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Finance Horoscope 2023: Astrological Remedies to Improve Financial Status

02 Dec, 2022 by Parita

Finance Horoscope 2023: Astrological Remedies to Improve Financial Status

02 Dec, 2022 by Parita

Even after putting in a lot of effort to earn money, there are times when you might feel managing finance to be a challenging task. Among these situations, there are times when you are unable to get the desired income and there are times when your expenses are too much to handle. As per finance astrology, a number of ways can help you overcome this situation. Before we explore the remedies, let us learn about, what is finance astrology?

What is Finance Astrology?

Finance Astrology is the method of connecting the movements of the heavenly bodies to the possibilities in monetary markets. Its solutions help us fix the problems related to finance. The planet, Venus and the 9th house in Janam Kundli are responsible for your finances. 

Remedies to Improve Financial Status

Place the Locker in the Correct Direction

As per the money horoscope, you should set the locker or cupboard in which you keep cash and other valuables, in the South or South-West corner of the house. When opened, the locker thus positioned, unlocks in North Direction, which is the path for Lord Kuber. The God of wealth then ensures the fund remains stocked. Moreover, placing a mirror in front of it echoes the sight of the locker. 

Plant the Holy 'Tulsi'

As per the financial horoscope by date of birth, the Goddess of Wealth will bless you mightily if you plant a tulsi plant (basil tree) in your house and light a diya filled with ghee near it everyday.

Please the Goddess of Wealth

One of the astrological solutions to improve your financial status is offering water to Lord Vishnu by a Conch Shell on Fridays, which pleases Goddess Lakshmi. Applying saffron tilak on your forehead every morning after bath also keeps the Goddess of Wealth in good spirits. Also, lodge the picture of the Goddess and worship it twice everyday to seek blessings.

finance horoscope 2023 astrological remedies to improve financial status

Be Ethical

If you are earning money via faulty means, knock knock, let us remind you such money might not stay for long. Hence, finance astrology suggests you to stay away from any deeds that fetch you money inappropriately.

Value Your Worth

Value your time as well as your efforts. The money horoscope says that a person should ensure to not provide any services to anybody for free. Also, they should follow the same and pay for anything they get from others. 

Respect Thy Women

Be it your mother, wife, sister or daughter, the finance horoscope suggests respecting women and taking utmost care of them. Remember, the women are the representation of Goddess Lakshmi.

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Do Charity 

The financial horoscope by date of birth says that you should donate a percentage of your income every month as charity. Also, try to donate in ‘white’. Goddess Lakshmiji will bless you immensely when you do so. 

Feed Unmarried Girls 

One of the ways to please Goddess Lakshmi is by feeding three unmarried girls with rice pudding, or say, kheer, every Friday. Along with the pudding, offer them yellow clothing and cash too. As per the money horoscope, you should do this for a month.

Pacify Saturn

Perform chanting to please Saturn, as it can trigger economic despairs. Doing this regularly can keep your financial crises at bay and improve your financial status.

A Few More Remedies

In a piece of red cloth, place a Kuber Yantra and put it at the place of worship. Feeding the cow with green grass every Wednesday is also one of the solutions that help to improve your financial status. Moreover, never use or keep any broken utensils in the house. 


So now, as you know what is finance astrology and the remedies to improve your financial status, abide by the solutions and eliminate your economical issues. In case you have further questions related to your finances, ask the astrologers now.

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