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What does your career line say about you?

11 Jul, 2022 by Adrija Milan

What does your career line say about you?

11 Jul, 2022 by Adrija Milan

The career line also known as the saturn line is the palm line that is at the middle of the palm and usually begins from the base of the middle finger. It plays a very important role in determining the changes in one’s life as well as knowing how successful a person will be. 

The readings that one’s palmistry gives isn't always about work, there are a number of factors that one can interpret from it. It basically acts as a guide in people’s life, they come to know some facts about themselves that gives them motivation to get better and work effectively.

All the lines on our palm hold a unique fact about us and one such line is the career line.

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Everyone has a different career line and it’s nothing to stress over. All of them might mean different things but it is subject to change. A person’s palm lines change a few times in their life and this is why you should only take your career palm readings as motivation and work towards a better life.

Various types of career lines:

1. Curved Career line:

The curvature of your career line is an indication of change. If you are someone who has a curved career line it means that you will keep changing the course of your career choices with time and not stick around one place for long. This doesn't necessarily mean that you won't be happy with your career path, it only indicates change, which might as well occur because you get a better opportunity.

2. Two career lines:

Having two career lines suggests that you are a multi-tasker and will be able to handle two different career paths at once, it could mean that you will be studying while working or pursuing two hobbies side by side. You will be able to handle whatever is given to you on your plate no matter how thin you are spread across all your tasks and if you keep working hard success is guaranteed. It also suggests that you will be a good companion, be it personal life or corporate life.

career line

3. Fork-like career line:

If your career line forms a small diversion at the top which makes it look like a fork, it indicates that you will have a small side hustle along with your main stream work. It can suggest a small business that you might start. You will be successful in both and will fulfill your responsibilities with perfection.

4. Uneven or broken career line: 

Do not panic if your career line is broken, it does not suggest that you will have no career, it simply means that your career would go through some unexpected changes. The changes can be with your job, lifestyle choices as well as business. So if you are someone who has a broken career line, you should always have an open mind about change and work with a lot of positivity in life.

The career line’s meaning is only generalized by these indicators and every line can have a very different interpretation and this is why you should consult a professional astrologer for the same. The interpretation can even vary depending on the person’s gender, the job line in females is very different from the job line in male. So make sure you get your hand reading done by a genuine astrologer or psalmist as they will be able to read and interpret it accurately.

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