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Taurus Best And Worst Match For Marriage - Find Your Perfect Match

11 Aug, 2021 by Swati S. Kumar

Taurus Best And Worst Match For Marriage - Find Your Perfect Match

11 Aug, 2021 by Swati S. Kumar

Want to know the best match for the Taurus man and woman? This quick guide is here to help you find the Taurus best and worst matches for marriage.

As per the western zodiac, people born between April 20 to May 20 are governed by the Taurus zodiac sign. Taurus zodiac natives are calm, composed, and hard-working individuals. They seek comfort and materialistic pleasures in their life and are known to be stubborn and obstinate. Their hard-working and composed nature makes them dependable and highly diligent. They have a hard time listening to others and are too shy to express their feelings. When they fall in love, they make bonds instantly and for a lifetime. They seek like-minded people in marriage and are often attracted to people who are as homely, loyal, and committed as them. Interested to know who can be the best matches for Taurus people? 

Read this post and discover the Taurus best and worst matches for marriage. Learn about Taurus’ perfect partner and find out the worst partner for Taurus men and women.

What Signs Are The Best Match For Taurus Men And Women?

(Taurus Best Matches- Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn, Pisces)


Cancer and Taurus is a match made in heaven! As per zodiac sign astrology, Cancer is the best partner for Taurus men and women. People born under Cancer share the same emotions, values, and beliefs as Taurus. They are warm, emotional, and loyal to their partner. For them, financial security and stability come on top of their priority list. Both these signs follow traditions and prioritize building family connections. Their sensibility and sensuality in the relationship seem unmatchable. They both bring a lot of intimacy and sensuality into each other’s lives. If you are a Taurean, then there cannot be a better match for you than a Cancerian.


Being the Earth sign, both Virgo and Taurus value stability and security in their relationships. They are quite compatible with each other and understand one another’s small needs. Taurus calms down Virgo natives and helps them feel relaxed and open to new perspectives. Since Virgos are prone to overthinking and unnecessary stress, a relationship with Taurus works like an anchor in their life. Likewise, Virgos bring out the wilder side of the Taurus personality and help them stay grounded and practical. Even in silence, this Taurus’ perfect match can sense the feelings and emotions of their partner. In nutshell, when it comes to finding the best match for Taurus men and women, Virgos are the best choice.


A Capricorn is a Taurus man and woman’s best match for marriage. The hard-working Taurus could relate easily to the ambitious and resourceful nature of Capricorn. They bond easily with them and quickly form a strong and healthy relationship. Since Capricorn also belongs to the element Earth, Taurus compatibility is said to be maximum with Capricorn natives. Taurus allows Capricorn to put their legs up and enjoy the comforts and luxuries while Capricorn motivates Taurus to leave procrastination and achieve their dreams.


Pisces is one of the best Taurus soulmate signs. Pisces natives share a sweet and gentle relationship with Taurus and are known to be the Taurus’ best match. These natives are emotional, sensitive, and super caring. They know how to take care of their Taurus partner and make them feel loved and nurtured. Pisces are creative. They inspire Taurus to explore their artistic side of personality. This pushes Taurus to take things lightly and feel extremely comfortable with Pisces. On the flip side, Taurus offers stability and security in the relationship which is the ultimate concern for Pisces, the Taurus perfect match.

What Signs Are The Worst Match For Taurus Men and Women?

(Taurus Worst Matches- Aquarius, Leo, Sagittarius)


Aquarius is the worst match for Taurus men and women for marriage. This is a quite challenging relationship to make work. The excited and innovative Aquarius face hardships in dealing with traditional Taurus. They could not make Taurus understand their needs for independence and exploration. Taurus, on the flip side, could not come off in terms with new changes and avenues that an Aquarius partner brings upon. Their thoughts clash and they get into unnecessary arguments and conflicts mostly. In order to make this relationship successful, it is advisable for the natives of both signs to be more understanding and adaptive. Understanding how and when will you meet your life partner according to astrology can also prove to be a big help.


Sagittarius is the worst match for Taurus. These two zodiac signs are intrinsically different from each other. Their preferences and priorities in marriage are completely different. Where Taurus seeks stability and comfort in love, Sagittarius likes to live free and resist rules. They do not like the dull and boring concept of Taurus to stay at a place and enjoy comforts and luxuries. Their personality is romantically adventurous and enough to make Taurus most likely uncomfortable and apprehensive. These signs should learn to appreciate each other and accept their flaws to make their relationship survive and unbreakable. If paired for marriage, Taurus’ worst partners are advised to check marriage muhurat by date of birth to avoid any malefic influence of planets on marriage. 


A Gemini is one of the worst partners for a Taurus. Even though Gemini clicks instantly with Taurus, they are less likely to be called the Taurus’ best match. They exhibit dual nature and love to socialize and befriend people. They believe in celebrating each moment and cannot be seen sitting quietly for a long time. On the other hand, Taurus is very possessive and jealous. They don’t like the flirtatious nature of Gemini and thus argue and fight constantly. The main challenge in Gemini and Taurus relationship is finding a middle ground in everyday life issues. Wearing gemstones such as Taurus birthstone or lucky stones for Gemini may help them to bring love and bliss in their marriage.

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