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Love Crystals - Best Crystals for Manifesting Love

08 Feb, 2022 by Aditi Gupta

Love Crystals - Best Crystals for Manifesting Love

08 Feb, 2022 by Aditi Gupta

Everyone has their own definition of love. But when you are deeply in love with someone you always try to nurture and protect your relationship from every bad omen. During such times Love crystals come to your rescue. These healing crystals help you in leading a healthy relationship with your partner. 

Are you ready to welcome unconditional love in your life? Well, seeking love without a soul compass is a bad idea. Love crystals are amazing gemstones that can help you mend your broken heart and unblocks the heart chakras. It helps you to fall in love by removing the baggage of your past relationship. 

If you want to know the power of these gemstones then you are at the right place. This blog will tell you about the best love crystals that can help in maintaining harmony and peace in your relationship. Keep reading to find the best crystal for you!

1. Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz

The rose quartz is believed to help in restoring peace and harmony in relationships. If romance is hovering over your mind then this pearly pink gemstone is all you need. It helps you to fall in love unconditionally. 

We get so busy loving others that we forget the worth of self-love, this crystal also helps in realizing the value of inner peace and healing. If you are trying to seek comfort during hard times then these pink color gemstones are there to ease you.

2. Amethyst


The calming, serene look of Amethyst makes it one of those stones that can help you find your match. As a stone for self-esteem, Amethyst is said to have both physical and spiritual healing power, and its soft purple hues offer a calming influence. If you are dealing with the intense pain of a recent break-up, it is the perfect stone to turn to. You can also talk to an astrologer to know more about the usefulness of this gemstone.

3. Aventurine


If you are stepping into a new relationship or if you are seeking a new relationship then Aventurine has to be your gemstone. This stone is green in color and the shades of heart chakra activation are carved in it which represents good luck.

Apart from it, Aventurine radiates powerful energies which can make you successful in every facet of your life. You are ready to excel in love, passion, and own wealth with this green gemstone by your side.

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4. Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli

You might have often heard of the fact that communication is the key to healthy and lasting relationships. If you are unable to establish healthy communication with your partner then Lapis Lazuli is there to the rescue. 

This gemstone has many qualities and powerful communication is one of them. There is no better feeling than being heard and understood by the world and your partner. This creates positivity in our life. Lapis enables us to share our feelings more confidently as it is connected to the throat chakra.

5. Agate


There are infinite healing properties of Agate. This gemstone comes in many colors. The majority of the Agate is attributed to the deep and natural healing of our heart chakra. 

Agate as a blue gemstone is all about seeking truth and it will lead you to the path of harmonious love. While the brown Agate gives you blissful comfort. 

If you are looking for more physical pleasure in your life then wearing a Fire Agate will help you. If you want to know more about the different colors of Agate you can ask an astrologer about it. 

6. Garnet


A stone of positive thinking and courage, Garnet’s intimate glow helps you passionately in healing. This gemstone connects with your root chakra which provides you stability and safety when you think of rising high in life.

As this is a stone of vibrant and boundless sexuality, it works wonders in your physical relationship. It makes you bold and confident to clearly ask and tell about your needs.it also helps in building beautiful bonds and stops you from falling into the trap of jealousy and insecurity.

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7. Moonstone


Moonstone is believed to radiate feminine energy which tends to bring stability and balance in the lives of males who choose the lady wearing this stone. 

This stone is known to stroke up the love luck. Moonstone being contemplative and calmest gemstone reminds us that glimmer of lights can be found even in the darkest times. 

If you wear this stone you are likely to reunite with your lover emotionally, spiritually, or physically. 

8. Rhodochrosite


A blend of white and pink shade, Rhodochrosite is another phenomenal gemstone that leads you to love. This stone is believed to radiate sweet and loving vibrations. 

In a way, it is a gem that reminds us to unravel our own layers and work through the issues and emotions that might be stopping us from experiencing the love we deserve. It ensures that your heart is crystal clear to welcome the love in your life. It also reminds us to put ourselves first. 

9. Ruby


Ruby is a red color gemstone that is all about spreading love. This noble stone is connected to root chakras and ensures that you are always confident and powerful from within. Ruby is a reminder of self-love for the people who lose themselves in search of a soulmate. 

It is a great stone that keeps you grounded and creates the art of sensuality in you. If you are looking for a kiss of fire in your love life then this red color gemstone, Ruby is all you need to have.

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10. Pink Tourmaline

Pink Tourmaline

When it comes to matters of the heart, Pink Tourmaline provides us with all the comfort we need as a stone of love and abundance. To enjoy the fortune of love, this stone provides us with a safe space. Heals old wounds and opens the heart chakra. Compassionate and can calm any shades of distress, it is a stone of deep compassion. This is especially beneficial to those who are tired of fighting against life and wish to integrate into the flow with the universe.


Self-love is worthy of all. It is the most eminent and challenging step in our life journey. We get too busy loving others that we tend to ignore our own needs. If you are brave enough to put your needs first then you can attract an abundance of prosperity and healthy relationship. 

During such times, these love crystals can really help you out. There is a variety of gemstones and each of them has different characteristics. These come in several colors like blue color gemstone, green color gemstone, and many more. You can chat with an astrologer if you want to know about these stones. 

Every love crystal radiates its own positive energy which helps you have an optimistic approach to life.

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