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Saturn Retrograde In Aquarius 2024

06 Jun, 2024 by Aakanksha

Saturn Retrograde In Aquarius 2024

06 Jun, 2024 by Aakanksha

This article is about the current transit of Saturn in the Aquarius sign 2024. This transit began on 17th January 2023 and will end on 29th March 2025. I will tell you about the Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius 2024, effective from 30th June 2024 until 15th November 2024. 

Retrograde Meaning

Retrograde means moving in the reverse direction. Astrologically, we use the Retrograde term whenever a planet starts moving slowly in the universe. So, in the actual sense, the Planet is not moving in the reverse direction. However, it's not moving at its normal speed. So, we use the Retrograde term to understand the unusual movement of the Planet.

Few Planets move in Retrogression like Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. Mercury Retrograde transit happens three to four times a year. Venus Retrograde happens once in two years. Mars Retrograde transit also happens once in two years. Jupiter and Saturn Retrograde happens every year. In this article, Saturn Retrograde will be discussed in detail. 

Saturn Retrograde Meaning

Saturn as a planet is very disciplined and uses a traditional approach to work. Saturn likes hard work and always supports those who are righteous. So Saturn's Retrograde period brings out all the situations that need a fair chance. If you have been doing the work ethically and as per Saturn's conditions then you would find this period easy. In Saturn Retrograde, you will see a lot of past issues come to the surface that you thought were over. 

Saturn Retrograde means that you will observe deep internal emotions again from the past. It is as if you are experiencing the same situation that happened a few months back. 

Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius Sign

Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius 2024 is happening between July and November. The Aquarius sign is ruled by Saturn and its moola Trikona sign. Saturn is strongest in the Aquarius sign. If you have Saturn in Aquarius in your birth chart, you will see that you would be a very humanitarian person. You would like to go by the rules and follow the righteous path. If Retrograde Saturn in Aquarius is in your birth chart then you will see inner growth and self development. You may face delays and slow growth but you are most likely to have much better wisdom and guidance than a person who has direct Saturn in Aquarius in their birth chart. 

So, let’s see how Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius will affect your sign. Please check the predictions according to your moon or rising sign below. 

Saturn retrograde in Aquarius


You may experience situations related to your relationships. Your relations with your inner self will come to your awareness at this point. In this situation, your friends will bring that awareness to you. This could happen through their betrayal or some situation that could lead to disappointment. Hence, you need to be selective at this point. It is a very good period for a spiritual or retreat break. It will help you with setting new goals for long-term success. 


You are likely to find that you are losing the courage to face any challenge, but this Saturn Retrograde will help in facing society. You will see that your career faces a significant change which will eventually affect your finances. In the initial period, you may not understand how it will connect and reduce your suffering. However, overall this period will give you the recognition you have been craving for a long time.


This period may bring some financial difficulties. You will see sudden changes in your life. Your focus will be on yourself. This Saturn Retrograde transit will help bring new faith and change your old beliefs. You will see that you need that for your personal development. So, it is important that you communicate your hidden feelings. Also, you will be getting the guidance that you have been seeking for so long.


This is a very good period for spiritual transformation. You will be able to see that your gut feeling is helping you make decisions. However, you need to be fully aware to listen to your inner voice. You will experience sudden expenses. Saturn always tries to give a fair chance and it seems you have been pushing it to the edge until now. So, now you need to face the situation and overcome it so that it doesn’t repeat.


You will see that finally, your opposition is losing and you will be able to achieve your goals. There is divine guidance helping you move forward in the right direction. People will be supportive. Your friends, your community, and your loved ones will have your support. This is a good period to plan and be prepared for the future. If married, your relationship with your spouse may see some relief or a ray of sunshine. 

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You will experience that your loan or debts are becoming a burden. There will be hidden enemies that you will finally be able to identify. This Saturn Retrograde transit will help you to get rid of those people who are not right for you and guide you toward connecting with your real purpose. So, financially you would need to be very wise and avoid lending money in this period. Also, you need to take care of your health during this period.


You will see that you need to get into spirituality to improve your relationship. Saturn Transit usually brings isolation so that you understand your limitations. In the Saturn Retrograde period, you will experience that this loneliness could be a blessing in disguise as it will bring a much wider vision for life. You will experience that all these people who have hurt you have taught you something about yourself in this period. You will not be able to focus better on your professional life.


You will feel detached from your social life. You will feel as if people are not understanding you. This is because the family will put unnecessary expectations on you. It could bring dissatisfaction from family members. You may try to escape reality and prefer living away from the limelight. Retrograde Transit will try to connect you with your deep inner emotions and eventually get rid of negativity.


Aquarius Saturn Retrograde transit is usually tough for you. Hence, you should keep exploring and figuring out how to express your emotions. You will see that you can learn a lot in this period. However, you need to spend some time in nature to give yourself a break, a vocational break where you can learn new skills along with traveling would be best for you in this period. Also, you take care of your sudden changes in mood in this period.


You will experience having a meaningful conversation with people. Saturn will influence your speech during this period and may even help you understand yourself. It may even make you face your fears that need to develop strength. It is a good time to make small changes in your routine to achieve bigger goals. You may distance yourself from your loved ones as there are chances that you may feel that they have different points of view.

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This is the best time to spend some time with yourself. You have worked hard in the last few months. So, this period is trying to tell you to look back and celebrate your achievements. You may not feel satisfied with your accomplishments but it is important to appreciate your efforts. Your relationships have suffered the most while you were busy working and proving yourself. Hence, you have received yet another chance to improve your personal life. 


You must be feeling so many emotions in this period. You need to learn to balance your emotions. You need to avoid paying attention to your past experiences. This Saturn Retrograde period will eventually bring that calmness you have been working on for the last few months. You will see that things are not working as per your plan but it is still helping you grow and be successful in life.

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