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Sagittarius Birthstone: Meaning, Color, and Benefits

29 Jul, 2021 by Somya Shrimal

Sagittarius Birthstone: Meaning, Color, and Benefits

29 Jul, 2021 by Somya Shrimal

Have you heard about the Sagittarius Birthstone?

Sagittarius, the ninth sign according to the western zodiac is the last fire sign in Astrology. Ruled by Jupiter, this sun sign belongs to those who were born between November 22 to December 21. Sagittarius sun sign natives are independent, strong-willed, creative, and adventurous. They are born leaders who are determined to bring a change in their surroundings. But, on the flip side, most of them struggle to mingle with other people. They are known to be careless and reckless. Sagittarius sign natives often take impulsive decisions and regret them later. To balance these traits, Astrologers recommend wearing lucky gemstones for the Sagittarius sun sign natives. 

Akin to month gemstones, birthstones interpreted through the zodiac signs of an individual also boost an individual’s inner powers as well improve their overall personality. 

Let’s cut to the chase and see what Sagittarius’s birthstone is and how it can benefit your life. 

What Is Sagittarius Birthstone?

Lucky Sagittarius stones when worn right empowers the life of Sagittarius natives and provide them with fortune, luck, good health, and much more. As per Gemstone Astrology, Citrine is the considered lucky Birthstone for Sagittarius man and woman. It is a form of quartz and is widely known as the sister of Amethyst. 

You are aware of what is Sagittarius’s birthstone. Now let me tell you all about its meaning, origin, history, and of course what color is Sagittarius birthstone. 

Meaning, Origin, and History of Sagittarius Birthstone - All About Citrine

Meaning and History of Sagittarius zodiac stone

The word Citrine is most commonly believed to have originated from the Latin word “Citrina” which means yellow. While some people believe that it has originated from the French word “Citron” which means lemon. It is the yellow variety of quartz. In earlier times, this stone was also called “merchant’s stone” or the “money stone” as it is known to bring prosperity and abundance in an individual’s life. Sagittarius zodiac stone is very rare to find. Perhaps, that is why it was not recognized until the first century BC. This golden yellow magic crystal was firstly appreciated and used by Romans during 300-150 BC. 

Do you know what Sagittarius Birthstone is? By now, I hope you do. Now, let us see where this stone comes from. 

Origin of Sagittarius zodiac stone

The Rio Grande do Sul, a state of Brazil is the biggest producer of Citrine Birthstone. Citrine is also widely produced in Argentina, Bolivia, Zambia, Spain, and France. 

Sagittarius stones are rare to find but are highly desirable because of their lustrous shine and catchy color. Wondering, what Sagittarius Birthstone color is? 

What Color Is Sagittarius Birthstone?- Color Of Citrine

Traditionally, yellow is the Sagittarius birthstone color. The vibrant yellow color of Citrine symbolizes fit mind and body and is indicative of joy and success in an individual’s life. In general, Citrine comes in a variety of colors. You can find Citrine in yellow to red-orange shade. Sagittarius birthstone can also come in deep orange and orange-brown colors. In fact, one can find Citrine in five different varieties according to colors. Refer to the below-mentioned table including the list of birthstones for the Sagittarius sign and their colors.

Type of Citrine

Sagittarius Birthstone color


Yellow Citrine

Lemony yellow

Also called Lemon Citrine

Golden Citrine

Golden Yellow

Also called Sunela in Hindi

Madeira Citrine

Golden orange to reddish-brown

Most popular

Fire Citrine

Deep orange

Mostly found in Linha Estefania Mine in Brazil, Highly desirable

Palmeira Citrine

Bright orange

Capture the beauty of autumn

How Will Sagittarius Birthstone Benefit You?- Benefits Of Citrine

Besides bringing prosperity and abundance to the wearer’s life, the Citrine can also benefit them in other invincible ways. The lucky Birthstone for the Sagittarius zodiac sign improves the native’s overall life aspects. Let us see how?

Health Benefits of Sagittarius zodiac stone

Sagittarius Birthstone is considered an overall healing stone because of its calming, soothing, and comforting abilities. 

It is believed that Citrine can stimulate digestion, benefit your spleen and the pancreas. Sagittarius sign natives who are suffering from eye problems and increased blood pressure can highly benefit from this stone. Particularly those who are suffering from seasonal disorders can use the powers of Citrine to see a positive change in their condition. 

Effect of Sagittarius zodiac stone in Love Life

Zodiac Birthstones like Citrine can bring a positive change in the love life of the wearer. The powerful aura of this magical stone can attract positive happenings and benefit your relationship in incredible ways. It will draw out the negative vibes and fill the peace, harmony, and comfort lacking in your bond. 

Effect of Citrine in day to day life 

Sagittarius gemstone is considered very helpful for scholars, businessmen, and dealers as it is known to bring good luck, prosperity, and abundance in an individual’s life. It is also believed that wearing Citrine can spark your creativity and elevate your imagination power. It bestows an individual with happiness, serenity, and peace.

Interesting Facts About Sagittarius Birthstone, Citrine

  • Anahi mine in Bolivia produces a large amount of a special type of crystal by mixing Amethyst and Citrine. It is called “Ametrine”. It comes in Orange-yellow to Brown/green-yellow Sagittarius birthstone color. 
  • Often people mistake this birthstone as Golden Topaz because of its color. 
  • The nickname of Citrine is “Success stone” as it is interlinked with wealth and achievements. 
  • Ancient people believed that Citrine can ward off evil thoughts and save an individual from snake venom.

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Care and Cleaning of citrine, The Sagittarius Birthstone

Birthstone for Sagittarius woman and man, Citrine ranks 7 on the Mohs scale which makes it medium-hard. They are ideal for daily use if they are provided with due care and cleaning. 

For cleaning Citrine Birthstone or Sagittarius stones at home, you will need warm water and a soft detergent. Alternatively, they can be cleaned safely with an ultrasonic machine. Gemstone experts do not recommend using steam cleaners for cleaning Sagittarius stones like Citrine as it can highly damage this stone. 

Final Thoughts on Sagittarius Birthstone

Apart from bringing peace and abundance to the wearer’s life, Citrine can benefit their overall life in incredible ways. Its beautiful color and shine are enough to cast its spell on anyone. However, it is not recommended to wear Sagittarius Birthstone or any other Sagittarius stones without taking due advice from a knowledgeable astrologer. At Anytime Astro, you can Talk To An Expert Astrologer and find out your lucky gemstone including the right way and time to adorn it. They can also help you to find your negative and positive traits as well as your future possibilities. Chat with a Psychic now!

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