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Gemstone for Gemini: Lucky Stone for Gemini

21 Dec, 2023 by Swati

Gemstone for Gemini: Lucky Stone for Gemini

21 Dec, 2023 by Swati

People born on and between May 20 and June 21 are associated with the Gemini zodiac sign. Ruled by Mercury, Gemini natives are very sharp, smart and intelligent individuals. They are good communicators and have great versatility, enthusiasm and vitality in nature. These people are fast thinkers and are very thoughtful and generous. However, Gemini zodiac people are fickle-minded and restless. They tend to exhibit impulsiveness, trickiness and duality in nature. They lack concentration and usually face difficulties in performing under pressure. Some Gemini people also possess indecisiveness and show instability, laziness and untidiness. These natives can achieve success and accomplish their goals by realizing their potential and overcoming their negative characteristics. Thus, astrologers suggest Gemini birthstones or zodiac sign gemstones for Gemini that possess strong vibrations and great cosmic powers. These Mithun Rashi Ratna or Mithun Rashi lucky stone Ratna boosts positive traits and ensures the all-round well being in Gemini’s life.

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Gemini Lifestone

Gemini lifestone is the gemstone for Gemini that strengthens the position of Ascendant in the native’s horoscope. Also referred to as Gemini zodiac stone or Gemini lucky stone (Mithun Rashi lucky stone), these Gemini sign stones possess high vibrations that bring peace, positivity, good health and prosperity. Natives can buy Gemini sign stones to fix various problems such as lack of opportunities, shortage of money and bad luck.

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Gemini Zodiac Gemstone (Mithun Rashi Ratna)

Each Gemini zodiac stone offers specific energy and vibration. Thus, there are various gemstones that are considered suitable stones for Gemini natives, Here is the list of Gemini zodiac stones that can be worn by natives to bring good luck, fortune and opulence.

  • Pearl
  • Agate
  • Celestite
  • Thulite
  • Emerald
  • Blue Sapphire
  • Aquamarine
  • Citrine
  • Ulexite
  • Pearl
  • Moonstone
  • Ruby
  • Rock Crystal
  • White Sapphire

Best Gemstone For Gemini

According to gemstone astrology, the best Gemstone for Gemini is Pearl. This Gemini gem exhibits specific colors and characteristics which proves very beneficial in mitigating negativity and enhancing positive energy. The Pearl symbolizes duality aspects and thus can effectively balance the dual nature of Gemini. It emphasizes the twin aspects of life such as happiness and sorrow, life and death and light and dark. Pearl is also considered a powerful Gemini star stone. It harnesses the power of Mercury and alleviates its malefic effects in the horoscope. By wearing this Gemini zodiac stone, natives can develop their mental and intellectual abilities and also ensure a surge of optimism in their life.

Lucky Gemstones for Gemini Moon Sign

People with Gemini moon signs are active, curious and versatile. They are social and friendly natives with mind full of fresh and new ideas. Gemini moon sign people are scatterbrained and thus they face difficulty in staying consistent towards their goals. For these natives, astrologers suggest Emerald as their lucky Mithun Rashi Ratan. It is said that wearing 1.5 carat Emerald in a gold ring of your little finger can bring immense luck and power. While wearing this lucky gemstone for the Gemini moon sign, one should always recite the zodiac mantra- “Om Bram Brim Braum Sah Baumaya Namah”.

Lucky Gemstone for Gemini Man 

Pearl is considered the most suitable and lucky gemstone for Gemini man. It is a high vibration Gemini crystal stone that offers great spiritual upliftment and healing attributes. As Gemini men often feel anxious and erratic, wearing brings a calm and patient spirit into them. It offers emotional stability to them and helps in balancing out the stress levels. This amazing Gemini healing stone can cure insomnia and control anger issues that often become restricts Gemini men from growing higher. Moreover, Pearl proves very beneficial in enhancing the love and care of Gemini men. This Gemini lucky gemstone strengthens their family bonds and helps in building cordial relationships with other people. Ruby, Agate, Alexandrite and Emerald are the other suitable gemstones for Gemini men.

Lucky Gemstones for Gemini Women

Alexandrite is the best gemstone for Gemini Women. It is one of the rare and extremely expensive gemstones which symbolize power, prosperity and good health. As per astrologers, wearing Alexandrite can bring clarity, creativity and good judgment abilities among the Gemini women. It helps in nervous disorders and grants relief from ailments related to the Pancreases, Spleen and blood. The other suitable stones for Gemini women are Agate, Amethyst, Tiger’s eye, Rock Crystal, Citrine, Amber, Apophyllite, Pearl, Ruby and Moonstone.

Note to Remember

  • It is advised to wear the recommended weight or Carat of Gemstone for receiving the maximum benefits of Gemini lucky stone.
  • Birth Chart and date of birth of an individual play a vital role in finding the best gemstone for your zodiac. Thus, it is better to Ask an Astrologer before you buy your Lucky gemstones. An expert astrologer can help in finding the best gemstone to solve your financial problems.
  • Always buy certified and original Gemstones.

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