Home Gemstones July Birthstone: Meaning, Color and Benefits for People Born in July

July Birthstone: Meaning, Color and Benefits for People Born in July

24 Jul, 2021 by Swati S. Kumar

July Birthstone: Meaning, Color and Benefits for People Born in July

24 Jul, 2021 by Swati S. Kumar

Were you born in July month? Do you want to know what gemstone is for July born?

Well! July is the fifth month of the Gregorian Calendar and the month of activity, expansion and hard work. It is spiritually the sign of movement and is attributed with all kinds of transformation. The energy shifts in July bring strong vibrations and thus astrologers suggest July gemstones that are based on July zodiac signs and July month dates. 

In this post, we have discussed one such July birth crystal that is determined by the month. So, if you are born in July and curious to know what is a birthstone or gemstone associated with July month, then read on the post and explore everything about July birthstone, birthstone color of July, benefits and much more. 

What is the Birthstone for July Month?

Ruby is the July gemstone or birthstone for the month of July. According to both traditional and modern birthstone classifications, Ruby is the best gemstone for people born in July month. It is a colored variety of mineral species, Corundum and is one of the most expensive birth month gemstones. Ruby is considered one of the hardest gemstones after Diamond. The July birthstone is a traditional cardinal gemstone that is ruled by the planet Sun. It is associated with the Fire element and exhibits the vibration number of 3 as per the Numerology of Gemstones. 

Origin, History and Meaning of July Birthstone- Ruby

July Birthstone Origin and History:

Ruby was referred to as the “King of Gemstones” or “Ratnanayaka “ in ancient India due to its beauty, rarity and mystical powers. Indian Kings considered it as the symbol of glory, power and status. They used to believe that this July birthstone could predict misfortune or adversity and attract prosperity. As per Hindu mythology, the red glow of July’s birth crystal is due to an internal flame that cannot be extinguished. It was considered an auspicious gift that can be offered to Lord Krishna and Lord Buddha. Records suggest that Burmese and Chinese warriors and noblemen used Ruby as a protective stone. Medieval Europeans surmised that this July gem brings heath, wisdom, wealth and success. To this date, Rubies are always in demand owing to their gem quality and significance It is mined mainly in Thailand, Sri Lanka, East Africa, India, Pakistan, Kenya, Nepal and Afghanistan. The best quality Ruby is found in Myanmar.

July Birthstone Meaning:

The name of Ruby is derived from the Latin word “Ruber” which means red. Throughout the ages, this July birthstone accrued various symbolic and spiritual meanings. It represented nobility, purity and passion and was considered a stone of fortune and courage. It was believed that it contained the drops of Mother earth’s blood and have the key to the life force. Ruby’s spirit is thought to shatter or turn dark in the presence of evil or danger.

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What Color is the Birthstone for July?

Pink to all shades of Red to deep crimson is the birthstone color of July month. As per Gemstones experts, the trace element Chromium is responsible for the variation in the July stone color. It is said that the more is the Chromium traces in Ruby, the stronger is the redness of this July gemstone. The Rubies with the higher iron content will have darker color but less shine as iron reduces the shining effect. Since the July birthstone color is the main basis of its value in the market, the darker red July gem is considered higher prized. 

What are the Benefits of Wearing July Birthstone?

Check out the various benefits gained by wearing your July birthstone, Ruby. 

  • Ruby is ruled by the Sun and thus it is believed to signify qualities of leadership, authority, confidence and motivation. 
  • Wearing this July birthstone improves leadership skills and boosts confience. 
  • It is believed that Ruby helps in building cordial relationships with family, spouse and friends. 
  • It encourages passion and enthusiasm for life. Intuitive and spiritual abilities are increased when you wear July birthstone.
  • As a July birthstone, this stone can be worn to bring wealth, power, luck and happiness. 
  • Healthwise, Ruby is beneficial in curing fever, infectious ailments and restricted flow of blood. 
  • Kidney, spleens and reproductive organs can be stimulated by wearing July month stone. 
  • July birthstone cams hyperactivity and eliminates negative energy and evil eye. 
  • It promotes positive dreams and takes bitterness and misery from the July natives’ lives.

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Interesting Facts about July Birthstone- Ruby

Did you know these unique facts about July’s birth crystal, Ruby? 

  • Ruby is used as a wedding gift for milestone anniversaries. It is one of the most preferred anniversary gifts for 15th and 40th Wedding anniversaries.
  • Liberty Bell Ruby is the largest notable Ruby in the world. It was discovered in east Africa in the year 1950. This beautiful July gem weighs over 4 pounds and went missing after a 2011 Jewelry heist. The stolen July stone is yet to be found. 
  • The most famous Rubies in the world are kept in the (NMNH) )National Museum of Natural History. 
  • One of the most beautiful and famous Ruby is 23 carat Burmese Roby which was donated by Peter Buck to the NMNH museum. 
  • Sunrise Ruby is the most expensive Ruby ever sold for 30 million dollars in 2012. It is also the most expensive gemstone other than Diamond, Pink Star which was sold for 71.2 million dollars in Hong Kong. 
  • Star Ruby is the rarest type of Ruby. Pigeon blood star rubies are one of the most sought-after Star Rubies. 
  • Chinese believed Ruby as a self-illuminating stone and used it to light up the room. 
  • This July month stone was thought to resolve disputes and guard against sexual desires. 
  • Burmese warriors thought to wear Ruby to stay invincible in the battle. 
  • It was thought to signify manhood and nobility. Ancient men believed that wearing this July gemstone invokes passion and power for women.

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How to Care and Clean July Birthstone

July birthstone can be safely cleaned at home with warm water and a soft brush. It can help you retain the shine of your July gem. You can use a soft toothbrush to scrub the Ruby gently. After cleaning, make sure you use a lint-free cloth to wipe it. Avoid storing your July birthstone in a container or bag with other gemstones. Keeping them separate may guard them from scratching and getting easily damaged.

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Final Thoughts on July Birthstone

In addition to Ruby, there are various alternate birthstones for July month that can be worn. Sapphire, Onyx, Carnelian and Turquoise are the major July gemstones that bring luck and abundance to the people born in July month. 

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