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7 Effective Astrological Tips for Bliss And Success in Your Love Life

01 Dec, 2022 by Parita

7 Effective Astrological Tips for Bliss And Success in Your Love Life

01 Dec, 2022 by Parita

Falling in love is easy but maintaining it is what takes it all. Everyone likes to spend time with their loved ones, and to stay together, you both go beyond limits, transforming yourself and making compromises. But what do you do when you start witnessing that the differences between you two are causing clashes. You are hurt, devastated and confused, right?

Here are some of the astrological tips for success in your love life. You can get them for you, and you will see positive changes occuring in your love life.

Astrological Tips for Your Love Life

Chant Mantras

One of the best astrological love life tips is chanting mantras, as these can cure most of your love related problems. You can chant the Ganpati Atharvashirsha, the mantra of Lord Ganesha. This will save you from the malefic effects of the retrograde of planets. 

'Om Lakshminarayana Namaha' also can be chanted if you want to bring your love close to you. Another mantra you can chant is Kamdev Gayatri Mantra. This mantra will help you fill your love life with passion and sustain it. 

Worshiping the Deities 

To make your love life smooth and prosperous; and eliminate troubles, worship Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. In your birth chart, both god and goddesses represent Sun and Moon. Couples when worshiping them, the 5th house gets strengthened, and as per astrology, their relationship acquires stability. Offering prayers and a red shawl to Goddess Durga is also one of the astrological tips beneficial for your love life. 

effective astrological tips for success in your love life


Green and white are the colors representing Venus. During the month of Shravan, that is, Monsoon Season, the astrological love life tips state that girls should wear green bangles. Also, wearing white attires on all Thursdays will get your hold over your relationships and marriage. 

Delight Lord Shiva

One of the astro tips for finding the love of your life is performing Rudra Abhishek Puja by offering honey and anointing it over the Shivling. This puja serves as the remedy for unmarried girls whose marriage is delayed or not getting finalized. 

Offer a Flute

One of the astrological tips for success for your love is to offer a flute in the Lord Krishna's Temple. By doing so, God will bless you and help you win the heart of the person you love. 

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When it comes to astrological love life tips, fasting on a Wednesday can help. It removes the ill effects of the planets in the 5th house and enhances your love life. Moreover, the fasting can help to a great extent if you fast during the time when Mercury retrogrades. 

Few more Astrological Tips

To entice love in your life, wear a diamond gemstone. Meeting your lover on a full moon is also one of the astro tips you can instill. Moreover, light a diya and keep it in the south-west corner of your house. 


Above mentioned are the astrological tips that will help you achieve success in your love life. However, if you follow all these astro tips with a negative attitude, nothing will help. Hence stay optimistic and if you need more help from the astrologers specialized in love and relationship, live chat with them today.

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