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October Birthstones: Opal and Tourmaline

03 Jan, 2024 by Swati S. Kumar

October Birthstones: Opal and Tourmaline

03 Jan, 2024 by Swati S. Kumar

Were you born in the month of October? Are you curious to know what the lucky October gemstone is? 

A person can have two birthstones, one by month and the other by sun zodiac sign. If you are born in October, then you can wear a birthstone for October month which is also the Birthstone for the October zodiac sign. Since both birthstones exhibit positive vibrations, you can wear them as a pendant, ring, or necklace to enhance your luck and happiness.

Curious which birthstone will be lucky for October-born people? Take a quick read and know everything that you need to know about the October month birthstone. 

What Is The Birthstone For October Month?

According to modern and traditional classifications, there are two birthstones for the month of October. These are Opal and Tourmaline. Opal is the traditional birthstone for October known for its feminine appearance and mesmerizing play-of-colors. While Tourmaline is the Modern October birthstone having multiple colors in one crystal. 

Due to the feminine appearance and durability concerns related to Opal, NAJ (National Association of Jewelers) recommended Tourmaline to be the primary birthstone for October month. However, any of these October gemstones can be worn by October-born people after consulting an expert astrologer. Both of these October stones are beautiful and can be chosen by gemstone connoisseurs because of their exquisite qualities and surprising benefits. 

Curious to know more about these gemstones? Read on the post to find various interesting facts about October gemstones. Explore October birthstone’s color, meaning, origin, history, advantages, and much more. 

Origin, History, And Meaning Of October Birthstone

Opal Origin and History:

As per Geologists, the first Opal relics were found in Ethiopia in around 4000 BC. Since then, this October gemstone has been revered by ancient mystics. Bedouins believed that Opal fell from the sky during thunderstorms and thus contained lightning in it. Greeks thought that having this gemstone may render prophetic abilities and protection against diseases. Europeans considered this Oct gem as an epitome of virtue, hope, and veracity. In modern times, Brazil, Ethiopia, Czech Republic, Honduras, Mexico, and the United States are said to be the main producers of Opal. 

Opal October Birthstone Meaning:

The name “Opal” is said to be taken from “Upala”, a Sanskrit word that means “ a precious stone”. This name was further modified in ancient Rome as Opalus. Some believe that the name “Opal” was taken from the Greek word, “Opallios” meaning “to see a color change.” The mention of this beautiful October gemstone can also be found in the writings of Roman Historian Pliny, the Elder. He wrote that Opal was the most valuable and expensive of all gemstones in the Roman Empire due to its “play-of-colors” phenomenon. 

Tourmaline Origin and History:

Tourmaline is supposed to be discovered in the 1500s by Spanish conquerors in Brazil. However, due to similarity in appearance, it was perceived as Emerald or Ruby or several other gemstones for centuries. As per Historians, this October stone was used by the Chinese to carve and engrave figures. African mystics used it to awaken people from “the dream of illusion.” In the 18th Century, this stone was believed to be beneficial for artists, authors, actors, and those in creative fields. Ancient Indians used this birthstone for October to gain insights and discover things that are good and auspicious. Due to the pyroelectric effect, Tourmaline was also thought to be a stone of enlightenment, spiritual power, and reconciliation by ancient alchemists.

Tourmaline October Birthstone Meaning:

Etymologically, this newer October birthstone has obtained its name from the Sinhalese word “Toramalli”, meaning “stone with mixed colors.” This name was conferred to Tourmaline due to its property of having an array of colors in a single crystal. Possibly, this is the reason ancient mystics considered this October birthstone as a symbol of artistic expression. Spiritually, Tourmaline is said to be a receptive stone signifying tranquility, wisdom, mysticism, and soothing energy.

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What Color Is The Birthstone For October?

The color of both October birthstones is beautiful and vibrant. Opals exhibit all the rainbow colors in a moving pattern of red, green, purple, yellow, pink, aqua, and blue. Whereas, Tourmaline possesses a variety of colors ranging from black to bluish-black to pink. As per Gemstone experts, each October stone color signifies a healing property. For instance, Pink Tourmaline speaks of love while the Black color in the October stone shows protection against the bad vibrations.

What Are The Benefits Of Wearing An October Birthstone?

Check out the various benefits of wearing your October birthstones, Opal and Tourmaline.


  • Opal is a transcendental stone that displays changes in color according to the health of the wearer. 
  • October gemstone helps in gaining neuro stability
  • This gemstone is beneficial to enhance spiritual abilities. It is believed that it can open the spiritual third eye and make you see the things that are associated with the higher realm.
  • October gemstone color such as Pink is very beneficial in offering relief in headaches and pain. 
  • As the birthstone for October, Opal is beneficial to attain peace, serenity, and satisfaction. 
  • It enhances decision-making skills and opens up the mind for new perspectives.
  • This stone can also be worn to increase mutual understanding and love between couples. 
  • Opal is lucky for people born in the zodiac month ruled by Libra sign. 
  • One can improve one’s intuitive abilities and telepathic powers by wearing this October stone. 
  • Disorders related to the eye, throat, bone marrow, spleen, pancreas, and reproductive organs can be cured by wearing Opal gemstone. 
  • Passion, love, and charm can be enhanced by wearing this amazing October gem. 


  • Tourmaline is an excellent stone for grounding energy and balancing mostly all the Chakras.
  • It is a powerful birthstone for October-born people due to its amazing metaphysical properties. 
  • Wearing Tourmaline birthstone beads eliminate fear and encourages self-confidence, tolerance, compassion, and prosperity in life. 
  • Tourmaline acts as a healing stone for those having October as their birthday month. 
  • It helps to treat paranoia and dyslexia and improves hand-eye coordination. 
  • Wearing the October gemstone releases tension, and emotional blockages. 
  • It promotes joy, self-love, positivity, and harmony. 
  • Tourmaline can be worn to balance Heart Chakra and Base Chakra.
  • This October gemstone can help the wearer to maintain communication between the conscious and subconscious mind. 
  • Psychic abilities and meditative powers can be improved by using Tourmaline. 

Interesting Facts About October Birthstone

Did you know these unique and interesting facts about October’s birth crystal? 


  • Australia is the leading source of Opals. It is estimated that 95% of Opal comes from Australia.
  • The rarest and most valuable Opal is Black Opal.
  • Opals with the “Play of Color” phenomenon are considered precious. Play of Color is the term coined to explain the diffraction of light to display different rainbow colors.
  • Boulder Opal is the only October gemstone variety that displays the entire rainbow within one crystal. 
  • Opal is one of the most fragile birthstones from the list of birthstones for each month
  • It is the official gemstone gift for the 14th wedding anniversary. 


  • Tourmaline can be as transparent as a Diamond. 
  • Due to its holistic properties, Tourmaline is considered one of the highly spiritual stones. 
  • Until 1800, Tourmaline was always mistaken as other gemstones such as Emerald, Ruby, or Topaz. 
  • From deep blue to lightest pink to green, this October gemstone can be found in almost every color.
  • Ancient Egyptians associated this October birthstone color with interesting folklore. According to it, Tourmaline exhibits so many colors because once on its way to Earth it broke through a rainbow which bestowed it with a variety of hues.
  • “The Great Divide” is the most expensive tourmaline in the world. It was found in Brazil and costs around $1.2 million. 
  • The color of the October stone appears different when viewed from different angles.

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How To Care And Clean October Birthstone?

Opal Birthstone Care and Cleaning:

The hardness of Opal ranges from 5-6.5 on the Mohs scale, thus one should give extra care to this Oct gemstone. The best way to clean this stone is using warm soapy water. It should be noted that Diamonds, Sapphires, Emerald, and other hard gemstones can scratch this October birthstone.

Tourmaline Birthstone Care and Cleaning:

Tourmaline is durable and enough to withstand light and most chemicals. Thus, you should use warm water, detergent, and a soft brush to clean this October Birthstone. Ultrasonic and steam cleaners should not be used for cleaning this gemstone. 

Final Thoughts on October Birthstone

Apart from birthstones for October month, there are various other gemstones that you can wear to bring good luck and fortune. You can consult our expert astrologers to know about these gemstones. 

If you are born in October and unsure of the lucky stone for your zodiac or birth month? Chat with expert astrologers and find your lucky stone for success and wealth. Our expert astrologers can help you find the best gemstones according to your date of birth and horoscope. They can offer astrology guidance to maximize the energy of gemstones and make your life more happy and successful.

So, talk to an online astrologer now and pave your way to ultimate happiness!

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