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December Zodiac Sign – What is The Sun Sign for December Month?

15 May, 2021 by Sonu Saraf

December Zodiac Sign – What is The Sun Sign for December Month?

15 May, 2021 by Sonu Saraf

Are you a December baby, or know someone who is born in this month? If yes, you must know that December zodiac sign natives have some peculiar personality traits. These characteristics make them achieve success nine out of ten times in their lives. They are the optimistic and motivated achievers among all the zodiacs.

They are the Sagittarius or Capricorn natives of the December birth signs.

Let’s know a little more about them and what exactly is it that makes them stand out. Also, we’ll touch upon the December cusp sign and how it is different and, in a way, more powerful than the individual sign for December.

But before getting into that, let’s know the date range of both the December signs of zodiac.

December Zodiac Signs Date Range

Talking about the December zodiac signs date range, Sagittarius remains in effect from December 1st to December 21st. And Capricorn becomes effective from the twenty-second day of the month and extends till the last day.

  • December 1st to 21st – Sagittarius
  • December 22nd to 31st – Capricorn

So now is the time to see individually what zodiac or star sign is December. And what are the top personality traits of people born under these two zodiac signs!

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Sagittarius (December 1st – December 21st)

If you are born between 1st-21st December, you belong to the Sagittarius zodiac community, the first December zodiac.

Sagittarius is represented by an 'Archer,' which is symbolic of the higher spiritual ideals and philosophy.

  • With your optimistic approach in life, you are the one who always tends to see the silver lining in every cloud or see the glass as half full. You are the optimistic person who belongs to one of the December signs of the zodiac who never loses hope no matter what stands in your way.
  • Your love for freedom is something that may annoy some control freaks around you. You like to do things in your own style. You carry that sense of personal space in your heart and don't like to be ordered around. This also lets you come up with the most creative ways of doing the most mundane jobs.
  • Your sense of humor is what makes people fall in love with you. Nobody who is talking to you can ever lose interest in the conversation because of your witty responses. You are the person with that December star sign who loves being happy and actually knows how to be in that mental state.
  • People trust you because you never bend the truth or give the other person the benefit of the doubt. Whatever is true, you say it as it is because you know that it's always better to hurt a person with truth rather than comforting them with lies. This makes you an honest December born zodiac person.
  • Your commendable conversational skills are something that you are proud of. With a brilliant choice of words and the correct tone and tempo, you are that person belonging to the community of December born zodiac signs who can crack any deal. This influential quality works to your advantage if you're working as a sales professional.

Read more about the Sagittarius zodiac in our blog 'Sagittarius Zodiac Sign: Symbol, Dates and Core Personality Traits' and know everything about the Sagittarius natives. Also, learn some lesser known facts about them.

Did you get the answer to your question, "what is my sign if I was born in December?" But wait, don't go yet. You never want to miss out on the information provided in the second part of this blog.

As it is said, incomplete knowledge is more dangerous than no knowledge at all. So keep reading.

Capricorn (December 22nd – December 31st)

Capricorn is the second December zodiac sign. And if you're born between 22nd – 31st December, you belong to the Capricorn zodiac community.

Capricorn is represented by a 'Sea-Goat,' which is symbolic of the grounded and motivated nature.

  • Your ambitious soul never lets you sit and relax. You are the person who cannot be let down by people with small minds. You dream big and work your pants off to achieve it. Your ambitions are not something that you give up on easily.
  • With your go-getter attitude, you are considered the most competitive person belonging to the community of December sun sign. You hate to lose and make sure you get what you're chasing. But at the same time, you also make sure to give it your hundred percent to satisfy your need to feel that you've earned it.
  • With the brilliant professional ethics that you possess, you can be trusted by any organization to make an improvement. You don't like to compromise your discipline and professionalism for anything and hate when the other person disrespects it.
  • With your supportive nature, you make people around you comfortable. You understand everyone is going through something, and a little support can save them from having a terrible day. It makes a person having the December astrological sign like you a true empath.
  • Your individualistic attitude is something that you praise a lot. You, being the boss, don't like to do things as someone else would say. Imitation or copying is the last thing that you will do. You always want to do things in a way that marks them with your signature.

December Cusp sign

A cusp sign is that zodiac sign, which occurs where the time of one zodiac sign is coming to an end, and that of the other one is commencing. The December cusp sign is the combination of Sagittarius and Capricorn. Anyone who is born between December 18 – 24 falls under the category of December cusp natives.

They share the personality characteristics of both the December zodiac signs. This sometimes makes it difficult for people to understand them. But this is what works in their favor as the fantastic traits of both zodiac signs for December make them an irresistible personality who are most successful in their life endeavors.

If you are a December cusp native, then here are your top personality traits.

  • Your passionate and determined self complement each other in a way that is best suited for your life. This makes you that sign for December, who almost always end up getting what they aim for.
  • The loyal and caring approach you have towards those who are a part of your life is a characteristic of yours that is adorable. People often seek your advice for comfort when they are going through a bad day.
  • Your brave and hardworking attitude is what makes you that December zodiac native who doesn’t fear setting up high bars for themselves. You never step back when it comes to working like crazy to reach there.
  • It’s your sense of accomplishment that keeps you focused. You may sometimes get deviated from your goal but gather your attention quickly because you love and need that feeling of accomplishment.

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Now you know what is your zodiac sign if you were born in December and the personality traits associated with it. Ironically enough, despite being the last month of the year, people born under one of the two December signs of the zodiac prove to be the leaders in their respective industries.

While considering a person's overall personality, a zodiac sign cannot be the only aspect to reach any conclusion. Other aspects associated with a person's astrological elements collectively create a fair picture of one's personality and tell what the future holds for that person. For this, an expert's guidance is recommended. If you have any questions regarding your December horoscope sign or any other aspect of your life, you can always reach out to our experienced astrologers. They are the professionals who will provide you with the best and most suitable answers with their expertise. Talk to an expert astrologer now.

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