Home Astrology Mercury transit 2023: How it will affect your Zodiac sign?

Mercury transit 2023: How it will affect your Zodiac sign?

16 Nov, 2022 by Adrija

Mercury transit 2023: How it will affect your Zodiac sign?

16 Nov, 2022 by Adrija

The term "transit of Mercury" refers to the planet Mercury moving from one zodiac sign to another, or Budh Gochar in Virgo. Mercury stays in one zodiac sign for 23 days before moving on to the next, making up its 23-day period. All signs lives may see some ups and downs during the Mercury transit. Astrologers refer to it as trespass (atichar) when Mercury's transit time lengthens or when it spends more than 23 days in a single sign. This stance can lead to both fortunate and unlucky outcomes.

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Mercury Transit 2023

The planet Mercury has been granted the status of a prince in the new planetary system, according to Vedic astrology, and it is particularly the planet that governs intelligence, discretion, speech, business, and communication. When Mercury is strongly placed in a person's horoscope, he benefits in business and has excellent reasoning abilities. Such a person has a keen interest in information acquisition and thinks far into the future.





JANUARY 18, 2023

Mercury transit in direct in Sagittarius


FEBRUARY 7, 2023

Mercury transit in Capricorn


FEBRUARY 27, 2023

Mercury transit in Aquarius


MARCH 16, 2023

Mercury transit in Pisces


MARCH 31, 2023

Mercury transit in Aries


APRIL 21, 2023 

Mercury retrogrades in Aries


MAY 15, 2023 

Mercury transit in Aries


JUNE 7, 2023

Mercury transit in Taurus


JUNE 24, 2023

Mercury transit in Gemini


JULY 8, 2023 

Mercury transit in Cancer


JULY 25, 2023

Mercury transit in Leo


AUGUST 24, 2023

Mercury retrogrades in Leo


OCTOBER 1, 2023

Mercury transit in Virgo


OCTOBER 19, 2023

Mercury transit in Libra


NOVEMBER 6, 2023

Mercury transit in Scorpio


NOVEMBER 27, 2023

Mercury transit in Sagittarius


DECEMBER 1, 2023

Mercury transit in Capricorn


DECEMBER 13, 2023

Mercury retrogrades in Sagittarius


DECEMBER 28, 2023

Mercury transit in Scorpio

Mercury transit effects on Aries 

For Aries, the Mercury transit will be most advantageous. Your case will be strengthened by this. During this time, your opponent won't be able to control you. Your communication abilities will significantly advance during the transition phase. You'll be able to assert yourself in the role well enough. Additionally, individuals who are looking for work will be successful.

Mercury transit effects on Taurus 

Taurus will benefit from Mercury's passage. If your horoscope and position (Antar Dasha) are favorable during this time, the Mercury transit will be advantageous for you in the areas of lottery, speculation, or the stock market. With their diligence, students will also achieve good grades in their academics. It will be an excellent idea to start dating and having children now. People who are experiencing a rift in their romantic relationship will see it end.

Mercury transit effects on Gemini 

Mercury will benefit Gemini throughout this period. Your bond with your mother will strengthen, and you will gain from her influence. You will make money through land-related activities. The happiness of the house and family will rise. At this point, the probability of owning a car, or house, and being happy will also be formed.

Mercury transit effects on Cancer

Mercury's transit through Cancer will be typical. During this time, you'll have excellent working relationships with your coworkers. Your interest will grow in popularity. Your relationships with your siblings and sisters will be solid, and you'll have the support of your family. During the transition time, new acquaintances will be created, and the foundation for international travel will also be established.

Mercury transit effects on Leo 

Mercury's transit will be advantageous for Leo. Your family will expand during this time, and new wealth-generating opportunities will also arise. You'll work in a wider range of fields and make more positive connections. If you have been planning any investment in any way, now is a good moment to do so. This is a recreational period for you. Make sure you make the most of it. 

Mercury transit effects on Virgo

Mercury's passage through Virgo can be upsetting. Mercury's presence in your horoscope can make you feel more conceited. You will gain greatly from Mercury's transit, and you will experience its advantages everywhere. Be careful not to speak too freely as you may damage your reputation. Maintain a healthy diet to avoid potential health issues.

Mercury transit effects on Libra 

Mercury's passage through the Libra zodiac sign has the potential to raise expenses. Avoid making irrational purchases because the balance of your finances can suffer. Investments made in the former location during the transition period will be profitable. Exercise to clear your mind and avoid getting into any sort of conflict.

Mercury transit effects on Scorpio

The residents of Scorpio will gain greatly from Mercury's transit. Wealth will start to grow during this time, and your home will be filled with various forms of happiness, prosperity, and calm. Additionally, you will receive assistance from friends and family members who would appreciate it. Additionally, there is an opportunity for career progression. Great time to plan investments. 

Mercury transit effects on Sagittarius

The success of the Sagittarius person's career will benefit from Mercury's transit. Your career will advance thanks to Mercury. Even during the transitional period, you should become skilled at impressing your boss with discussion. Additionally, job offers will begin to come in for the new location. Married couples have a probability of becoming pregnant. It is a great time to start a new project if you have any in mind. 

Mercury transit effects on Capricorn

The natives of Capricorn will be fortunate during Mercury's transit. Your good fortune will be robust and help you advance in every endeavor. By engaging in religious activity, your mental respect for gurus and superiors will grow, and you'll learn more. Your father will make you richer and continue to support your family. During the transit period, your interest in religion will grow and you will have the opportunity to visit places of worship.

Mercury transit effects on Aquarius

The people of Aquarius will benefit from Mercury's transit. If your study project has remained stagnant for a while, it will pick up steam at this time. The child in the family may be able to deliver good news. For those who are paid on commission, time will be quite favorable. Take good care of yourself as a health risk can be seen approaching. Try to eat healthy and work out often.

Mercury transit effects on Pisces

For Pisces natives, the Mercury transit will result in positive outcomes. Married life will be happier and more prosperous, and you'll succeed in strengthening your bond with your spouse. Your mind could become extremely restless and wander during the transit period. It may be stressful for business classes around this time. Refrain from arguing with your spouse.

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