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Capricorn Moon Sign: Makar Rashi Symbol, Characteristics and Personality Traits

15 Dec, 2023 by Somya Shrimal

Capricorn Moon Sign: Makar Rashi Symbol, Characteristics and Personality Traits

15 Dec, 2023 by Somya Shrimal

Capricorn Moon Sign (Makar Rashi) Characteristics

  • Duality: Feminine
  • Element: Earth
  • Quality: Cardinal
  • Lord of Moon Sign: Saturn/Shani
  • Part of the Body: Knees, Bone and Teeth
  • Symbol: Sea Goat
  • Exaltation: Mars
  • Debilitation: Jupiter(Guru)
  • Detriment: Moon
  • Birth Flower: Pansy & Ivy Flowers
  • Makar Rashi name letters- kha, ja
  • Positive Traits of Capricorn Moon Sign- Organized, Cautious, Authoritative, Economical
  • Negative traits of Capricorn Moon Sign- Suspicious, Proud, Unforgiving, Stubborn, Pessimist, Resentful

About Capricorn Moon Sign (Makar Rashi)

Moon sign is indicative of instinctive or emotional energies. Makar Rashi, the tenth moon sign of the zodiac is the sign of realization, ambition and eagerness. Makar Rashi in english is called Capricorn Moon Sign.Those who were born in the period when the Moon was transitioning through the Capricorn zodiac sign have Capricorn Moon sign in their natal chart. Capricorn Moon sign degree ranges from 270 degrees to 300 degrees.

Capricorn Moon sign natives are innately responsible and pragmatic individuals. The Earth as their element makes them tangible and practical towards dimensions of life. It also represents their reliable and sensual personality. 

The polarity associated with Makar Rashi is Cardinal which further represents their urge to take action. Their practicality and active personality combined with responsibility ignites an urge in them to master materialistic resources. 

The lucky metal of Capricorn ie. Lead represents durability, strength and endurance.

Capricorn is ruled by the tenth house in astrology which governs career, profession, social position and materialistic success. It instigates a desire for achievement and paternal instinct in Capricorn Moon sign natives. 

Makar Rashi Symbolism

The Capricorn Moon sign is symbolized by a sea goat. It is indicative of strength and hardness and further represents the introverted and ambitious nature of natives of this zodiac sign. Just like a goat, Makar Rashi natives also move further towards their goal in a slow and steady manner. The Glyph of Capricorn Moon Sign depicts twisted horns of a goat. Alternatively, V with a tail can also be seen as a glyph of this zodiac sign. V represents the beard of a goat and the tail represents fish.

Quite contrary to its responsible nature, Capricorns are also stubborn which perfectly justifies the goat in its symbol.

The ruling planet of Makar Rashi ie. Saturn is depicted by a cross of matter over the soul. It represents the materialistic nature of natives.

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Capricorn Moon Sign- How These Natives Are

Moon is governor of moods and emotions. Moon signs in your natal chart can give a glimpse of your inner personality. It gives a window to your soul by telling what you need to feel emotionally secure and what you hide behind your tough exterior. 

The Capricorn Moon sign describes stable, traditional, ambitious and disciplined attributes of its natives. Tenth house in its natal chart makes them business oriented as they keep their emotions in check by dealing with them practically. 

Makar Rashi natives are social butterflies. It gives them extreme pleasure if they have a high social status and a solid foundation. Their public image is very valuable to them. They move according to the rulebook and do everything needed to keep their social status intact and clean. Capricorn Moon sign male and females love their prized possessions as they truly worked hard for them. They have an inner voice which calls them to give their hundred percent in any project they undertake. They are born leaders who don't hesitate to show off their capability and reliability in times of crisis. 

Other aspects of their personality are dissatisfaction and restlessness. Sometimes, in the race to prove themselves, they set their bar too high and make it hard for themselves to relax. They rarely get satisfied with whatever they have achieved and always opt for more. 

Capricorn zodiac personality hates depending on others. Moreover, they struggle to receive orders from others even if they are coming from any authoritative person.They are self masters as they try to be more productive and useful in whatever they do. 

Moon in the detriment position makes it hard for Capricorns to deal with their emotional connections. Their tough personalities do not let their emotions overpower them which further makes it challenging for Capricorns to accept different opinions and beliefs. 

One strange but interesting trait of Capricorn personality is their way of hiding emotions. They use their sarcasm and dark humour to conceal their true emotions. They think that their dark emotions can ruin their public image. Thus , they prefer to put on a mask of calm and collected face rather than expressing their true feelings.

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Strengths That Make Capricorn Moon Unique

Some of the most extraordinary strengths of Capricorn Moon sign natives are:-

  • The biggest strength a Capricorn Moon sign native is born with is their stability. They remain rock solid no matter how crucial times are. 
  • Though they look emotionally detached, they remain supportive of their close ones. 
  • Behind their cold demeanor, lies a loving and loyal heart who is always available for those in need.
  • Extraordinary endurance of Mesh Rashi natives inspires them to work hard to achieve their goals.
  • They are ambitious and responsible which helps them to touch heights of success in their lives.

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Darker Aspects of Capricorn Moon 

Some of the most darker aspects of Capricorn Moon sign personality are:-

  • Underestimation- Capricorn Moon sign natives are very well aware of their flaws which is a good thing because no one is flawless. But, they sometimes start judging themselves only on the basis of these flaws. They start thinking that they are not good enough for someone or something.
  • Frustration and Resentful- Mesh Rashi natives get frustrated and resentful with themselves very easily as they put their responsibilities before their emotional wellbeing. 
  • Judgemental- One of their negative traits is looking down on other people. They are very hardworking and if someone is not, they start criticizing them. 
  • Stubborn and Control freak- They struggle to accept beliefs and opinions of others which makes them a stubborn individual. Accepting orders from others makes them think like they are losing control of themselves.
  • Emotional Vulnerability- Mesh rashi males and females are not so good at handling their emotions. They love their social image. They fear that if they show their darker emotions to the world, it might ruin their image.

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Challenges Capricorn Moon Face

The masculine energy of Makar Rashi contradicts with feminine side of Moon which introduces some challenges in all the spheres of their life. Capricorn Moon sign natives are responsible, ambitious and goal oriented but they are also introverted. They are loner at heart and this trait makes it challenging for them to express their feelings. 

The other challenge they face is their emotional distance. Capricorns need ample alone time to recharge and they sometimes struggle to get along with people. Moreover, they lack nurturing attributes present in other zodiac signs. Due to their this trait, people often mistake them as emotionally distant individuals.

Additionally, people misinterpret their need for stability and control as a preoccupation with power which makes it even harder for them to get along with others.

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What Brings Luck to Capricorn Moon Sign/ Makar Rashi?

  • Makar Rashi Lucky Color- Black, Dark Blue
  • Makar Rashi Lucky Gemstone- Blue Sapphire, Diamond
  • Lucky day for Capricorn Moon Sign- Saturday
  • Makar Rashi Lucky Number- 8
  • Lucky Plant for Capricorn Sign- Saal, Kathal, Jalwaytas
  • Makar Rashi Lucky Flower- Red Poppies
  • Lucky God to Worship- Shiva & Hanuman
  • Lucky Direction for Makar Rashi- West
  • Lucky Metal For Makar Rashi- Lead

Best Career Options for Capricorn Moon Sign

Capricorn Moon sign natives are Goal oriented, responsible,clever, logical, persistent. Thus the the best career options for the people born in Makar Rashi are:-

  • All jobs in the Banking and Finance Industry because power and money drives Capricorn.
  • Capricornians are highly organized and dependable and that is why Jobs that require hard work such as in Administration, Management, IT and Physics department suit them well.
  • Capricorn moon sign natives do very well in jobs where power or any vocation is involved thus math or money management is a favourable career for them.
  • Jobs in the IT industry suits Capricorn well as they love computers and softwares.
  • Their agile traits and natural stamina make them an efficient mountain and rock climber.
  • All professions which require dealing with hides and leather such as Tanners.
  • Laborious jobs like Miners, Farmers, Bricklayers, General Laborers.
  • Jobs which require dealing with Coal and Ice
  • Jobs in the Construction industry like Real estate dealers, Builders and Contractors jobs.

Capricorns do really well in their own business as they are patient and responsible.They are ambitious and authoritative which helps them excel any venture they undertake. They are loyal to their jobs and work according to the rulebook. Capricorns can't accept failure but that does not mean that they fear making compromises if the situation demands it. 

They should avoid jobs which involve larger financial risks and where growth chances are low.

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Signs That Are Most Compatible With Capricorn Moon Sign

Capricorn Moon sign natives are suspicious people. They mistrust their partners and that is why they face many struggles and hurdles in their love life. But, with the right one they overcome all the difficulties and love blooms in their life. They remain loyal and devoted to their true partners. They get attracted to excited, passionate, powerful and rich people. Capricorns crave a partner who is reliable, supportive and committed. Though they resist trusting someone easily, once they do, they remain loyal to them throughout their life.

As per Vedic astrology, The less compatible partners for Capricorn men and women are Leo & Sagittarius.

The most compatible partners for Capricorn men and women are Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn & Pisces.

Capricorn Moon sign natives also get along with Aries, Gemini, Libra & Aquarius very well. 

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