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Best Solution Of Family Problems By Astrological Remedies

11 Jun, 2024 by Aakansha

Best Solution Of Family Problems By Astrological Remedies

11 Jun, 2024 by Aakansha

You generally ask questions concerning career, health, finance, relationships, and any family problem solution from an astrologer online. So, let's focus on nuclear and joint family issues in this article and have a look at the solutions to resolve them through astrological remedies. 

You must know one thing before we proceed with the topic. We don’t choose our family and our relatives or even our siblings. They have been with us from birth. So it means you and all the family members have a karmic connection with each other. If you have a good family life that means you had good karmic relations with them in a previous life which carried forward. If you are facing nuclear or joint family problems after marriage or before marriage, especially with one or two people then you have a strong karmic debt that you need to pay off in this lifetime. 

Astrology Combinations Affecting Family Life

In Astrology, we can understand the family and its members' behavior patterns through planetary placements in horoscopes. If you have Pitra Dosha in your horoscope, you will likely face family problems concerning finances. It can eventually lead to legal disputes or even long-term debts. Grahan Dosha also shows that you might face some distance or the loss of a family member which can create conflict between families.

Different Types Of Family Problems

As years pass by, the kind of problem you used to face starts changing, and counseling for family issues can help. However, there are still some similar problems. The way we resolve these problems has changed significantly. In the last ten years, family connections and dynamics have seen so much transformation. Their relations and equations have seen vast development over this period. 

Today, there is a concept of a nuclear family, whereas it was not common before. Only a joint family concept was there in the previous generation. These days wealth comes in between family relations. You can see nuclear and joint family issues between daughter-in-law and mother-in-law. Problems of a teenager in the family are also common. Teenagers need a whole different level of understanding these days. Like these, many other family problems require special attention and efforts to resolve for peace and prosperity.

You know that such different types of family difficulties are so common these days. Let’s learn astrological remedies for them. 

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Parental Disputes Family Problems

Some planetary combinations and placements show that you may face problems, especially disputes or conflicts with your parents. In this case, the Sun and Moon are usually afflicted in your horoscope. So you need to do remedies to strengthen the Sun and Moon in your horoscope. You must start meditating and performing pooja for your ancestors as their blessings can help heal wounds. 

You will generally see these kinds of family problems when the son and father are doing family business together. Additionally, you would see this issue between teenagers and parents. You will see the problem of teenagers in the family is very critical. You need to take note of the sensitivity as they can even harm themselves in anger and resentment. To reduce these family issues, you should sprinkle GangaJal over every corner of the house to purify the house. It helps get rid of negativity and cleanse the house.

solution of Family problems

Joint Family Problems and Solutions

In joint family difficulties, issues with mother-in-law and daughter-in-law are quite common. These issues are common and generally occur when you have planets afflicting your marriage life. So, sometimes marriage can break due to family differences and miscommunication. In this case, you need to do a lot of Forgiveness Prayers. In this process, you can ask for forgiveness by doing charity or giving donations to homeless people. You can also get any family problem solution from an astrologer online

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Property and Wealth Related Family Problems

This is the most popular or rising problem these days. You will see that the ancestor's property and wealth must be properly distributed. One of the family members wants to keep everything. All this wealth creates disharmony in family relationships. To reduce this issue, you should clean your home with salt water. You can do this while mopping the floor. You can also keep a bowl of salt water at the corner of the house. Drain that water on alternative days in the washroom.

Counseling for family problems and some common remedies that can be useful for maintaining peace and harmony at home are as follows.

  • You should worship Lord Ganesha to remove obstacles in family life
  • Check the Vastu of the house for a peaceful family life.
  • Keep Rose Quartz or Clean Quartz crystal near your bed for healing problems
  • You need to keep the Tulsi plant in the northeast direction of the house. Tulsi brings positivity and purifies the house energy as well. 
  • Do Rudra Abhishek pooja to keep all obstacles away from the house. 
  • Dosha Nivaran Pooja must be done to avoid family problems in life. (Check your horoscope if you have certain dosha that can affect your family)
  • You should worship the Peepal Tree every Saturday for prosperity and abundance in your family. 

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