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Aries Birthstone - Meaning, Gemstone Color and Benefits

13 Jul, 2021 by Swati S. Kumar

Aries Birthstone - Meaning, Gemstone Color and Benefits

13 Jul, 2021 by Swati S. Kumar

Born in Aries zodiac sign! Do you know you can enhance your power and improve your Aries personality by wearing a birthstone? Well! If you are unaware of your lucky gemstone and curious about Aries birthstone, then you must give this post a quick read. 

Birthstones are precious or semi-precious stones that are associated with a specific birth month or zodiac sign. The gemstones that belong to zodiac signs are called Zodiac birthstones or Astral birthstones. These stones are determined by the zodiac sign-in which you were born. If your birthday lies on a date period ruled by a specific zodiac sign, then your birthstone will also be based on that specific zodiac sign. 

As per the Tropical system of astrology, people who are born between March 21 and April 20 fall under the Aries zodiac sign. These individuals should prefer Aries birthstone or Aries zodiac stones to wear. The gemstone corresponding to the Aries zodiac sign helps them to enhance personality and bring luck, happiness and prosperity. 

Curious what birthstone represents Aries? Read on to know more about Aries birthstone, colors of Aries stones, its major benefits and much more. 

What is Aries Birthstone?

The birthstone for Aries is Bloodstone. Also called heliotrope, the bloodstone is a natural, semi-precious and fascinating gemstone from the mineral family, Chalcedony. The world heliotrope in Green means “towards the sun”. The bloodstone is rich in iron and has opaque transparency. India, Scotland, Brazil, USA, China, Australia, Russia, Czech Republic, Germany are the main countries where Bloodstone is found. The stone is readily available and affordable as the supply is plentiful and there is no risk in stocking this Aries birthstone

Aries Birthstone Meaning - Bloodstone

The stone is a symbol of justice and as per legends, this stone was formed when the blood drops of Christ fell and stained some jasper lying at the cross’ foot. Medieval Christians used this stone to carve the crucifixion into bloodstone. They referred to Bloodstone as “Martyr’s Stone”. 

Moreover, Bloodstone is known as the stone of courage and was believed to be a magical stone in ancient times. The warriors used to carry this Aries zodiac stone to prevent bleeding and the evil eye. This Aries stone also thought to have the power of providing clarity, intuitive ability, decisiveness, creativity and generosity. It was considered a stone offering luck and positive changes. Bloodstone is also the second birthstone for people born in the month of March. 

What Color is Aries Birthstone - Bloodstone?

The color of Bloodstone is solid deep green with visible but light sharply contrasting blood-red dots. The spots appear like blood spatters and are thus given the stone name, Bloodstone. The solid green color of the Aries birthstone is not evenly distributed. It may have blue or yellow streaks in addition to green. As per popular belief, the color of the bloodstone suggests its resemblance to the heliotrope plants that turn to face the sun. 

How to Determine Real Aries Birthstone-Bloodstone?

Determining the Aries birthstone, bloodstone is very easy. To check the authenticity of this Aries stone, rub it on porcelain. If the blood-red scars appear, then it is genuine otherwise it is not the real Bloodstone.

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Properties of Aries Birthstone - Bloodstone

1. Physical Properties

Bloodstone is a hard stone with a rating 6.5-7 on the Mohs scale. It is good for making jewelry as it doesn’t chip or break easily. Physically, no two bloodstones are the same. Each of these Aries stones exhibits its own and distinct pattern. The color of the Bloodstone varies depending on the mineral deposits in the stone. 

2. Physical Healing Properties

Bloodstone has various healing benefits. As per Gemstone Astrology, bloodstone is related to blood circulation. It boosts immunity and enhances the purification levels in your blood. This Aries gemstone also helps in boosting strength, courage and vitality to mother and child. It balances the menstrual cycles and helps in alleviating the problems due to hormones and PMS.

3. Mental and Emotional Healing Properties

Bloodstone has great emotional and healing powers. It acts as a supercharger and helps in developing emotional resilience and rejuvenating connections to the world. This Aries zodiac stone is also a good mood stabilizer. It boosts your enthusiasm and channels the positivity and zest in your life. Patience, self- confidence, courage and quick wit are the main characteristics that are exhibited by Aries zodiac signs. 

4. Metaphysical Properties

Bloodstone gemstone connects stronger with your Root Chakra. The chakra keeps your body and soul grounded and anchored like the root of a tree. The adorning of Bloodstone as an Aries birthstone allows its natives to experience a positive flow of energy from tip to toe of the body. This Aries stone also governs the Heart Chakra, the chakra of love, trust and compassion. By wearing this stone for Aries, you can open up your heart and gain healing, quick to joy attitude and broad-mindedness.

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Aries Birthstone Benefits

Aries is associated with the deep blood red color. This color symbolizes passion, courage, and the ability to flourish. By wearing this colored Aries zodiac sign stone, you can increase the positivity and happiness in your life. Here are some major advantages that you may avail yourself of by adorning the bloodstone in your finger.

  • As a fire sign, the people of this zodiac sign are full of energy and leadership skills. They lead teams, groups or organizations. Bloodstone enhances their inner abilities to lead and helps them stay high on courage and excitement. 
  • Aries people are impulsive and often take the path that is direct and risky. Bloodstones keep them rooted and reduce their chances of frustration. 
  • The wearer of the Aries Birthstone can face bully or threats or any difficult situations with the provided courage. 
  • It stops bleeding especially the nose bleeding. 
  • The presence of bloodstone prevents evil eye, bad spirits and negative energies. 
  • It creates a divine aura around the wearer and helps them meditate and improve spiritual abilities. 
  • It offers mental clarity and helps in making better decisions in life. 
  • Bloodstone as Aries birthstone helps the natives to improve family connections and cultivate a nurturing environment at home. 
  • It revitalizes the energy levels and boosts motivation and confidence. 
  • From a mystical perspective, this Aries Birthstone is believed to harness the power of weather. It brings about the winds of change or rains to eliminate the tears of despair. 
  • Bloodstone is also the Birthstone for March as per traditional outlook. It brings good luck, renewal and good health.

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How to Use and Cleanse the Aries Birthstone?

One of the best ways to use Aries birthstones is to wear them as bracelets, rings and other jewelry. To balance the heart chakra, you can place Aries zodiac stone or jewelry near the heart space. You can also place the Bloodstone around or near your bed to revitalize and save yourself from negativity and evil energies. To Cleanse the Bloodstone just run it under tepid water. You can also leave your Aries Birthstone in the soil to detoxify it.

Different cultures and different time eras have attributed different birthstones to every zodiac sign. Thus, there are various Aries birthstones that are suggested by gemstone experts to the Aries natives. The other Aries birthstones are Diamond and Aquamarine. Both of these stones exhibit miraculous powers and can be worn to bring good luck and fortune. You may find the best gemstones for your zodiac by taking live astrology readings. 

Chat with Online Astrologers can help you reveal your zodiac sign and the suitable Birthstone for your zodiac sign. They can also help you with astrological remedies and share Aries birthstones mantras to wear your lucky Aries gems effectively. So, explore your lucky stones and open doors of good luck and fortune. Chat with Psychic now!

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