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Taurus Birthstone: What Color is Taurus Zodiac Birthstone

15 Jul, 2021 by Somya Shrimal

Taurus Birthstone: What Color is Taurus Zodiac Birthstone

15 Jul, 2021 by Somya Shrimal

Were you born in the Taurus zodiac sign? Wondering, which is the lucky Taurus Birthstone?

Taurus, the second sun sign in the zodiac is assigned to those who were born between April 20 and May 20. Dependable, Musical, and Practical are the three traits that perfectly describe the personality of Taurus sign natives. Individuals born with Taurus Sun Sign are witty, goal-oriented, and trustworthy. But they are also stubborn, unidirectional, and possessive. They have anger issues and that is why astrologers recommend wearing Taurus Birthstone. A Birthstone can influence an individual’s career, health, and personality. In the case of Taurus natives, it can help them to dodge difficult situations and prove to be a good luck charm for their future. 

Wondering which is the Taurus Birthstone?

What Is Taurus Birthstone?

The Sapphire is the Birthstone for the Taurus zodiac sign. According to astrology, the Taurus zodiac sign also responds well to Emerald. The other zodiac signs gems for the Taurus zodiac sign are Rose Quartz, Aquamarine, Amber, Carnelian, Kyanite, Azurite, Kunzite, Crystal, Lapis Lazuli, Rhodonite, and Tigers Eye.

The Sapphire Birthstone for the Taurus zodiac sign is long associated with royal status and romance but it can also attach to the purity of the soul. Saturn is the ruler of the 9th and 10th house which is the most important planet for the individuals born in the Taurus Sun Sign. Blue Sapphire can mitigate the negative energies of Saturn and convert them into positive strengths. 

Meaning And History Of Taurus Zodiac Stone- All About Sapphire

The word Sapphire is associated with the Greek word “Sappheiros”. It means a valuable stone. Sapphires belong to the class of Corundum (Aluminium oxide) and its crystallography is Hexagonal or Dipyramidal. Sapphire is considered to be one of four precious stones. The other three are Diamonds, Rubies, and Emeralds. 

Traditionally, Sapphire is considered a symbol of sincerity, truth, trust, and nobility. For centuries, Sapphire has been adorned with the robes and ornaments of royalty. Ancient Greek and Rome folklores indicate that blue Sapphire protected the natives from danger and envy in the past. 

What Color Is Taurus Birthstone- Color of Sapphire

Traditionally, Sapphire Birthstone is associated with a Deep Blue color. The Taurus Birthstone color, deep blue symbolizes heavenly grace. Scientifically, this color is due to the presence of Iron and Titanium in this gem. One can get Sapphire in pink color too very easily. Although it comes in a variety of colors, the only color Sapphire cannot have is Red.

Wondering, what color is Taurus Birthstone except for blue. The below list includes other popular varieties of Sapphires as well as the Taurus Birthstone color for these gems.

Type of Sapphire- Taurus stones to wear



Pink Sapphire

All shades of pink

Designed from the mineral corundum



Named after a lotus blossom

Yellow Sapphire


Yellow color because of the presence of Iron

Star Sapphire

Any color under the sun except red

A star-like marking is present inside it

Green Sapphire

Light or medium yellow to green

Comes with Iron pigmentation

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Properties of Taurus Zodiac Stone- Sapphire

  • Chakra of Sapphire:- All, Especially third eye
  • Number of Sapphire:- Corresponds to 6
  • Planet of Sapphire:- Moon and Saturn
  • Elements associated with Sapphire:- Wood
  • Origin of Sapphire:- Myanmar, Czech Republic, Brazil, Kenya, India, etc. 
  • Hardness:- 9

Metaphysical Properties Of Taurus Birthstone

Clairvoyance, Insight, and Interpretation are the three properties that perfectly describe the Taurus zodiac stone. The other name of Sapphire is “wisdom stone” as it increases concentration, boosts creativity, and promotes chastity. Sapphire is believed to elevate focus and soothe negative thoughts. It is believed that it can neutralize negativity, cure depression and mental stress, and gives peace of mind to a person. Those natives who are inclined to materialistic pleasures and assets can highly benefit from Blue Sapphire. It brings inner peace and enlightens the soul of the natives of the Taurus zodiac sign

Healing Properties of Taurus Birthstone

Medieval people believed that Blue Sapphire can cure eye ailments and keep bad health away. It is also said that Sapphire can act as a cure for the poisonous venom of reptiles. Astrologers believe that Sapphire is very effective for treating health-related problems like cancer and burns. It helps in curing hearing problems and dealing with lowering fever and inflammation. It is also associated with treating blood-related problems and calm overactive body tendencies. It regulates the glands and cures cellular disorders. 

Care and Cleaning of Sapphire

Sapphire is ranked 9 on the Mohs scale which proves that it has a hard structure. It is tough and sturdy. One can wear a Sapphire ring in daily use if taken care of right. 

For cleaning Sapphire stones, use warm and soapy water. But, if your stone is color-treated, then use Ultrasonic and steam cleaners. For fracture-filled stones, a damp cloth should be used.

Note- Always ask the dealer if any Taurus gemstone you are buying is treated or not.

Final Thoughts on Taurus Birthstone

Taurus Birthstone has the ability to protect the wearer from evil forces and poison. It elevates the strength of the brain and increases learning abilities. However, it is not recommended to wear this or any zodiac gem before consulting an expert astrologer. At Anytime Astro, you can Chat With An Online Astrologer and gain greater insights about your sun sign and its gems. They can also help you to know the right way and time to adorn lucky gems. Chat with a Psychic now!

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