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What Is Capricorn Birthstone And The Fascinating Things About It

15 Dec, 2023 by Sonu Saraf

What Is Capricorn Birthstone And The Fascinating Things About It

15 Dec, 2023 by Sonu Saraf

Wondering what a Capricorn birthstone is! You should know that, after the popularity of the beautiful gemstones used to create stunning jewels, these gems have gained stardom for reasons other than their aesthetic appeal. The most popular one is their association with the zodiac signs and their birthstones meanings. The concept of birthstone was never a fad, it was an established and celebrated one.

A birthstone is a specific gemstone that is associated with a particular zodiac sign. Two zodiac signs rarely share the same stone as their birthstone as each one possesses its individual qualities.

In this blog, we will keep our focus dedicated to learning everything about the Capricorn birthstone. So let's get started.

What Is Capricorn Birthstone?

Ruby is the gemstone that has been given the designation of being the Capricorn zodiac stone. It is one of the four precious stones, along with Sapphire, Emerald, and Diamond. What makes this gemstone desirable is primarily its deep red color. This Capricorn birthstone color looks gorgeous when embedded in the setting of gold to create irresistible jewelry.

Capricorn stones got their name from the Latin word 'Ruber,' meaning the color red. This shows that the Capricorn birthstone color has always been cherished.

It is not just the aesthetics, but there are many other qualities of this gemstone of the Capricorn zodiac sign that we will discuss in the later sections of this blog. These are the qualities that very few know, and even fewer people believe them.

Origin, History, And Meaning Of Capricorn Birthstone

The former origin of this gemstone remains to be Myanmar where the most sought-after quality of Rubies is found. But with the expansion of its demand and the advancement in mining methods, it was obtained from other places.

Today, the prominent sources of birthstone for Capricorn woman and man are India, Brazil, Tanzania, Namibia, Japan, Thailand, Afghanistan, Colombia, Vietnam, and Scotland.

The first known evidence of the Capricorn zodiac stone dates back to 1973. Earlier, the Greeks believed this gemstone to be a burning piece of coal because of its red color.

When the Ruby gemstones’ worth was not known, it was not only used as ornaments but also as tools and amulets.

What Color Is Capricorn Birthstone

Capricorn Birthstone Color is the most vital feature of this gemstone that determines its value. It mostly ranges from light pink to deep red to purplish-red.

This color results when Aluminum in the Corundum mineral is replaced by Chromium. (Corundum is the mineral family to which Ruby belongs.) Had it not been for the gorgeous color of Ruby, its value would have been sacrificed a lot.

The hypnotizing color of this gemstone is enough to make anyone fall in love with it; the cut, clarity, hardness, durability are other factors that add up.

You can wear the birthstone or the Capricorn gemstones by consulting our expert astrologers. It doesn't matter which zodiac native you are.

Still, you can refer to the zodiac birthstones chart to know the birthstones for every month and which gems are associated with specific zodiac signs.

How Will Capricorn Birthstone Benefit You?

There are various magical benefits of keeping a Ruby near you. Some of the most significant ones are mentioned here for you to know. Let's take a look at them. 

Brings Health And Success

Wearing the Capricorn stones for an extended period is believed to attract health and success to the wearer. This happens when the positive energies of this gem resonate with that of the wearer. You don't necessarily have to wear Ruby jewelry to gain the benefits, instead, you can keep it near you in any form.

Brings Love To One's Life

The Capricorn birthstone color suggests intense emotions of love which actually applies in real life. This gemstone is the one that not only makes you look gorgeous but will fill your life with love and happiness. When you and your partner wear a Ruby, nothing can ruin the bond that you both share.

Predicts Misfortune And Danger

Red is not only the color of love but of danger as well. This is why it is believed that the person who wears the Capricorn birthstone is blessed with great intuition. It is especially true when it comes to predicting misfortune or danger in various aspects of their life. This helps them to be better prepared to deal with it.

Helps With Anger Issues

It is a calming gemstone that helps the wearer to improve upon their anger issues. Wearing the Capricorn stones gives a sense of peace and harmony within the soul. And, the best thing is that you don't have to be a native of the Capricorn zodiac to benefit from the magical qualities of this gem.

Protects The Battle Warriors

In ancient times when the warriors went to fight battles, it was a common belief that if they implanted a Capricorn gemstone in their skin, they would be invincible. This is because of the association of its color with that of blood which is believed to support life.

Protects Against Evil Thoughts

When you wear a Capricorn zodiac stone for a long time, you will realize that your mind produces productive thoughts. All the malign thoughts are being replaced by these. This makes you feel at peace. This will also make others love you because of your clean and creative ideas.

Interesting Facts About The Capricorn Birthstone

Merely knowing what is a Capricorn's birthstone is not enough. You should also know the interesting facts about it. So here are some of these for you.

  • Ruby, the birthstone for Capricorn man and woman, was called the 'King of Precious Stones' in ancient India, also referred to as 'Ratnaraj' because of its aesthetic appeal.
  • Rubies were believed to have the power of life. This is due to their similarity with the color of blood which is essential for life.
  • Capricorn zodiac stone has been mentioned in the Bible four times as the symbol of beauty and wisdom. This is evident from its beautiful appearance.
  • It was an ancient Indian belief that offering Rubies to Lord Krishna will make the person an emperor or king in his next life.
  • Rubies have always been associated with the upper caste, both in Indian and western cultures. This is because of their royal nature.
  • This is the most interesting one of all, the Capricorn stones are the second hardest of all gemstones, securing their place right after Diamonds.

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Care And Uses Of Capricorn Birthstone

The Capricorn birthstone does not require much care when it comes to maintaining the aesthetic appeal. All you have to do is always be cautious while storing your Ruby jewelry. You must keep it in a separate box to avoid scratches.

When you wear it, make sure to put on your jewelry in the end after you get ready and remove it first after coming back home.

Now, since you know what is a Capricorn's birthstone, you should also know how to clean it. Hot water and mild soap is the best solution. This should be followed by wiping it off with a microfiber cloth to avoid any moisture.

Now, you know what color is Capricorn birthstone, and its benefits. You should also know that it is not a compulsion to be a Capricorn zodiac native to take its advantage. You can benefit from this gemstone otherwise also.

For your information, the birthstones for each zodiac sign are determined through sun sign astrology principles.

You need to see if its energies resonate with those of yours. And to identify that, it is best recommended to talk to our expert and get clarity.

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