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Birthstone For June - Everything That You Always Wanted To Know

22 Jul, 2021 by Sonu Saraf

Birthstone For June - Everything That You Always Wanted To Know

22 Jul, 2021 by Sonu Saraf

The concept of birthstone is age old, and it still continues to date even in this modern world. Only earlier, the significance of wearing a birthstone has been different, and now, various aspects of one's life are being associated with it. But whatever it is or has been during all these years, one of the primary purposes always remained to add to the aesthetic appeal to the wearer's appearance.

In this blog, we will know everything that you need to know about the birthstone for June.

I want you to not get distracted with the emerging curiosity about birthstone per month and stay focused on the month of June one.

What is The Birthstone for June?

A birthstone is basically a gemstone that resonates with the vibrations of a specific group of people in the most exclusive way. This makes it clear that when we talk about the June gemstone, then it is the one that benefits the people born under the June zodiac sign.

Here, the catch is, there is not just one June stone for the June babies, but they have a choice.

Based on the traditional birthstone for June, you can benefit from pearl or moonstone. Whereas it is Alexandrite that gets into the revised list of June month stones.

No matter which one is the traditional or modern birthstone for the month of June, you can choose to wear any of it with due consultation with expert astrologers. They will help you know which of them will benefit you the most in various aspects of your life. 

Why the birthstones associated with a specific month change over a period of time is because of the changes in the position of the celestial bodies over these years. And when we say traditional birthstones, then it does not mean that they are now outdated. It simply means that their energies may not resonate with those of you who are born in the later decades.

We will not talk about all June birthstones since it's the 20th Century. But we will majorly know about the modern birthstone for June, Alexandrite. Now since you know June birthstone name, let's talk about other aspects.

June Birthstone Meaning, Origin, and History

While originally found in Russia in 1830, Alexendrite's present sources remain, Sri Lanka, East Africa, and Brazil. The birthstone for June has been named after Alexander II, who was the heir of the throne. Initially found in the emerald mines of Russia, Alexandrite was thought to be a precious gemstone. It was until late when its color-changing phenomenon was observed, this gemstone was given a separate name.

Alexandrite is a member of the chrysoberyl mineral family and is famous for its chameleon-like behavior.

What Color is The Birthstone for June

The June birthstone color is the most attractive factor that makes it desirable. Alexandrite is a gemstone that changes colors when exposed to different sources of light. When exposed to bright and fluorescent light, it appears green, and when the light is relatively dull, it changes its color to red. This happens because of the way light is absorbed by the particles of the mineral.

Now when you are asked what color is the birthstone for June, the answer does not remain just one.

This makes the June stone color the most unique aspect of its beauty.

What's The Birthstone for June Birthstone and its Benefits

Wearing an Alexandrite, the June stone birthstone can benefit the wearer in many unbelievable ways. Let's see some of the most popular ones here.

Enhances Creativity

Keeping a June stone near is believed to have the creative bone of the wearer active. This is why it is recommended for writers, poets, artists, and other people in creative professions to wear an alexandrite to make the best of their abilities.

Promotes Intellect

Like the two absolutely different colors of this gemstone, it is also responsible for enhancing two distinct qualities in the wearer. The birthstone for June is responsible for promoting the wearer's intellectual abilities that help him in various aspects of life.

Brings Good Luck

As beautiful as the June gemstone is, it is a celebrated one because of the belief that it brings good luck to the person who keeps it near for an extended period. Keeping this gemstone in direct contact with the physical body is proven to do wonders for the bearer.

Symbolizes Growth

The June birthstone meaning is associated with growth and success. It says that the wearer will get to the right path in life by wearing this gemstone for a long time. It is the positive energies and vibrations of Alexandrite that work in the wearer's favor.

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Attracts Love

Owing to the June birthstone color in the dim light, Alexandrite is the gemstone that attracts new love in one's life and makes the existing bond stronger. This is the reason it is often worn by lovers to keep the spark in their relationship lit.

Promotes Fertility

The green June stone color is symbolic of fertility. It is often believed that wearing the June birthstone is proven to be beneficial for partners who are trying to conceive. This is the reason Alexandrite embedded jewelry makes a great gift for expecting mothers.

Cures Nervous Disorders

The birthstone for the month of June is a gemstone that is not only known for its magical properties but is also known to cure nervous disorders. If you suffer from this, wearing an Alexandrite can work as a catalyst in your treatment process. 

Enhances Self-esteem

Once you know what is the birthstone for June, you must also know that it is the gemstone that boosts the wearer's self-esteem when worn regularly. The beauty and energies of this gem give you the confidence to get through even the most difficult situations that life throws at you.

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Interesting Facts About June Birthstone

  • Initially, Alexandrite was considered to be emerald because of its discovery in the emerald mines of Russia.
  • It is fascinating to know what I'm about to tell you, especially after knowing what is the gemstone for June. Before finding more sources of this gem, its first known deposits were consumed completely.
  • The two colors of Alexandrite resonated with the national military colors of imperial Russia, which made it noticeable and liked within the country.
  • June birthstone color is changed when exposed to different sources and intensities of light. This is why it is often called 'Emerald by day and Ruby by night' by gemstone experts.

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How to Care and Clean June Birthday Birthstone

Now since you know what is the birthstone for June, I am going to tell you the best way to keep the beauty of Alexandrite intact. It is to keep the jewelry that has this gemstone embedded in it separate from other jewels. This will prevent scratches and cuts.

After you know what is the birthstone for the month of June, you must be curious to know how to clean it. For cleaning Alexandrite jewelry, soapy water, and microfibre cloth is the safest way. Apart from that, steam and ultrasonic jewelry cleaners can also be considered.

After knowing what's the birthstone for June, you should know that this gemstone can benefit anyone who wears it. However, it is a little biased for the people born in this month. But it is always recommended to take the expert's advice before wearing it for any reason other than adding to your aesthetic appeal. Talk To Our Expert Today

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