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Tuesday Fast - Rituals, Methods, and Benefits

05 Jul, 2024 by Snehil

Tuesday Fast - Rituals, Methods, and Benefits

05 Jul, 2024 by Snehil

India is a nation of different cultures and traditions. When it comes to Hinduism, every day of the week is designated to honor and worship different gods and goddesses. On Mondays, worshippers fast and chant the name of Lord Shiva, Tuesday fast is to honor Lord Hanuman; and on Wednesdays, devotees observe fast and read the Mangalvar vrat katha. Therefore, every day of the week is specifically devoted to a different God in this manner. 

Today, we will focus on Tuesday, when the majority of Hindus worship Lord Hanuman and fast for the entire day in order to appease him. It is believed that practicing the Tuesday fasting ritual will solve a lot of your life issues because the Lord will fulfill the devotee's requests after seeing their commitment. It is believed that fasting on Tuesdays brings luck, prosperity, popularity, and fertility. 

It is recommended that people observe this fast with complete devotion by reciting the Hanuman Ji Tuesday Fast story. You can recite Hanuman Ji's fasting tale for advancement, marriage, having kids, employment, traveling overseas, and obtaining wealth, among other things. Here, we will explain how Hanumanji's Mangal Vaar Vrat can help counteract the negative effects of Mars. Also, we will explore everything there is to know about this holy Mangalvaar Vrat, Tuesday fasting benefits, and the right procedure to observe this fast.

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Mangalvar Vrat Katha (Story)

Long ago, a Brahmin couple lived in a very small village near a forest. The couple was struggling to have children, so the wife began observing the Tuesday fast in order to please the Sankatmochan, Lord Hanuman. However, one fine day, the husband had to travel to a nearby town for a few months for work. The wife stayed at home and worshiped Lord Hanuman with complete dedication and devotion. After the woman fasted for 21 Tuesdays, Lord Hanuman was finally moved by her devotion and blessed her with a little boy. 

After a few months, the husband came home to find the small child playing on his wife's lap, which surprised him. He began to doubt the faithfulness of his wife. Suspecting his wife of adultery, he attempted to murder the child as well. The lady tried to convince him that their son had been born as a blessing from Lord Hanuman, but she was unsuccessful. Consequently, Lord Hanuman himself made the decision to assist the anxious wife. 

He therefore entered the husband's dreams and told him the whole tale. The next morning, the Brahmin apologized to his wife for his disrespectful behavior after realizing his mistake and feeling bad about it. He showed complete love and respect for his son as well as his wife. They named their son Mangal because the child was a blessing from Tuesday fasting. Ever since, Hindus have believed that keeping the Tuesday fast of Bajarang Bali aids devotees in obtaining the blessings they seek from Lord Hanuman.

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Significance of Mangalvar Vrat 

Tuesday fasting, also known as Mangalvar Vrat, is a significant way to pay respect to Lord Hanuman and ask for his blessings. Its significance revolves around the rewards offered by Lord Hanuman. 

  • People who are experiencing difficulties and roadblocks in their horoscopes as a result of the malevolent effects of Mars should definitely follow the Tuesday Fast Vidhi for Horoscope Dosha Resolution in order to live a happy and peaceful life.
  • The best method to overcome obstacles in your life and deal with any issue that is currently bothering you is to keep the Tuesday fast of Lord Hanuman. 
  • It is believed that performing the Darshan of Lord Hanuman and keeping the Tuesday fast of Bajarang Bali will bring prosperity, good health, courage, strength, and happiness. 
  • According to Hindu mythology, the best way to ask Lord Hanuman for children's divine blessings is to follow the Tuesday fasting ritual.
  • When you observe the Tuesday fast of Lord Hanuman, it helps to remove the effects of Mangal/Manglik Dosha from the horoscope. 
  • Since this fast is supposed to improve mental clarity, courage, stamina, memory, positive energy, and general health, it is beneficial for kids to observe.
  • This fast increases the positive energy surrounding a native, as with Lord Hanuman; it also pleases the planet Mars or Mangal, according to astrology.
  • Devotees practice "fasting" as a means of demonstrating their faith in the divine and purging themselves of both internal and external impurities. Observing the strict 24-hour Tuesday fast of Bajarang Bali or consuming particular foods, like wheat and jaggery, can enhance one's energy and metabolism.
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Tuesday Fast Vidhi: Step-Wise Tuesday Fasting Ritual

To reap the maximum benefits of this fast, people perform Hanuman Ji’s Tuesday fasting ritual. Take the following Tuesday Fast Vidhi to observe the Mangalvar Vrat:

1. Preparation

  • Make sure you have plenty of fruits, milk, and dried fruits such as dates. You should also have one meal that consists of wheat and grain. You will obtain your nourishment from these sources throughout the fast.
  • Get up early, take a shower, and change into fresh clothing.
  • Use flowers and garlands to adorn your puja or place of worship. Light dhoops or incense sticks.

2. Worship

  • Put a Lord Hanuman idol or picture in the puja space. A framed image of the deity is also an option.
  • Offer Lord Hanuman your prayers. Recite the Sundara Kanda and Hanuman Chalisa from the Ramayana. 
  • Present the goddess with sweets, flowers, sandalwood paste, and vermilion. You can also provide coconuts and bananas.
  • Perform aarti for Lord Hanuman's idol or image while lighting an oil lamp, also known as a diya.

3. Follow these Tuesday fast Vidhi to observe the fast.

  • Wait until evening to eat anything during the day. Eat only the fruits that are allowed, and only milk or dried fruits if necessary.
  • Do not smoke or consume alcohol. Be honest with everyone, and treat them with respect.
  • Give the underprivileged food and clothing donations. Go to Hanuman temples and offer prayers to the god.
  • Have satvik food in the evening, such as rice, chapatis, and potato curry, to break the fast. Give the food to the underprivileged and Brahmins.

4. Goods to Donate to Charities for Additional Advantages

  1. Gemstones
  2. Fruits
  3. Grains
  4. Feed the Birds or Animals
  5. Donate Clothes (Chunari and Other Items)
  6. Dakshina, or money
  7. Brahman Bhoj—one priest or more
  8. Donate Havan ash to the temple. After that, pack it and carry it in the puja basket to the devotees.
  9. Donate anything gathered from the ocean, such as Shankh, Kaudi, etc.
  10. Donate Metal

Tuesday Fasting Benefits

Lord Hanuman is pleased and bestowed with blessings when the Mangalvar vrat is kept with devotion and faith. You can avail yourself of the grace of Lord Hanuman and all the Tuesday fasting benefits that his devotees can reap by keeping Mangalvar Vrat on Tuesdays. 

1. Stronger Faith and Dedication

You can increase your devotion to worshiping Lord Hanuman and your faith in Him by keeping a Tuesday fast for Lord Hanuman. Giving up food and liquids as a sacrifice demonstrates your commitment and sincerity. Those who fast in the name of Lord Hanuman will undoubtedly receive courage, strength, and success.

2. Enhanced Well-being and Health

It is believed that fasting on Tuesdays will increase longevity and improve health. Your digestive system can rest when you fast, which over time can enhance your metabolism and gut health. It has been suggested by some that the Tuesday fast for Manglik aids in body detoxification and vata, pitta, and kapha balancing.

3. Safety and Direction

It is believed that keeping a fast on Tuesdays bestows protection and guidance from Lord Hanuman. He clears the way of impediments by warding off bad energy and influences. With the blessings of Lord Hanuman, you can conquer the obstacles in life and succeed in your endeavors.

4. Focus and Mental Clarity

Your mind may feel sharper and more focused during a fast because your body is not focused on breaking down food. This may facilitate productivity, focus, and decision-making. For some people, the Tuesday fast for Lord Hanuman improves their spiritual and meditation practices. 

5. Fulfilling Wishes

Some devotees fast on Tuesdays in hopes that Lord Hanuman will grant their wish or desire. Lord Hanuman may grant you anything you desire, be it prosperity, happiness, peace, or anything else, if you fast with a pure heart and sincere intention. But you have to accept whatever result he decides is best for you.

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Wrapping Up

Embracing the practice of a Tuesday fast can bring about profound benefits, not only for physical health but also for mental clarity and spiritual well-being. The intentional and mindful approach to abstaining from certain foods on Tuesdays can serve as a powerful ritual, providing a sense of discipline and focus. The act of fasting on this particular day has been deeply rooted in various cultures and traditions, adding a layer of historical significance to the practice.

Moreover, the methodical nature of the Tuesday fast for Manglik encourages individuals to reflect on their habits, making it an opportunity for self-improvement and heightened mindfulness. By understanding and embracing the underlying reasons behind the Tuesday fast for Lord Hanuman, individuals can unlock their full potential and experience positive transformations in their lives. Ultimately, incorporating this Tuesday fasting ritual into one's routine can lead to a more balanced and enriched lifestyle.

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