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Palm Reading: Online Palmistry Guide for Beginners

25 Aug, 2022 by Adrija Milan

Palm Reading: Online Palmistry Guide for Beginners

25 Aug, 2022 by Adrija Milan

Palm reading is also known as Palmistry and it is an ancient art of determining future events by reading the patterns of the lines on your palms. This art originally emerged from India and then spread to the rest of the world. According to Palm Astrology, it is said that palms are critical to understanding one’s personality and potential. Palmistry Astrology is not just about the patterns that the lines on your palms form but also the shape of your palm, length of your fingers, etc. The physical features and appearance of your palm play a critical role in palmistry reading. In order to accurately determine future events and your personality, it is very important to focus on every intricate detail of your palm. This is the ultimate online beginner's guide to Palmistry for all. After reading this, you will be able to get a lot of understanding of palmistry reading.

Which palm is considered in palm astrology?

Originally, according to Indian palmistry astrology, both palms were considered. It is said that the non-dominant palm determines your personality, strengths, and weaknesses whereas the dominant palm throws light on how well you use your strengths and how you execute your plans. Whereas in Chinese hand reading practices, the left palm is said to reflect the energies of manhood and male power and the right palm is said to reflect feminine power. The saints and palmists who practice hand reading give weightage and prefer the Indian palm reading practices as they believe that it gives the most accurate readings and a deep insight into a person’s life.

Palm Reading Online

Palmistry for all

There are a lot of misconceptions that revolve around palm reading and this online palmistry guide will bust them. Many people believe that only palm lines are a part of palm reading, many people also believe that it can predict the future, can tell us the day we die, etc. To some point, all this might be true but palm reading is not only concerned with palm lines but also focus on the shape of the palm, length of the finger, etc.

To make palmistry more simple and easy to understand, palmists have given four categories on the basis of shapes of hand and finger lengths. These categories are named after the four elements - Earth, Fire, Air, and Water.

Palm lines and what they mean in palm reading?

Our palms majorly have four lines that play the role of palmistry, the heart line, the head line, the life line, and the money line. This online palmistry guide will help you understand them better. 

The Heart Line on the palm

The heart line on the palm is also known as the love line. This is the palm line that most people are interested in and all the online palm reading portals focus on it, majorly. No, the heart line cannot tell if your partner is cheating on you or whether your ex misses you but it can definitely tell you what kind of relationship you will be having with your partner and what roles will both of you play in order to keep the relationship going. The heart line begins from the base of your fingers and ends at the base of the palm, it is very easy to locate. 

If your heart line is a little curved upwards, it suggests that you are a very empathetic person and will give your heart and soul into the relationship. 

If your heart line is straight, it suggests that you are extremely rational when it comes to your relationship and always give the best pieces of advice.

If your heart line is small, it suggests that you are not a fan of love interests and love to enjoy your freedom and personal space.

The Head Line in palmistry:

Right under the heart line, you can locate the head line. The head line palmistry is linked to your wisdom, knowledge, and ability to analyze things. It focuses on your cognitive abilities, interests, and hobbies. 

If you have a long head line, it indicates that you have a strong concentration and you stay focused on your tasks. You aren’t easily distracted and you always get creative ideas. The head line palmistry is also known as career line palmistry.

If you have a short line it suggests that you take decisions quickly and sometimes they might backfire. You always tend to overthink things and are extremely sensitive. 

If your head line is long and stretches almost across the palm, it suggests that you have an extremely active mind and you keep brainstorming ideas. You get creative ideas but your mind doesn’t retain any information for too long because it is always active and keeps storing new information. 

The Life Line palmistry: 

The life line is right under the head line and under the life line palmistry you may think you can determine how long you may live, but you are wrong, the life line indicates how you will connect with others and your basic behavior. 

If your line curves dramatically, it suggests that you are an outgoing person and love to socialize with others. You are the life of the party.

If your line is flat, it indicates that do not like to socialize and enjoy your own company. You get tired when given a chance to interact with new people. 

The Money Line palmistry:

The money line, in palmistry, is also known as the fate line. This line determines your career and what your future will look like. The tricky thing about this line is that it’s different for everyone and therefore it’s not easy to locate it. But do not worry, having a blurry money line or no money at all does not indicate a lack of wealth in your life, it only means that you are not a fan of materialistic pleasures and do not worry a lot about anything in life. 

The money line has various shapes and sizes and all of them have a different thing to represent, it’s best to connect with a Pamist online to get a personalized and deeper insight. 

To Sum It All Up

It is critical to remember that palm reading or palmistry isn’t always accurate and it’s not backed up by science. Your fortune is not decided by these lines and you can choose your own luck. Palm lines do not stay constant and they keep changing throughout your life. Palm reading can only give you an understanding of your underlying strengths, and weaknesses. It only shows you the potential that you hold to achieve your goals and what will work best for you.

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