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Cancer Moon Sign: Kark Rashi Symbol, Characteristics and Personality Traits

14 May, 2021 by Swati S. Kumar

Cancer Moon Sign: Kark Rashi Symbol, Characteristics and Personality Traits

14 May, 2021 by Swati S. Kumar

Cancer Moon Sign (Kark Rashi) Characteristics

  • Duality: Feminine
  • Element: Water
  • Quality: Cardinal or Movable
  • Lord of Moon Sign: Moon or Chandrama
  • Symbol: Crab
  • Part of the Body: Breasts and Stomach
  • Exaltation: Jupiter
  • Debilitation: Mars
  • Detriment: None
  • Birth Flower: White flowers, especially rose
  • Ruling House: Fourth
  • Kark Rashi name letters- DD, H
  • Positive Traits of Cancer Moon Sign- Sympathetic, sensitive, tenacious, imaginative and protective. 
  • Negative traits of Cancer Moon Sign- Timidity, Moody, pessimist, emotional, clingy, insecure and possessive.

About Cancer Moon Sign (Kark Rashi)

Kark Rashi is the fourth Moon sign of the zodiac. Kark Rashi in English is called Cancer Moon Sign. If the Moon was transiting through the Cancer zodiac sign at the time of your birth, then you may have a Cancer Moon Sign. According to Vedic Astrology concepts, the Lord of Cancer Moon sign is the Moon, the planet ruling mind and emotions. It speaks of your deepest emotions, basic needs, internal needs, reactions and unconscious mind. Cancer Moon sign is associated with the Water element which represents emotional, sensitive and moody attributes. The Moon in Cancer exhibits the feminine energy of the zodiac which is fruitful, strong and intuitive. It offers depth to feel and sense the emotions of people. The Cancer Moon sign exhibits Cardinal polarity. It rules the fourth house of the astrology chart which governs home, family, water-related things, vehicles, property, wealth and possessions. 

Kark Rashi Symbolism

Cancer Moon sign is symbolized by a Crab. The Kark Rashi symbol possesses the ability to walk or run sideways. It speaks of the ability of Cancer sign natives to “move about” in life. The crab’s body is covered by a shell signifying the protective and sensitive nature of the Cancerians. Crabs are able to resist changes to protect themselves from enemies and hostile environments. Similarly, Cancer natives are resistant to too many changes. They are defensive and have complex behavior patterns like Crabs. The glyph of Cancer depicts breasts. It represents nurturing abilities and protective nature. Astrologers believe that the glyph of Kark Rashi signifies the new and full moons. It also speaks of Yin and Yang energy as per the numerology number potency 69. It indicates the true essence of home and emphasizes maintaining harmony among family members. 

Cancer Moon Sign- How These Natives Are

Moon in astrology represents emotions and inner self. The Moon in the Cancer speaks of intuitive, sensitive and family-oriented nature. It relates to attributes like patience, compassion, romance, and helpfulness. The main keyword associated with the Cancer Moon sign is “deep emotions''. It signifies the incredible ability to feel and show empathy. Due to the Moon in Cancer, the lunar qualities of emotions and intuitions are amplified among the natives. They are strongly driven by their emotions and are influenced by their own instincts rather than logic and customs. As per Indian astrology, people born with the Moon in Cancer inherit the qualities to protect and nurture. They feel the need to safeguard their own emotions and are also very sensitive towards others' feelings and emotions. 

Being the water sign, these natives are extremely moody and teary-eyed. They hide their emotions and like a crab stays within the hard covering and comes out only when they feel comfortable. The Kark Rashi natives are very creative and passionate. They are close to their family and friends. They have the knack to know how others are feeling and if they need anything. The Moon sign is known to be considerate and kind. They become good and understanding partners and parents. 

Cancer Moon Sign men and women feel emotionally fulfilled when they become the reason for someone’s smile and better life. They are highly responsive to people who need help or in the middle of any problem. These natives give attention to every detail and balance their instinct with a logical approach. They do not like rushing into new places and things as they feel uncomfortable adjusting to new environments. The cardinal association of Cancer makes its natives very imaginative and creative. They are gifted with skills to write, create and play an instrument. Like an ocean, they want things to keep flowing at their own pace, be it in their career or personal life or any other aspects.

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Strengths That Make Cancer Moon Unique

Natives with the Moon in Cancer Moon sign exhibit great emotional sensitivity towards their surroundings. They take care of the feelings and emotions of others. They go the extra mile to help others even though they are not very social. These natives have a strong instinct to sense upcoming dangers. They can find other’s intentions and explore what is in the heart of others. Cancer Moon Sign people have a great memory. They never forget anything, be it the birthdays, anniversaries and important events.

These natives are home-bound and like to spend most of their time at home. They have a strong inclination towards ancient traditions, values and customs. They are likely to find delight in composing the genealogical tree. The Moon in Cancer makes its natives strive for long-term stability. However, they are not paranoid and greedy for materialistic things. 

They are emotionally strong and stay loyal to their partners once they get committed. Their ties to family and friends are very strong and unbreakable. They protect their loved ones and also make sure that they safeguard themselves from hurts and manipulation. 

Cancer Moon sign men and women are very vigilant towards their emotional well being. They cherish small happy moments and make every moment lively with their wit and humor. As a Cardinal sign, Kark Rashi natives are action oriented. You can trust them and rely upon them in your hard times.

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Darker Aspects of Cancer Moon 

People having Cancer Moon Sign are moody, sensitive and unpredictable. They easily feel insecure when it comes to their family and someone very close to their heart. At times, they become very emotional and insecure that they get hurt by criticism and ignorance. Due to their over-sensitive nature, they face hardships in believing others quickly. They cut all ties to the external world and get into the depression on getting hurt or disappointed. 

During hurdles, setbacks and times of despair, they tend to move into their own world and take an escapist approach. They create an illusionary realm and imagine things that soothe their emotional being. The sharp memory of Cancerians n turn their enemy at times. Even though they forgive, they could not move on from the past easily. They remember all the hurt or betrayal that has been given to them ever. 

These Kark Rashi natives are too much into their relationships that sometimes they start stalking and restricting their partners. They also put so much time and effort into relationships that they end up hurt and disappointed about not getting the same in return. The emotional nature of Cancer men and women may also make them behave clingy and possessive. Moreover, the moon in Cancer turns these people suspicious. They doubt the intentions of their partner on little matters and create their own assumptions about the situation. 

The main reason for the setbacks of the Cancer Moon men and women are their subjective and shallow reasoning. In case of any discomfort, they make superficial decisions based on their empathy or animosity. These natives behave childish and careless sometimes due to their mood swings. They lack social skills and are in constant need of emotional support in close relationships. These people are good at hiding their real selves as they think that this may hurt them or affect their image. This often creates a wrong impression of them and makes them appear fake and manipulative.

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Challenges Cancer Moon Face

Kark Rashi natives seek nurturing and security. They seek meaningful connections, a good lifestyle and a comfortable environment. However, they always feel discouraged and unstable due to the challenges that are brought by their negative Cancer Moon sign traits. Here are the challenges that they need to overcome to gain desired growth and success. 

  • Pessimism: The biggest challenge for Kark Rashi natives is to overcome their negative thinking. They only see the bad side of a situation and are deeply scared of setbacks. They give up before even trying and on getting bad results, isolate themselves and become uncommunicative. At times, their internal thoughts and vivid imagination lead them to unbelievable outcomes which stay in their mind and impact their decisions in the longer run.
  • Lack of Feeling of Security: The Moon in Kark Rashi elevates the emotions and feelings. They feel vulnerable and insecure about their loved ones and possessions. This makes them behave possessive and unstable. They often sweep into pitfalls of depression due to their emotional vulnerability. These natives need to have emotional outlets to control their emotions and feelings. 
  • Unpredictability: Cancer men and women are unpredictable. Due to frequent mood swings, you cannot predict what they are up to and how they will react to something. They change their opinions according to their moods which often surprise people and make them less comfortable with the Cancer Moon sign people. 
  • Irrational : Since Cancer Moon sign people are incredibly emotional, they often make decisions from their heart and the state of mind they are in at that moment. These natives ignore taking a rational approach which many times make them lose opportunities and face failures.
  • Nagging: Cancer Moon sign men and women can be seen nagging all the time. They behave childishly and nag for everything they need. This is one of the most negative traits that make these people difficult to bear for others. Cancer natives should learn to admire what they have rather than feeling disappointed about what they haven’t.

What Brings Luck to Cancer Moon Sign/ Kark Rashi?

  • Kark Rashi Lucky Color- White and Silver
  • Kark Rashi Lucky Gemstone- Pearl
  • Lucky day of the week- Monday
  • Kark Rashi Lucky Number- 2, 11 and 20
  • Lucky Plant for Cancer Sign- Water plants like water lilies, Palas (Butea monosperma)
  • Kark Rashi Lucky Flower- Water lilies, white rose, daisies
  • Lucky God to Worship- Goddess Parvathi or Gauri
  • Lucky Direction for Kark Rashi- South
  • Lucky Metal For Kark Rashi- Silver

Best Career Options for Cancer Moon Sign

Here are the best career options for the people born in Kark Rashi

  • All the occupations associated with Moon such as fishermen, marine engineering, navy, fire extinguishing, handloom, selling food stuffs etc. 
  • Nurse, obstetricians, speech therapists, psychotherapists.
  • Human resource, teaching, social work.
  • Liquor dealers, tavern owners, brewery owners and brewers.
  • Restaurant proprietors and workers.
  • Home appliances and home furnishing related jobs. 
  • Professions associated with real estate and mine business
  • Household help
  • Dairy farming jobs
  • Hospitability, finance, interior decoration jobs. 
  • Chinaware and glassware midwives

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Signs That Are Most Compatible With Cancer Moon Sign

Cancer Moon sign natives are sensitive and close to home and family. They desire a partner who is as sensitive as them and can look after their family and bonds. As these natives keep a hard shell around them, only the compatible moon signs can get along well with them. The most compatible partners for the Kark Rashi natives are Scorpio and Pisces. They also feel comfortable with Virgo, Taurus, Cancer and Capricorn signs. These natives find it hard to get along with Moon signs- Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius and Aquarius when it comes to love and relationships. 

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