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What Is Mangal Dosha - Know Its Meaning, Types, And Effects

09 Dec, 2021 by Sonu Saraf

What Is Mangal Dosha - Know Its Meaning, Types, And Effects

09 Dec, 2021 by Sonu Saraf

You are familiar with the ocean tides caused due to the waxing and waning of the moon, right! It is the gravitational forces of the celestial body, 384,400 km away from us, doing this. Imagine, if that is possible, how irrational will it be to say the celestial bodies surrounding us can impact our lives as well! Believe it or not, every planet and heavenly object leaves a mark on the quality of our life. It is based on their positions in the universe at the time of our birth. Mangal Dosha is one such impact where Mars is the planet in play. In this blog, we will talk about it and how it can alter the events of our lives.

What Is Mangal Dosha?

Mangal dosha, sometimes written as Mangal Dosh is a dent in the horoscope of a person. It is caused due to the unfavorable position of Mars at the time of birth. It happens when Mars gets into the first, second, fourth, seventh, eighth, or twelfth house. These are often called the Mangal Dosha houses. It is a malefic planet that surprisingly plays a supporting role with other planets when positioned rightly. However, the chances are approximately 30% that it creates trouble in the life of a person. And when that happens, it is not something like dropping your ice cream or falling from a bicycle. It makes a specific aspect or period of life really nasty. This is the Mangal Dosha Meaning. We will also talk about the particular effects of having a mangal dosha in the later sections of this blog. But first, let's see the types of mangal doshas. You can chat with an astrologer to gain a better understanding.

Types Of Mangal Dosha

Mangal Dosha can be categorized into two variations, high Mangal Dosha and Low Mangal Dosha. These variations are created based on which house Mars resides in. And 'high' and 'low' represent the intensity of the ill effects of this maleficent phenomenon on the person's life. Let's gain a better understanding of both by analyzing them separately.

Low Mangal Dosha

Low Mangal Dosha means that the person's Mars is in the first, second, fourth, or twelfth house. Also known as the anshik mangal dosh, it shows the presence of malefic energies in the possessor's life. However, these are mostly channelized. This makes them look less impactful, whether the low Mangal Dosha is in girl or boy.

High Mangal Dosha

Purna Manglik Dosh is the condition of Mangal Dosha where Mars remains in the seventh or eighth house in a person's horoscope. Here the ill-effects are significant because the fiery nature of Mars is prominent that interferes and alters the behavior of anyone negatively. This holds true whether the high Mangal Dosha is in girl or boy.

These are the types of Mangal Doshas, the intensity of which can be determined through a reliable Mangal Dosha calculator. It is available online and offline.

Mangal Dosha Effects

Mangal Dosha Effects

Having Mangal Dosha is not a desirable thing for anyone. It is because of the effects that it has on one's life which are mostly negative. So let's see how it can impact various aspects of anyone's life. If you find Mangal Dosha in your kundali, this can even shape up your personality.

  • Since Mars or Mangal is a fiery planet, people having it are mostly hot-headed. This even leads to some temperamental issues.
  • The possessors of Mangal Dosha are subjected to stress and agitation in the most insignificant matters of life so that they never relax.
  • People born with Manglik Dosha are the ones who are not open to feedback and constructive criticism. They are always ready to argue thus, fueling their intolerant behavior.
  • These people are filled with energy that is employed in destructive uses. If channelized in the right direction, it can turn tables for them.
  • The ill-effects of a Manglik person are not limited to them but also become the reason for conflicts and disharmony within the family members.

These are the general effects of having Mars in your horoscope. Now let's see how it can impact your marriage specifically. Later, to make it even more precise, I will provide you with a tabular representation. This will show which specific aspect of your life is impacted due to the presence of Mars in various horoscope houses.

What Is Mangal Dosha In marriage?

Just like the common aspects of a person's life, even their marriage and love relationships are not spared from the ill effects of the condition of Mangal Dosha. Even before getting to the complications that may occur in your marital life, it is first essential to know that this Mangal Dosha restricts and delays the possibility of marriage. It is a common belief that the spouse of a Mangalik person remains at life risk if proper Mangal Dosha Remedies are not incorporated. Still, the mangal dosha effects after marriage remain prevalent and create disharmony, disagreements. Conflicts, tensions, and even violence.

Damaging Effects Of Mangal In various Houses


Life Aspect

Ill Effects



Conflicts, Disagreements, Violence


Professional & Marriage

Overall disharmony



Failure, Stagnation



Arguments, Dominance, Temperament


Family (Relations with Elders)

Disconnect, Evicted



Stress, Losses, Enmity

This is the Mangal Dosha check list or the unfavorable impacts of having Mangal Dosh in Kundali, which, by the way, can be minimized to a great extent. So there is nothing to worry about it as long as you can manage to get help from a subject matter expert.

Common Misconceptions About Mangal Dosha

Although the whole concept of Mangal Dosha is considered irrelevant by the non-believers and agnostics, there are specific beliefs that are not true about it. You must have a discussion with an online astrologer and know about them to have complete knowledge. Let’s see some of the most common ones.

  • It is believed that only a girl can have a Mangal Dosha and not the boys. This is absolutely false because this phenomenon is gender-neutral.
  • Mangal Dosha automatically gets removed after completing 28 years of your life. This is not true. However, the energy gets channelized.
  • A high Manglik and low Manglik marriage tell us that the latter cannot be saved from the negative energies. This can be prevented with a ‘sham marriage.’ 


This is all that you should know about Mangal Dosha. If you think you have Mangal in kundali but never bothered to gain surety, do it now. Just talk to an astrologer and get answers to all your questions. And to your relief, more often than not, people who consider themselves to be under the influence of Mars are not Mangliks. It is their overthinking which leads them to this conclusion.

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