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Health Astrology - All You Need to Know About Your Medical and Health

27 Nov, 2022 by Parita

Health Astrology - All You Need to Know About Your Medical and Health

27 Nov, 2022 by Parita

Have you ever wondered why you keep suffering from the same type of illness again and again? In fact, when you closely examine the behavior of health issues you have, you will find that it is related to a specific part of the body. Have you ever wondered why? This happens due to the zodiac and the different houses as per health astrology. 

So let us deep dive and learn how your health and astrology are related.

How does Astrology impact our Health?

As per health astrology, each planet as well as the zodiac sign is related to a specific health condition. An individual gets affected by one or more than one kind of illness when a particular planet or zodiac sign becomes vulnerable. 

Zodiac Signs vs Human Anatomy

Zodiac Sign 

Body Part


Head, Brain, Face 


Throat, Neck, Lips


Lungs, Hands, Arms


Stomach, Breasts, Chest, Ribs


Heart, Sack, Spine, Forearms


Intestines, Lower spine, Fingers, Spleen


Kidney, Skin, Lumbar region


Bladder, Anus, Nose, Appendix 


Hips, Thighs, Nerves, Arteries


Knees, Joints, Teeth, Skin


Legs, Ankles, Circulation of Blood 


Feet, Toes, Lymphatic System 

Health Issues as per Houses in the Birth Chart

1st House vs Medical Astrology

The 1st house in the birth chart is associated mainly with the uppermost part of our body such as head, mind, skin, physical ability, power, stamina, and overall health. If placed in a favorable position as per the lord, it keeps all of these in sound health, else has a negative impact.

About Medical and Health Astrology

2nd House vs Medical Astrology

The second house impacts our eyes, face, teeth, voice, nose, brain state, and nails. The weakening of this house can affect the skin, and stomach, and cause heart disease, high fever, leprosy, bone fracture, brain trouble, and internal fever. 

3rd House vs Medical Astrology

The third house in the birth chart relates to the hands, body growth, collar bones, breathing, neck, throat. Sore eyes, diseases in head, cuts, wounds, poisoning, itches, loss of energy, blood pressure, bone fractures, tumors, piles, cancer, ulcers, rectal diseases, chickenpox, as well as menstrual disorders and health issues related to female organs, are further governed by the third house. 

4th House vs Medical Astrology

As per health astrology, our heart, blood pressure, chest, lungs and female breast fall under the 4th house in our birth chart. When this house is weak, it can cause unpredictable illness related to women hormones and possesses a tendency to weaken the body to an extent it causes death.

5th House vs Medical Astrology

The 5th house in the birth chart is called 'Absence of Sickness' for any of your Future Health Problems. This house improves the health of the natives, and makes it stable. It relates to your intelligence, gallbladder, energy, upper abdomen, heart, intestines, womb as well as sperm. 

6th House vs Medical Astrology

As per health astrology, the 6th house is the house of unpredictable illness. The planets related to the 6th house in any form can cause diseases. This house refers to your kidney, uterus, digestive system, or anus and the natives face health issues when this house weakens. 

7th House vs Medical Astrology

The 7th house in Health Astrology refers to the sexual parts such as uterus, prostrate glands, sperms, ovaries and can affect your sexual incompetence, get you indigestion, diabetes, diseases of the face, or venereal diseases. A weak 7th house can cause you fever, dropsy, impotency, gonorrhea, goiter, cysts, gout, diseases of glands, hernia, urethral diseases or general weakness.

8th House vs Medical Astrology

The 8th house in health astrology refers to a long unpredictable illness, accidents, sex, organ mutilation, and external genitalia. Moreover, this house is linked directly with an individual's longevity and, if weakened, can cause mental anxiety, surgery, or even misfortune. 

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9th House vs Medical Astrology

Your bones, knees, joints, thighs are connected to 9th house as per the health astrology. A weak 9th house governs the health issues such as weakness, bone fracture, damage/loss of limbs, bone disease, stomach pain, blindness, illness related to teeth, baldness, tumors, hysteria, paralysis, wounds or mental worries.

10th House vs Medical Astrology

The 9th and 10th house possess similar kind of function, with the only difference being that the 10th house generally contains diseases like blindness, bone fractures, stomach pain, wounds, joint pain.

11th House vs Medical Astrology

The 11th house usually has future health problems related to chronic illness. The sick people generally have horoscopes governed by the Lord of the 11th house. This house relates to calves, buttocks, left arm, left ear, etc. 

12th House vs Medical Astrology

The 12th house refers to marriage problems, imprisonment, loss of property, hospitalization, etc. It corresponds to insomnia, disability, death, foot, physical pleasure, balance of mind and sorrow. As per health astrology, this house is related to the cure of diseases.

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