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Aquarius Birthstone | Aquarius Stone Meaning, Color and Benefits

23 Apr, 2024 by Swati S. Kumar

Aquarius Birthstone | Aquarius Stone Meaning, Color and Benefits

23 Apr, 2024 by Swati S. Kumar

Have you ever heard of Aquarius birthstone? Do you know what is your birthstone for Aquarius and how it can help you gain success and wisdom?

Well, birthstones are the special gemstones that bring luck, wealth and good health. They exhibit powerful vibrations and offer various benefits to the wearer. Generally, birthstones are determined by month and zodiac signs. If you are born between January 21 and February 18, then wearing an Aquarius birthstone can prove to be really beneficial for you.

An Aquarius birthstone is a zodiac birthstone that empowers your personality and boosts your inner powers. It helps you overcome your weaknesses and gain success and stability in life. This is especially true if you are the native of Aquarius zodiac. If you are facing setbacks or want to make yourself substantially better, then an Aquarius birthstone can be your lucky charm. Want to know what is the birthstone for your Aquarius sign?

Read on the post and explore everything about the Aquarius birthstone.

What is Aquarius Birthstone?

Garnet is the birthstone for the Aquarius zodiac sign. It is not a single mineral but a group of silicate minerals that have the same crystalline structure but different chemical composition. Traditionally, Garnet is considered a birthstone for the month of January. It is worn as a lucky birthstone by both January-born and Aquarius-born people. 

As per gemstones experts, there are more than 20 species of Garnet that are found in the world. However, there are only a few Aquarius stones that are considered commercially important. These main gemstones are Almandine, Pyrope, Spessartine, Grossular, Andradite, Mozambique and Uvarovite Garnet. 

What Color is Aquarius Birthstone?

Garnet is found in a variety of colors. However, the primary and most common Aquarius birthstone color is red. The secondary colors that are found in Garnet are orange, yellow, purple, green, brown, pink, blue and black. There are also color-changing Garnets that change their hue in natural and incandescent light. When it comes to purchasing an Aquarius gemstone, gemologists advise to not go for a specific Aquarius birthstone color. They suggest choosing the Aquarius stone with good color intensity in order to have the best results. 

Origin, History and Meaning of Aquarius Birthstone - Garnet

History and Meaning of Aquarius Birthstone: 

The name Garnet is derived from the Latin word “Granatus” which means “Pomegranate”. This name was conferred to Garnet due to its similarity with the pomegranate’s red color. According to ancient texts, Garnet has been used as an abrasive since the Bronze age. Egyptian Pharaohs used this stone to adorn royal necklaces. Likewise, ancient Romans used Garnet as a stamp to secure important documents. In Spanish astrology, this Aquarius birthstone was considered as a representative of the Sun. 

Origin and Occurrence:

Australia is the main producer of Garnet crystals. Half of the Garnet deposits are found In Australia while the rest of the deposits are obtained from the USA, China and India. The other countries where this Aquarius zodiac stone is mined are Tanzania, Madagascar, Namibia, Myanmar, Brazil, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka.

What are the Benefits of Wearing Aquarius Birthstone?

Garnet, as the birthstone for Aquarius, comprises strong protective energies and healing powers. It exhibits powerful vibrations that enhance positivity and induce calming effects. Want to know more about such miraculous stone’s benefits? Read on and explore the various advantages that you may gain by wearing your Aquarius zodiac stone. 

  • Garnet brings luck, positivity, prosperity and success in the life of the wearer. 
  • It bestows love and success to relationships. By wearing this birthstone, one can attract love and induce intimacy. 
  • Garnet helps in dealing with hostile forces. It decreases stress and enmity due to the negative energies.
  • The Aquarius birthstone is used to clean Chakras and re-energize them with positive vibrations.
  • It is used to regenerate DNA and purify blood, lungs and heart.
  • This powerful gemstone is helpful in reducing depression and nightmares. 
  • You can flush out toxins from the body and stimulate your metabolism by adorning Garnet. 
  • It is believed that wearing an Aquarius birth crystal can cure hemorrhages and inflammatory diseases. 
  • As per Vedic astrology, Garnet is the luckiest birthstone for Aquarius women. 
  • Garnet pertains to serenity, truth and faithfulness. It elevates faith, protection and awareness in the wearer. 
  • Confidence, energy and willpower can be boosted with the help of Garnet. 
  • It is called ‘traveler’s stone’ and thus used by travelers to protect themselves from evil energies and calamities.
  • Garnet is said to be helpful in maintaining the balance of the energy system.
  • It is beneficial in stimulating desires and uplifting the mood of the wearer.

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Interesting Facts About Aquarius Birthstone- Garnet

There are various interesting facts about Garnet that are lesser-known to you. Check out these amazing facts and enhance your knowledge about the Aquarius birthstone.

  • Garnet is the symbol of peace and deep friendship. 
  • It is said that the more good you will do wearing this stone, the more goodness will be bestowed upon you. 
  • Did you know! This Aquarius stone and crystal can last for thousands of years if cared for properly. 
  • Garnet is a traditional anniversary gift that is given on the sixth and second wedding anniversary. 
  • Asiatic tribes used Red Garnet as bullets because they believed that it can inflict more damage on the enemy. 
  • The most popular jewelry made using Garnet is the Smithsonian’s Antique Pyrope Hair Comb.
  • Native Americans believed that this Aquarius zodiac stone can protect them from injury and deadly effects of poison.

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How to Care and Clean Aquarius Birthstone?

Garnet can be cleaned easily using warm soapy water and a soft brush. Since these are quite brittle, it is advisable to not keep this Aquarius zodiac stone with any other stone that may leave scratches. Steam cleaning is not advised since Garnet breaks when exposed to a sudden change in temperature. For proper care, always scrub the Garnet gently and pat dry it after rinsing.

Final Thoughts on Aquarius Birthstone

Even though Garnet proves to be very beneficial for Aquarius natives, there are various gemstones that are recommended to wear for good luck and wealth. These are birthstones by month and lucky stones based on your horoscope and planetary positions. You may know about these gemstones and can figure out your lucky stones by consulting expert astrologers.

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