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Astrological Remedies for Debt Removal or Loan Repayment

23 Dec, 2020 by Swati

Astrological Remedies for Debt Removal or Loan Repayment

23 Dec, 2020 by Swati

Financial crises can knock anytime and make one feel burdened by debts and unwanted financial obligations. It can drain your savings and make you feel stressed and hopeless. Does it sound like you? Are you facing financial issues or in heavy debts? Are you finding it difficult to pay off your loan? If yes, then Vedic astrology can help you to get rid of your debts and all the financial problems. 

Vedic astrology is an ancient method of astrology that offers solutions for every problem of your life. Especially when it comes to money, it offers very useful and effective astrological remedies to overcome financial problems. With the help of your horoscope and Astrologer’s Advice, you may clear your debts and remove all the financial hardships in your business, work and home.

Looking for the best astrology solution for financial problems? Check out the post and explore the best and effective astrological remedies to get past debts and loans. Also, find the most powerful totke for money, Lal Kitab remedies for instant financial problems and Vedic upay for paying off debts and loans.

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How to Get Rid of Loans by Astrology?

Vedic astrology suggests some very powerful and effective astrological remedies for the debt problems. 

  • Worship Sun God- Natives can overcome debt issues by offering water to the rising Sun daily. While worshipping Lord Sun, chant Surya Mantra “Om Aditya Namah” to appease the God. In Hindu mythology, the Sun symbolizes prosperity & success, thus worshipping the Sun brings financial prosperity and stability in life. 
  • Plant an Ashoka Tree- As per financial crisis astrology, one should plant an Ashoka tree at home and take care of it. Water Ashoka tree daily and seek God to bestow financial prosperity in life. Watering Ashoka trees daily is a very effective astrology remedy to overcome financial problems. 
  • Worship Lord Hanuman- Chanting Hanuman Chalisa and visiting the temple of Lord Hanuman every Tuesday is considered the best remedy to clear financial debt in astrology. One should abstain from eating non-vegetarian food.
  • Plant a Banana Tree- Planting two Banana trees in Lord Vishnu’s temple is very beneficial to attract financial fortune. After planting Banana trees, water the plants daily. Also, you may donate the fruits of the planted Banana trees to the needy people in order to solve the debt/loans problems.

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Pooja to Get Rid of Debts

In astrology, certain Pooja are suggested for clearing all loans/debts. These Pujas are a great way to relieve mental stress and find peace during financial crises. Read on to know what Pooja should be done at home to get rid of the debts and ongoing financial problems.

  • While leaving the house always burn 5 cloves with camphor in Desi Ghee. As per loan repayment astrology, applying this mixture as Tilak on your forehead can help in getting rid of debts.
  • Always worship Lord Ganesha before starting any new work. According to Hindu belief, Lord Ganesh is the first God and remover of obstacles. One may achieve success and prosperity at every work with the worship of Lord Ganesha. 
  • Worship Lord Hanuman every Tuesday by singing Hanuman Aarti. Burning cloves in Dhani oil while praying before Lord Hanuman is said to be one of the best totka to get rid of debt problems.

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Vastu Remedies for Debts Clearance

  • Keep salt in a bowl in your bathroom to get rid of debts/loans, 
  • Sleep in the southwest direction of the house is the best Vastu remedy for debts clearance. Sleeping in this direction daily helps in repaying the loan installments at the earliest.
  • If you have any expensive or valuable items such as gold, silver, property documents, cash etc., then make sure that you keep it safe in the almirah or cupboard facing southwest direction.
  • As per loan repayment astrology, always pay the first installment of any loan on the Tuesday. This is one of the most effective ways to pay off debts/loans. 
  • Native must place the mirror in the North-East direction in order to attract positive energy and opulence in the house.
  • Keeping your house and workplace clean and tidy is a highly recommended Vastu remedy for debt or loan repayment. Always clear up the litter and junk clustered at home or office to bring good energy and free up your debts.
  • While constructing home, one should always ensure that there are no windows and doors in the South West or northwest direction of the bedroom. In case there are windows and doors in any of these directions keep it closed always. This Vastu remedy for clearing debt is very effective and good in paying off the loan as per loan repayment astrology.

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Lal Kitab Upay for Removing Debts

Laal Kitaab is a significant branch of astrology that is based on Samudrika Shastra. It comprises several powerful and effective totkas to resolve the issues of your life. Read on to know the effective Lal kitab totke to get rid of debts or loans

  • Offer “Gajra” (a bunch of jasmine or other flowers used for hair decoration) to Devi Mahalakshmi for consecutive Fridays for the period of five weeks. 
  • Native should gather 7 feathers of a vulture from the nest and keep them in a locker or the place where you keep your cash, jewelry or valuable items. Although this process is tedious, this Lal Kitab Upay for removing debts is said to be very effective and powerful.
  • Offer Kumkum to the Goddess Durga temple on Thursday night. Follow this Lal Kitab totka for debt clearance for at least 11 Fridays to get benefits. 
  • Another effective Lal Kitab remedies for debt issues to feed cows with jaggery for 5 consecutive Sundays to get rid of debts or loans. As per Lal Kitab remedy for debts problems, one should use both the hands while feeding the cows. 
  • As per Lal Kitaab astrology, keeping a small branch of tamarind tree inside the locker or the place you keep your cash, or valuables, etc. is very beneficial for debt problems. 
  • Put 7 leaves of Tulsi and two strands of the Saffron in the wheat or any other grain that you are planning to use. Grind it and keep this flour at a safe place at home, As per Lal Kitab astrology, as long as the flour lasts in your house, there won’t be any monetary issues in your house.

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Powerful Mantras to Get Rid of Debts

Chanting mantras bring positive energy and remove the negative influences surrounding you. Thus, it is always advisable to chant mantras every day for bringing prosperity and peace in your life. Read on to know about the powerful and effective Vedic mantras for clearing debt/loan problems. 

  •  Gayatri Mantra is considered one of the powerful mantra to achieve success and happiness in your life. One may get rid of all the debts and financial problems by chanting Gayatri mantra daily for 108 times.

Gayatri Mantra- || ॐ भूर्भुवः स्वः तत्सवितुर्वरेण्यं भर्गो देवस्य धीमहि धियो यो नः प्रचोदयात् ||

  • Chant powerful Shiva Mantra every Tuesday and offer Masoor Daal on Shiva Lingam.

Shiva Mantra- || लुक मुक्तेश्वर महादेवा नमः ||

  • Chant Ganesh Mantra for debt removal and eliminating financial hurdles in your life. 

Ganesh Mantra- || ओम् श्रीं गम रुं हरताय गम श्रीम् ओम् गणपतये नमः ||

  • Recite Bhairav Mantra on Sunday in the presence of Hasta Nakshatra and Shukla Paksha. Chanting Bhairav mantra for 108 times for 21 consecutive days is said to be extremely beneficial in debt or loan problems. 

Bhairav Mantra- || ॐ ऐंक्लींम हींम भमभैरवाय मम ऋणविंमोचनाय || 

Auspicious Day to Repay Loan

There are specific days when loan repayment or debt clearance or taking loans proves fruitful in improving your financial situation. Want to know which is the best day to clear debts? Learn about the good days to return loans and know on which days you should not take or repay any debts or loans. 

  • Monday is a good day to take or repay loans or debts. It is the day of Goddess Parvati symbolizing as Goddess of ripened harvest. . 
  • Tuesday is the best day to repay an old loan. One should never take any debts or loans on Tuesday.
  • As per loan repayment astrology, planet Mercury is the Lord of Wednesday and thus Wednesday is not considered an auspicious day to take or pay off loans or debts. 
  • Thursday is a good day to take out a loan. However, never lend money on Thursday. 
  • Friday is ruled by Venus and thus it is considered as the best day to take debt or lend money.
  • Saturday is ruled by planet Saturn, a malefic planet and hence one should not take or pay off loans on Saturday. 
  • Sunday is ruled by the planet Sun. Although the Sun symbolizes positivity but it has a burning nature which goes against the native when it comes to money matters. Thus, one should never take or lend any debts or loan or make any financial transaction on Sunday. 

It is always advisable to Ask an Astrologer before following the aforementioned Totke for debt problems. An experienced and expert astrologer can suggest the best astrological solution for a financial crisis and predict exactly when you will get money.

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