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Scorpio Birthstone: Meaning, Color and Benefits of Beryl

27 Jul, 2021 by Swati S. Kumar

Scorpio Birthstone: Meaning, Color and Benefits of Beryl

27 Jul, 2021 by Swati S. Kumar

Are you a Scorpio? Do you want to bring good luck and enhance your inner powers? If yes, wearing your birthstone can help. Your birthstone by Sun Sign can help you strengthen your personality and attain everything that you’ve always desired. Those who are born between Oct 21- Nov 23 can adorn Scorpio birthstones to gain various benefits. 

Since the Zodiac sign gems possess high vibrations and great cosmic powers, Scorpio birthstones may help Scorpio natives in many ways. Interested to know what is the birthstone for the Scorpio? Read on and know everything about Scorpio’s birthstone name, color, benefits and much more. 

What is Scorpio Birthstone?

Scorpio Birthstone is the gemstone that empowers Scorpions and bestows them with good luck, happiness and well-being. It comprises high cosmic vibrations and relates to the energy of the Scorpio zodiac sign. As per Gemstone Astrology, Beryl is the birthstone for Scorpio man and woman. It is ruled by planet Venus and relates to the energy of the numerical Vibration number 1. This Scorpio zodiac stone replenishes life forces and activates Crown Chakra and Solar Plexus Chakra. It is an excellent gemstone for divination.

Beryl is an expensive Scorpio zodiac birthstone that comprises vitreous, translucent or transparent luster. It is a hard mineral having beryllium, aluminum metals and rings of silicates. It has great tensile strength and is one of the most valuable gemstones. 

What Color is Scorpio Birthstone?

Beryl in its purest form is colorless. However, due to the impurities and inclusions, it is found in veritable rainbow colors. Generally, this Scorpio birthstone color ranges from green to red, yellow, white, blue and pink. These different shades of gemstones are referred to by different names according to their type of color. 

Want to know about the birthstone names and colors? Here are the names of different Beryl based on their colors. 

  • Colorless Beryl- Goshenite, 
  • Pink Beryl- Morganite
  • Green Beryl- Emerald
  • Deep Blue Beryl- Maxixe
  • Yello-Green Beryl- Heliodor
  • Bright Yello Beryl- Golden Beryl
  • Blue Beryl- Aquamarine
  • Red Beryl- Red Emerald

Origin, History and Meaning of Scorpio Birthstone- Beryl

History and Meaning of Scorpio Birthstone:

The word Beryl is derived from the Latin word “Beryllus” which means the precious blue-green color of seawater stone.” This word was originally used for all the green gemstones, however, later it was used only for the Scorpio Birthstone, Beryl. According to Legends, Beryl was used for scrying during the renaissance. It was thought to help in battlefield and courtroom litigation. Romans believed that this Scorpio zodiac birthstone can render cheerfulness and marital bliss. It was regarded as the “Stone of the Seer and Mystic” and was used to cure liver and stomach disorders and distempering of jaws and throats.

Origin and Occurrence:

Beryl is found in metamorphic and igneous rocks. It occurs all over the world in countries like the USA, Brazil, Sri Lanka, Madagascar and Pakistan. The other countries where this Scorpio zodiac stone is found are Colombia, Germany, Austria and Sweden. 

What are the Benefits of Wearing Scorpio Birthstone?

Beryl guides you on how to do things that you really need to do. It impersonates purity and encourages courage, love and spiritual awakening. By wearing it as your Scorpio zodiac birthstone, you can gain various physical healing, metaphysical and spiritual benefits that are unheard of. So, take a quick look and learn about the amazing benefits of wearing Scorpio Birthstone, Beryl. 

  • Beryl as Scorpio birthstone helps the wearer to get rid of agitation, confusion and excessive irritation of mental level. 
  • It offers positive vibrations and reduced unnecessary worries, stress and exaggeration habit. 
  • By using this Scorpio zodiac stone, you can rekindle the love spark and promote hope, compassion and intimacy in the marriage. 
  • Beryl helps in resolving relationship problems. It bridges the gap and inspires you and your partner to add playfulness, fun and harmony to your relationship. 
  • When Scorpio birthstone is worn close to the body, it protects you from evil energies during travel. 
  • It promotes creativity and boosts your intelligence and confidence. 
  • Beryl makes you adaptable to changing situations. It offers insights into current situations by enhancing your intuitions and decisive ability. 
  • It unleashes your inner strength and helps you unlock your potential. 
  • This Scorpio zodiac stone brings good luck and eternal youthfulness. 
  • It acts as a healing stone for heart, spine and liver disorders. It is used in the treatment of cranial damage.
  • The use of this Scorpio birth crystal eases the effects of concussions. 
  • Beryl strengthens pulmonary and circulatory systems. It boosts resistance power to pollutants and toxins.

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Interesting Facts About Scorpio Birthstone- Beryl

Want to know more about this powerful Scorpio zodiac stone? Read on to find out the various interesting facts about Beryl that are lesser-known. 

  • Beryl was used to warding off evil spirits and demonic energies. 
  • Apart from being a lucky Scorpio Birthstone, Beryl is considered as the Talisman Stone for Sagittarius. It is believed to bestow magical powers to its wearer. 
  • Except for Green, all the shades of Beryl are considered to be the Scorpio birthstone for men and women. 
  • In ancient times, this Scorpio zodiac stone was used in rituals to bring rain. 
  • Before 1925 Beryl was used only as a Scorpio gemstone or lucky stone to attain wealth, happiness and good fortune. It was a way later, Beryl was used for its healing and metaphysical benefits. 
  • Above about three carats the value of all the Beryl gemstones remains the same. 
  • Red Beryl is one of the rarest Scorpio birthstones that is found only in the Wah Wah Mountains of Utah. 
  • Beryl is a highly sedative stone that can help in healing throat problems and asthma.

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How to Care and Clean Scorpio Birthstone?

Beryl is a hard and durable Scorpio birthstone to wear. It can be easily cleaned at home with mild detergent and warm water by using a soft brush. Mechanical cleaning systems should be avoided for cleaning Beryl. Always use a soft cloth to pat dry it. Although Beryl stone doesn’t need special care, it is advisable to keep it away from heat, chemicals and other gemstones to avoid scratching. 

Final Thoughts on Scorpio Birthstone

Besides Scorpio birthstone, there are various lucky gemstones that are recommended by astrologers to boost your inner powers and improve your life aspects. These gemstones are determined by your date of birth and are generally called Birthstone by month.

Curious what is the lucky stone for your zodiac sign? Learn more about your lucky Scorpio stone and explore the best gemstone for you based on your date of birth. Online Astrology Consultation at Anytime Astro offers the best astrology guidance about your gemstones, foreseen possibilities, remedies for problems, and much more.

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