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Make 2023 THE YEAR you have been waiting for!

09 Nov, 2022 by Adrija

Make 2023 THE YEAR you have been waiting for!

09 Nov, 2022 by Adrija

The new year is almost here, time to think of yet another resolution just to get bored of your routine and break it a few weeks in. Is that how you want your new year to be? Or do you want this year to be THE YEAR finally? 

As soon as the new year is around the corner everyone starts to think of ‘changes’ they will make to their lifestyle, they stay very motivated and stick to their routines for a few weeks. Then one day suddenly they skip their morning workout and then give up on themselves and their goals. This is how an average person starts their new year. But how does one break this vicious cycle and finally reach their goals?

Let’s see! 

When it comes to changing habits, lifestyles, and routines it can be very difficult initially and a lot of people can not make it through that stage. The only ones who are able to cross this stage are the ones who begin with the correct mindset. So you should focus on polishing your mindset before you dive into your transformational journey.

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What habits to cherish in 2023?

Before you start your transformational journey to reach your goal here are a few habits that you need to embrace. So here are a few DO’S and DONT’S for you, that will help you make 2023 THE YEAR.

  • Self-Reflection 

For anything to work at its finest, a feedback system is a must. But what if you are working on yourself? How will you get the feedback? It’s very simple, ask yourself. Self-reflection is very important, it is a process in which you look at your progress and analyze how well you are performing, and for this to work, you need to track your progress. Track it in a journal, or a mobile app, or find yourself an accountability partner. 

  • Learn to say NO:

Have you said yes to a plan just out of courtesy and then regretted it? We all have that at some point. But not anymore. We are only saying yes to the plans that we are interested in or the plans that are absolutely inevitable. The basic ‘logic’ behind people not being able to say NO is that they are ‘people pleasers’ and do not want others to feel bad. But guess what? They won’t feel bad! 

  • Stop making excuses: 

“Got home late last night, let me stay in bed for a few more minutes”. It’s not going to help even if you stay in bed for an extra hour so get up start your day and work on your goals. When you make an excuse you are only fooling yourself and making yourself feel better (temporarily). You need to be strong enough to work on your goals even when you don’t feel like it. You don’t have to treat your goal as a goal to be fulfilled and forgotten but as a lifestyle to be followed to get better. 

  • Don’t over-appreciate yourself: 

People confuse self-love with over-appreciation and this causes them to appreciate even the slightest move they make which only results in the overestimation of their progress. It’s best to humble yourself, set realistic goals and track progress and celebrate your actual wins. 

  • Set boundaries: 

It’s high time. Stop letting people walk over you. You need to form boundaries that people aren’t allowed to cross. It helps in building self-confidence, which is a major part of your personality. Setting boundaries doesn’t only make others grow more fond of you but even you start respecting yourself a lot. It helps in reaching your goals faster. 

  • Cherish your relationships: 

Why wait for festivals to spend time with your loved ones? Make it a regular thing and express how grateful you are for them whenever you can. For success, it’s very important to have someone who believes in you. Make sure you let these people know how much their support means to you and how much you appreciate them. Make them feel special! 

  • Prioritize yourself: 

Don’t get so indulged in your goals that you forget yourself and what makes you happy. It’s about pushing yourself and not punishing yourself. You need to find the right balance between your goals and joy. If it’s really your goal then you need to find a way to make this journey interesting because it’s a long one and that too with a bumpy road. If you do not enjoy your journey, you won’t be able to be consistent. 

  • Practice gratefulness: 

Everything that you have around yourself is because you asked for it, it’s called the Law of Attraction. Whenever you speak or think something, you communicate with the Universe and the Universe reflects it back to you. So now it’s on you what you ask for. If you practice gratefulness and recall everything that makes you happy, you will receive more happiness. Whereas if you spend your day crying and feeling sorry for yourself then you will only attract worse experiences in your life. 

  • Communicate better: 

“Communication is the key to a successful relationship”. How many times have we heard this? Enough time to make this quite boring. But only, it is true. There is no other way to fix something if the communication isn’t clear. Make sure you communicate better this year, with people around you as well as yourself. In order to be the best version of yourself, you need to be an active listener as well as an active speaker. Make sure when you speak, you communicate as well. 

  • Find Yourself:

If you want to be the best version of yourself, you need to know yourself very well. Not only what goes on in your conscious mind, like your likes, dislikes, etc. You need to tap down your subconscious mind and find your true potential. You need to find out what goes on behind the scenes when you close your eyes and doze off to sleep. But how does one do that? There are various ways to do that and you need to find what works best for you. Meditating for 5 to 10 mins a day, finding time for yourself in your busy schedule, spending time with yourself, and analyzing what you did the whole day, etc. 

Let’s start with inculcating these habits in our routine before we jump into any specifics and see how they work for us. Let’s make a pledge to take pledge to make ourselves better every day and stay consistent this year. THE YEAR is finally here. 

As said earlier, mindset is the biggest asset when it comes to success and fulfillment of goals, so here are a few tips from us that can help you strengthen on that front.

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How to create a mindset for change?

You are here reading this article so it’s safe to assume that you are looking to change your life for the better and catch hold of it. So now is the time to look deep into what your goal is and how you will achieve it. 

 To have an insight into it, you need to ask yourself a few questions. 

  1. Why am I making this change? 
  2. Do I have enough resources to start this journey?
  3. Am I ready to make sacrifices to reach this goal?
  4. How badly do I want this to work for me?
  5. Is it beneficial for me?

Now that you and your mind are aware that you are about to bring a change, it’s time to do some research. 

  1. Look for inspiration. Read about others who have achieved what you are looking for and understand their experiences. 
  2. Give yourself time to get used to the new routine and ease your way into it. 
  3. Don’t just do what you feel like doing, do what you are supposed to do. 
  4. Make yourself realize why that goal is important for you and why you need to stick to your commitment. 
  5. Find an accountability partner who is strict and keeps you on track.

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