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Leo Birthstone: Meaning, Color and Benefits for Leo Natives

21 Jul, 2021 by Swati S. Kumar

Leo Birthstone: Meaning, Color and Benefits for Leo Natives

21 Jul, 2021 by Swati S. Kumar

Curious, what is the Birthstone for Leo? Do you want to find everything about Leo’s stones and crystals? If yes, then you are at the right post. Explore the post and learn everything you need to know about Leo Birthstone or Leo zodiac stone. 

Leo Birthstones are the powerful gemstones that are worn by Leo zodiac sign people for good luck, happiness and prosperity. The people born between Jul 23 - Aug 23 are called Leos and the lucky stone associated with their zodiac sign is called Leo birthstone. According to Vedic Astrology, Leos are charming, strong and friendly. They exhibit incredible passion and have the courage to accomplish anything. If Leos wear their zodiac birthstone as a ring or pendant or other jewelry, they can boost their positive traits and overcome their negative characteristics. Also, they can avail various benefits that are exhibited by their Leo zodiac stone crystal. 

So, read on the post and explore the world of Leo Birthstone. Find what is the birthstone for a Leo, what’s the Leo Birthstone color, how beneficial is a Leo birthstone and much more. 

What is the Leo Birthstone?

Onyx is the birthstone for Leos. It is a semi-precious variety of microcrystalline quartz, Chalcedony. Onyx in Hindi is called “Sulemani Stone.” It is associated with the element, Earth and is ruled by the planets, Mars and Saturn. This Leo Zodiac birthstone governs the Root Chakra and promotes stability, security and basic fulfillment. As per Numerology, Onyx relates to the number six. Being “Gemstone for Saturn”, Astrologers suggest Leo stone to wear for alleviating the bad effects of Saturn

As a birthstone for Leo, Onyx is considered very miraculous. It is attributed to the slow, grounding and stable vibrations. It is believed that this Leo gemstone can bestow the wearer with miraculous energy and authority. It provides support, stamina and determination and centers the energy at the time of mental or physical stress. By wearing this Leo zodiac stone, Leos can become masters of their destinies and gain everything they have ever desired. 

What Color is Leo Birthstone?

Onyx comes in a variety of colors such as red, blue, yellow, black, white etc. However, Black Onyx is one of the most sought-after Leo Birthstone colors. However, the solid black onyx is rarely found in nature. It is usually found with a black base and a white upper layer. Since Black is the most preferred Leo birthstone color, various manipulated Black Onyx can be found in the market. It is always advisable to Consult an Expert and purchase your Leo Birthstone from a trusted and reliable dealer. 

Origin, History and Meaning of Leo Birthstone

Origin and History: The origin of Onyx is associated with a popular myth which states that the once Goddess Venus was resting on the Indus river and as she slept, the Cupid used his enchanted arrows to give her a manicure. At that time, a paring of her nails fell into the river. The nails sank to the bottom of the river and since they were of heavenly origin, they turned into Onyx. Moreover, Onyx mention is found in different civilizations. Over 3000 years ago, Egyptians used this Leo zodiac stone to make pottery items. Ancient Roman and Greeks used it for jewelry, amulets and craving. They used Onyx seals and engraved them with a figure of Hercules or God of Mars as a symbol of courage. Onyx is found in Mexico, Brazil, Peru, India, Madagascar and the USA.

Leo Birthstone: Meaning of Onyx: Onyx was named after the Greek word “Onux” which means “claw” or “fingernail”. It was due to the identical resemblance of its veins like colors of fingernails. In Arabic it means “sadness”, thus having abilities to absorbing pain and grief. It was used for mourning and dampening externally induced negative emotions. Onyx is thought to have protective abilities. It is one of the strongest protection stones. During battles and conflicts, it has been used to attain strength courage and positivity. Indians and Persians considered this Leo stone as a medium to ward off the evil eye and black magic. They believed that placing Onyx on the stomach of a pregnant woman could ease off labor pain and bring on early delivery.

What are the Benefits of Wearing Leo Birthstone?

Like other zodiac stone birthstones, Onyx brings good luck, fortune, prosperity and abundance to the wearer. However, there are immense advantages to wearing Leo’s birthstone. Take a look at some of the major benefits of Leo’s zodiac crystal.

  • Onyx stone offers powerful vibrations of protection, strength and willpower. It pushes you forward and helps you to pursue your goals and overcome obstacles. 
  • Onyx shields your aura and stops the external negativity to enter your life and body. 
  • This powerful Leo zodiac stone can invoke your psychic abilities and open the channel of a higher realm of knowledge and wisdom. You may get a psychic reading to develop your intuitive abilities with the help of Leo crystals and stones. 
  • Onyx as Leo’s birthstone can help you combat fears and accomplish your desires. 
  • You can wear this Leo birthstone for harmonious relationships with your partner. It reduces the disturbances and differences between couples.
  • Onyx has been worn as Leo gemstone to control sexual impulses. 
  • Worries, stress, anxiety, confusion and nightmares can be alleviated by wearing Leo’s birthstone. 
  • Wit, thinking and intellectual abilities are improved by Leo zodiac stones. 
  • It imparts confidence and helps to adjust and feel at ease with the surroundings. 
  • Onyx stimulates decisive abilities and helps in making better decisions. 
  • The Leo birthstone can be used as a healing stone for treating physical ailments related to blood, bone and bone marrow. 
  • It fortifies the emotional and physical stamina of the wearer. 
  • Due to the association of Leo lucky stone with the Earth element, it absorbs and transmutes the earth’s energy. 
  • Protects from evil energy, negativity and grief. 
  • Onyx is a secretive stone and has mystic abilities to retain a lot of memories. 
  • Having this Leo birthstone helps in settling conflicts and dispel excess energy.
  • It strengthens kidneys, teeth, heart, eyes and nerves. 
  • Onyx is the best birthstone for Leo women since it restores passion, emotional strength and stamina. It allows overcoming fears and self-doubts.

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Interesting Facts About Leo Birthstone- Onyx

Want to know more about this powerful Leo zodiac stone? Read on to find out the various interesting facts about Onyx that may make your jaw drop. 

  • Onyx is said to be an anniversary stone given as a gift on the seventh and tenth wedding anniversaries. 
  • In the middle east, people use Onyx as a worry stone. They rub it between fingers to overcome the conflicting emotions. 
  • Onyx is believed to invoke the wearer’s personal Chakra.
  • It allows the Leo natives to discipline themselves. 
  • Onyx is considered the best birthstone for Leo natives to stimulate self-control and creative abilities. 
  • In ancient times, Onyx has been stained to boost the color of the stone. 
  • Placing Onyx in front of you during meditation is said to channel dreams and desires. 
  • Romans used to crave the pattern of the seal in negative relief to provide a raised print.

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How to Care and Clean Leo Birthstone?

The best way to cleanse Onyx is to wipe it with a clean and moist cloth. Since the Leo zodiac stones are porous, they can absorb chemicals and cause discoloration. Thus, it is suggested to no use of any sort of cleaners or ammonia. You may use non-acidic cleaning products to clean the Leo stone and boost its shine. 

Final Thoughts on Leo Birthstone

Apart from the Leo birthstone, Onyx, there are various other Leo stones and crystals that are considered beneficial and miraculous for Leo natives. These gemstones are determined by your Birthmonth and are generally called Birthstone by month

Unsure what is the lucky stone for your zodiac sign? Want to know how to wear Leo Birthstone and whether it will suit you or not? Talk to Online Astrologer and get expert astrology guidance for your Leo lucky gemstones. Our expert astrologer can help you find your lucky stone and share the best astrology guidance about your gemstone, zodiac sign and life aspects. So, chat with the experts now!

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