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Ketu Remedies Astrology | Remedies For Weak ketu in Astrology

03 Jun, 2024 by Parita Soni

Ketu Remedies Astrology | Remedies For Weak ketu in Astrology

03 Jun, 2024 by Parita Soni

In astrology, Ketu is a planet related to spirituality, enlightenment, detachment, and freedom. It is a representation of past Karmic influences and supernatural wisdom and is deemed as a malefic planet that fetches sudden circumstances and modifications. Ketu is known to rule the subconscious mind of the natives, psychic capabilities, and instincts. Based on its placement in Kundali, Ketu might bring positive as well as negative outcomes. The negative impacts can, however, be mitigated by following Ketu remedies, thus helping individuals live a more harmonious and balanced life. In this blog, we shall learn about the impacts of the placement of Ketu in various houses and zodiac signs, identifying a weak Ketu, and remedies for Ketu. So, let us dive deep and know all about the Ketu in Astrology.

Effects on Houses and Zodiacs

Before learning the remedies, let us briefly understand how the placement of Ketu impacts different houses in astrology:



1st House

Mysterious personality, health problems, introversion

2nd House

Impacts speech, family camaraderie, financial solidity

3rd House

Enriches bravery and communication skills, probable sibling disagreements

4th House

Detachment from home/mother, spiritual growth

5th House

Impacts intellect and creativity, unique ideas, and problems with children

6th House

Overwhelms rivals and illnesses, might get stomach issues

7th House

Partnerships and relationships challenges

8th House

Transformation, related to occult sciences, sudden gains/losses

9th House

Pilgrimages, spiritual travels, problems with father figures, challenges in higher education

10th House

Influences reputation and career, gets sudden shifts

11th House

Affects profits, aspirations, social circle, and bizarre means of earning

12th House

Related to foreign trips, seclusion, spirituality, potential losses/expenses

The impact of the placement of Ketu on different zodiac signs:

Zodiac Sign

General Traits and Tendencies


Impulsiveness, spiritual fighter propensities


Spiritual Values, detachment from material possessions


Philosophical detachment, curiosity in paranormal knowledge


Emotional detachment, emphasizes inner peace


Ego markdown, spiritual leadership


Analytical approach to spirituality, probable health problems


Lack of interest in partnerships, spiritual equilibrium


Drastic transformation, curiosity in occult sciences


Spiritual travels, hardships in higher education


Separation from material conquest, emphasizes inner discipline


Eccentric spiritual practices, separation from societal norms


In-depth spiritual insights, prospect for escapism

ketu remedies in astrology

Signs of a Weak Ketu

Check out the following traits for weak Ketu. In case they persist, you will have to adhere to the remedies for weak Ketu in astrology:

  • Constant confusion that makes you feel a lack of direction in life.
  • Facing frequent health issues concerning feet, skin, or nervous system.
  • Sudden financial losses or personal setbacks.
  • Unable to concentrate or make decisions.
  • Difficulty maintaining or forming emotional connections.
  • Unusual phobias or fears.
  • Spiritual disconnect or no interest in it.
  • Continued restlessness and lacking focus.
  • Frequent or recurring accidents or mishaps.
  • Suffering from chronic fatigue or lack of energy without any medical reason.

Identifying a Weak Ketu in the Horoscope

Adhere to the Ketu remedies when:

  • Ketu is afflicted due to malefic planets or placed in unfavorable houses such as the 1st, 4th, 7th, and 10th.
  • There are adverse factors from the malefic planets.
  • A weak disposition or placement in debilitation.
  • Placement in the houses having a naturally weak Ketu.
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Remedies for Weak Ketu in Astrology

Let us comprehend the various Ketu Remedies to negate their unfavorable impacts:

Ketu Remedies: Spiritual and Ritualistic

According to Ketu remedies astrology, adhere to the below:

  • Chant the 'Ketu Beej Mantra' daily.
  • Conduct the puja for Navagrahas.
  • Perform the Ketu Shanti Puja.
  • Observe fast on Tuesdays or Saturdays.
  • Donate items related to Ketu, such as sesame seeds, blankets, or brown-colored items.

Ketu Remedies: Gemstone and Yantra

Gemstones and yantras are yet another remedy for Ketu planet. You can accomplish the following after seeking guidance from astrologers 

  • Wear a Cat’s Eye gemstone in a Silver ring on your right hand's middle finger.
  • Wear as an amulet or keep at home the Ketu Yantra, which is energized via mantras and specific rituals.

Ketu Remedies: Lifestyle and Behavioral 

Behavior and lifestyle also impact an individual’s life at large, for which you can follow the said remedies for Ketu:

  • Maintain your diet by eating meals that are less compelling and more grounding.
  • Engage in activities such as meditation that facilitate detachment from material urges.
  • Practice yoga and meditation asanas that help balance the energy of Ketu.

Other Ketu Remedies

Let us look at some more remedies for weak Ketu in astrology:

  • Help the needy without any expectations or return. 
  • Feed the stray animals and help them.
  • Strengthen the ruling planet of Ketu.
  • Plant specific herbs to neutralize Ketu's unfavorable impact.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 What makes Ketu happy?

Ans. A powerful remedy for Ketu is engaging in spirituality. Apart from this, the Ketu remedies include donating, helping stray animals, and participating in Ketu Shanti Puja. You can also practice detachment from material desires and wear a Cat's Eye gemstone. 

Q.2 Which god can control Ketu?

Ans. The gods said to control and appease Ketu are Lord Ganesha and Lord Bhairava. Worshiping these deities on Tuesdays and Saturdays acts as a powerful remedy for Ketu. You can chant mantras and perform mantras to worship these deities.

Q.3 What are the diseases of Ketu?

Ans. The diseases related to Ketu are skin issues such as rashes and eczema, infections, allergies, nervous system disorders like stress and neuralgia, and psychological problems such as depression and chaos. It might also cause rare chronic and mysterious ailments.

Q.4 Which planet can control Ketu?

Ans. The planet responsible for Ketu is Jupiter, which helps mitigate the malefic impacts of the Ketu owing to its benefic influence. The Ketu remedies include strengthening Jupiter by wearing yellow sapphire, conducting rituals, and other Jupiter-related remedies. 

Q.5 What are the signs of having a strong Ketu?

Ans. When Ketu is strong, a person holds in-depth spirituality and has powerful intuition, clarity, and the capability to detach from material desires. They can thrive in healing, metaphysics, and the occult sciences.

Q.6 What are powerful remedies for Ketu?

Ans. Chanting mantras, conducting pujas, practicing meditation, charity, and wearing Cat's Eye gemstones are the remedies for weak Ketu in astrology. Other remedies for Ketu include fasting and partaking in spiritual activities.

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