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Sagittarius Best and Worst Match for Marriage - Find Your Perfect Partner

19 Aug, 2021 by Swati S. Kumar

Sagittarius Best and Worst Match for Marriage - Find Your Perfect Partner

19 Aug, 2021 by Swati S. Kumar

Are you looking for the best partner for Sagittarius? If yes, then you have reached the right place. This post offers all the information that you need to know about the best and worst matches for Sagittarius. 

Sagittarius is the ninth zodiac sign in astrology. People born from November 23 to December 21 belong to the Sagittarius zodiac sign and are called the Sagittarians or Sagittarius natives. Astrologically, these people are wise and honest. They are optimistic, freedom lovers, hilarious, and spontaneous. They enjoy spending time with friends and are keen to explore mountains, hills, and any adventurous location. For marriage, Sagittarius seeks someone who could keep up with them without imposing any restrictions. These people do not like possessive partners and can move on when they feel bored or confiscated.

Are you also a Sagittarius? or Curious to know who the best match for Sagittarius men and women is? Give this post a quick read and uncover the details about the Sagittarius’ best and worst matches as per astrology.

What Signs Are The Best Match For Sagittarius Men And Women?

Sagittarius best matches for marriage (Aries, Leo, Libra, and Aquarius)


Aries is considered the best partner for Sagittarius. They both are optimistic, adventurous, and broad-minded. They love freedom and share a strong desire to explore and learn new things. When Sagittarius meets their perfect match, they quickly connect with them due to the commonality and social cohesion. They respect each other and understand each other’s need for autonomy. These natives tend to form a ride-or-die relationship where there is no room for arguments or any doubts. In a nutshell, Sagittarius and Aries are meant to be together only if they know how to tackle their temper and improve on their tendency to make impulsive decisions. 


Being a fiery sign, Leo is Sagittarius’ best match for marriage. Sagittarius compatibility with Leo is incredible, and they know how to work through relationship differences. When it comes to marriage, the expectations of Leo and Sagittarius are often the same. They share similar traits and never have a dull moment in their relationship. One of the significant factors that make Leo the best partner for Sagittarius is their matching views on making life and love fun and exciting. To maintain their relationship and keep it lively and stable, Leo needs to be less controlling, and Sagittarius needs to be more attentive to Leo’s feelings and desires. 


Libra is another best match for Sagittarius men and women. It belongs to the air element, while Sagittarius relates to the fire sign, thus making them a dynamic couple. Their relationship is thriving, and they have excellent chemistry at home and work. They are the biggest supporters of each other and love watching one another succeed. Since these two signs never want to feel tied down, they are quickly drawn to each other. While Sagittarius zodiac personality appears outgoing and assertive, it’s the Libras who make the first move in a Sagittarius and Libra relationship. So, now you know why a Libra man is a Sagittarius woman's best match for marriage and vice versa.


If you are looking for Sagittarius soulmate, then your search may definitely end on an Aquarius. As per the western zodiac, Aquarius is one of the most independent, freedom-loving, and adventurous natives. They have a ‘live and let live’ approach that perfectly aligns with Sagittarius’ love for freedom. Their optimistic thoughts and open-minded nature make the best match for Sagittarius men and women. However, Sagittarius needs to control their temper for an Aquarius native to stay the same with them. Wearing a Sagittarius birthstone recommended by astrologers can help them overcome anger issues and attain stability in their marriage.

What Signs Are The Worst Match For Sagittarius Men And Women?

Sagittarius worst matches for marriage (Taurus, Cancer, and Virgo)


Among the worst matches for Sagittarius, the sign that tops the list is Taurus. Astrologically, Taurus and Sagittarius are like two parallel lines that may never come together. They have nothing in common, and their approach to relationships is quite different. While Taurus is slow, steady, and stable, the Sagittarius is adventurous, unpredictable, and impulsive. Their relationship is full of chaos, and there is a lack of trust and communication. Since Taurus is the earth sign, people of this sign are more possessive and stubborn. They desire to control the people they love, which often acts as a deal-breaker for Sagittarius. If Taurus and Sagittarius want to marry and have a long-lasting relationship, they should consult the relationship experts online. This can give them the best astrological advice. 


Cancer is another worst partner for Sagittarius. Ruled by the Moon, Cancer exhibits hardships in understanding the changeable nature of Sagittarius. They do not like the social and adventurous nature of Sagittarius. They are family-oriented and often expect their partner to be at home spending time with family members. These expectations don’t match Sagittarius’ free spirit and make them feel confiscated in the relationship. Overall, it is safe to say that Cancer and Sagittarius will be good for each other as long as their planetary positions are favorable. To see Cancer and Sagittarius bonding for a long run, they should get astrological consultation and take future partner predictions for marriage.


The perfectionist among all the zodiacs is also Sagittarius’ worst match. Astrologically speaking, Virgos are the worst partners for Sagittarius men and women. They are demanding, critical, and overthinkers. It’s hard for them to ignore the flaws and small mistakes of their partner. In a relationship with Sagittarius, it is difficult for a Virgo to adjust with the carefree and impulsive Sagittarius. They become too analytical for Sagittarius natives that becomes really irritating. Arguments and conflicts are common between Virgo and Sagittarius. This is one of the relationships that is hard to be pulled off by a Sagittarius native.

Hopefully, now you know the best and worst matches for Sagittarius natives. If you want to learn more about your zodiac sign or find your perfect partner, you may chat with our expert astrologers. They will give you accurate marriage predictions. Our expert astrologers may also help you match your horoscope and find the best marriage dates in 2021.

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