are very concerned about their image and social status. They prefer taking things in a dignified manner in public and keep the values of integrity and justice above. Their generous and cheerful nature always motivates people and helps them to overcome their problems with courage and a positive approach. 

Leo Moon Sign men and women are highly enthusiastic and optimistic. They can surpass any hurdles with a smile and never give up spirit. These people are spontaneous and fun. As a fixed sign, they desire stability in their relationships. They love their partner wholeheartedly and can do anything when given proper affection and reassurance.

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Strengths That Make Leo Moon Unique

Natives with the Moon in the Leo are very generous, friendly and social. They are born with incredible leadership abilities and can lead big projects, groups and events. They possess the courage to take challenges and the confidence to share what they think. Having a kind heart, these people try to help and motivate others as much as they can. They empathize with the less-privileged ones and always try to bring smiles and happiness to those who need it.

Honesty is the main attribute of Leo Moon natives. They keep their values and promises and do anything for the people they love. They are one of the most faithful partners among the zodiac. If they are appreciated or loved, then it is sure that they will return it tenfold. Simha Rashi individuals are honest with their feelings and speech. They give honest feedback and do not show false modesty. Sometimes, their straightforward attitude often comes off as their blunt and arrogant attitude. 

The best quality that makes these natives happy and successful is their "never-give-up" attitude. They are brave enough to face challenges and aren't shy to bring their ideas, thoughts and creativity to the table. They are able to see the silver lining to life and hence always see any situation as an opportunity to grow and flourish. Leo moon natives acknowledge all their responsibilities. They are never on the back foot when it comes to taking charge of family, projects and finances. 

Leo Moon sign natives are born with a vivacious spirit. They want to live their life to the fullest and make sure that they do not leave any spot to enjoy and party. These natives are great at entertaining, given their humor and wit. They know how to command the audience and get accolades from them for all the entertainment. These incredibly dramatic personalities, however, do not like to share attention with others. They want to be the superior one, be it among family, friends, office or any other place.

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Darker Aspects of Leo Moon 

People having Leo Moon Sign can be very dominating sometimes. Their leadership traits and urge to achieve success often create unseen pressure on their subordinates and friends. They are mistaken as arrogant people due to their confident and bossy attitude. The negative side of their personality is that they are self-obsessed with themselves. They think of themselves as best and at times make others feel inferior and unfit. 

The most negative Leo Moon trait is that they have a hard time listening to others. They only know how to rule and command and hence always like to give advice rather than taking it. Due to their domineering nature, they tend to overpower people and throw orders. Many times, Leo Moon natives appear to be bullying people and showing unnecessary tantrums.

Due to the strong desire to be the best, these natives are always inclined to get things that are perfect and beautiful. They want to attain all the good things in life and thus simply start feeling jealous when someone else outshines them in any way. Due to their competitive nature, they also tend to feel envy and try to manipulate and discredit their opponents. 

Those born with Leo Moon exhibit a super fragile ego. They take everything on their heart and get offended easily. Since they always have a desire to shine and dominate, they become very furious when someone commands them or shows even a small disrespect. Even though they like honesty from people, they don’t prefer honest criticism from the people they don’t like. They behave like they haven’t heard them or act like they don’t know what they intend to talk about.

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Challenges Leo Moon Face

Simha Rashi natives are good performers and leaders. They're open-minded and full of potential but often fail due to the negative Leo Moon sign traits. Here are the challenges that come before them and make them stumble from achieving the success they deserve. 

  • Demanding: The main challenge for Leo Moon men and women is their demanding and over dramatic behavior. These natives tend to create drama when they fail to attain something or face any sort of setback. To overcome this challenge they should control their emotions and keep a calm and composed approach to facing unexpected situations. 
  • Self-Pride: Due to the pride of Lion, most of the time Leo Moon natives don’t show too much vulnerability. They keep a cheery and brave exterior and don’t try to accept their mistake even if they are wrong. They should loosen up a little and compromise as per the need of the hour. 
  • Snobbish: Simha Rashi people can be exaggerating when it comes to showing their expertise and knowledge. They want to build their supremacy which often makes people around them uncomfortable and neglected. They need to realize that they cannot have all the admiration and people around them can be as talented and skillful as them. 
  • Bad Listeners: An active listening offers effective communication and the elimination of misunderstandings and doubts. Leo natives should learn to be attentive to all the suggestions and perspectives that come their way. 

What Brings Luck to Leo Moon Sign/ Singh Rashi?

  • Simha Rashi Lucky Color- Golden, Orange & Red
  • Singh Rashi Lucky Gemstone- Ruby
  • Lucky day for Leo Moon Sign- Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday
  • Simha Rashi Lucky Number- 1, 4, 7
  • Lucky Plant for Leo Sign- Kaligottu, Naag Kesar, Bargad
  • Singh Rashi Lucky Flower- Marigold, Sunflower, Dahlia
  • Lucky God to Worship- Lord Shiva
  • Lucky Direction for Simha Rashi- East
  • Lucky Metal For Singh Rashi- Gold

Best Career Options for Leo Moon Sign

Here are the best career options for the people born in Simha Rashi:

  • All the occupations associated with Sun and the fifth house like administrative jobs, politics, managerial jobs etc.
  • Professions related to Gold such as jewelers, workers in Gold etc.
  • Banking, stock exchange, investment banking and stock speculation jobs. 
  • Department head and other authoritative jobs. 
  • Heart specialist and Heart surgeon.
  • Theatre owner and cinema, stage and entertainment jobs. 
  • Real estate and travel fields can be suitable sectors for Leo Moon Sign career. 
  • Entrepreneurship

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Signs That Are Most Compatible With Leo Moon Sign

The Moon in Leo sign blesses the natives with feelings of romance and passion. They seek vibrant and fun-loving partners who could join them in their adventures. They desire long-term relationships and seek loyalty and commitment. For Leo moon signs natives, the most compatible partners are Aries and Sagittarius. They also get along well with people of the same sign, i.e. Simha Rashi. Gemini, Leo, Libra and Aquarius are the other signs with whom Leo can get along well in the relationships. Singh Rashi natives face challenges with Moon signs- Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces, when it comes to love and relationships.

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