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Capricorn Best and Worst Match for Marriage - Find Your Perfect Partner

20 Aug, 2021 by Swati S. Kumar

Capricorn Best and Worst Match for Marriage - Find Your Perfect Partner

20 Aug, 2021 by Swati S. Kumar

Smart, sophisticated and elegant, this is how a Capricorn native is identified. Their disciplined nature and ambitious approach make them always stand out from the crowd. Represented by the Goat, these people know how to reach the top and attain a higher status in society. However, due to their reserved and shy nature, Capricorn often steps back in expressing their choices. 

When it comes to love, Capricorn seeks stability and security. They are never in a hurry to find love or marry someone less likely to match their personality. Are you also a Capricorn? Do you want to find Capricorn’s best and worst matches for marriage?

If yes, this post is everything that you are looking for. It includes everything you need to know about the best and worst partners for Capricorn men and women.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out the post and learn about a Capricorn’s perfect and worst matches as per astrology!

What Signs Are The Best Match For Capricorn Men And Women?

Capricorn best matches for marriage (Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, and Pisces)


Taurus and Capricorn is a harmonious match. They both need security, financial well-being, and social status. Being the earth sign, Taurus exhibits all the potential to be a Capricorn soulmate. They offer stability to Capricorn and give them the comfort and peace that a Capricorn always dreams of in their home. Both of these signs make an awe-worthy down-to-earth couple. They admire each other and have the same traditional approach to love and marriage. Since Capricorns are ambitious people, they often forget to enjoy life. Taurus natives help them to relax and relish the comfort that life has to offer them at that moment. Doesn’t it make you feel that Taurus is the best match for Capricorn men and women? 


Be it ambitions, hard work, or orientation towards goals, Virgo matches Capricorn at all levels. They motivate Capricorn natives and help them at every stage to achieve their desired goals. For Virgos, dealing with the high expectations of a Capricorn is quite agreeable. They quickly get attracted to a Capricorn’s personality and seek to build a quiet and aspiring life with them. As per Astrology, the same element association is why Virgos makes the best partner for Capricorn men and women. However, to form the most successful and appreciable pair with the Capricorn, Virgos should control their anxiety and over-critical nature.


When it comes to finding the best partner for Capricorn, Scorpio ticks all the boxes. They are loyal, honest, determined, and brilliant strategists. They prioritize business over pleasure and meet the expectations of Capricorn to attain higher status. Both of these signs possess identical traits and create a formidable partnership. They understand each other and make a strong couple at both personal and romantic levels. Although Scorpio is Capricorn’s perfect match, they exhibit differences that create rifts between them. Since Capricorn is more practical than the others, a Scorpio - Capricorn’s relationship often feels somber. However, this is not the reality. To make their bond of love potent and blissful, wearing Scorpio and Capricorn birthstones by natives is recommended. 


It may seem like an odd match, but Capricorn’s compatibility with Pisces is unexpectedly brilliant. The emotional Pisces knows how to tackle a pragmatic Capricorn and deal with their anxiety without fretting. They allow Capricorn to put their feet up and experience inner peace. They offer them new perspectives to see things and live life on a lighter note. On the flip side, Capricorn offers Pisces the much-needed stability and inspires them to achieve higher goals. Both the signs fulfill their commitments and strive hard to create a happy and peaceful marriage. In a nutshell, Capricorn men and women’s best match for marriage can undoubtedly be Pisces.

What Signs Are The Worst Match For Capricorn Men And Women?

Capricorn worst matches for marriage (Aries, Gemini, and Leo)


Aries is one of the worst matches for Capricorn men and women. They are absolutely different and have nothing in common to form a stable relationship. Aries is fast, impulsive, daring, and carefree, while Capricorn is pragmatic, slow, and frugal. They take time to open up, and it is less likely they reveal their feelings to an Aries. The apple of discord between an Aries and a Capricorn is their way of thinking. They have different approaches towards things and hardly have a common point of view on anything. Both of these signs like to be in charge of the relationship, which often creates power struggles and rifts between the couple.

To avoid situations like these and to get the best astrological advice, you must consult our online love astrologer. This will work for you if you are a Capricorn who wants to marry an Aries. 


Leo is another worst partner for Capricorn. Their relationship with Capricorn is strained, and there is always competition between them. Since Leo and Capricorn belong to different elements, they both are different in terms of personality. Leo is proud, fun-loving, and outgoing, while Capricorn is demanding, serious, and disciplined. Capricorn’s seriousness towards life makes Leo feel dull and bored. They often seek a romantic partner, something that can never be expected from a Capricorn who is emotionally detached. Also, both these signs are very combative. They spend most of their time in fights and unnecessary arguments. Thus, before marriage, natives of both the signs should take life partner predictions from a marriage expert. 


The airy traits of Gemini don’t bode well with the earthy Capricorn. Their tendency to expand and explore things is not understandable for the Capricorn. They drive Capricorn natives crazy and don’t adapt to Capricorn’s idea to live a stable and secure life. They do not like “too much seriousness” of Capricorn and often feel bored and uninterested. On the other hand, Capricorn has a pretty old-school approach when it comes to love. They like to take things slow and do not try anything new or surprising with their partner. To have a long-lasting relationship between Gemini and Capricorn, both of them need to compromise and be flexible with their approach. They need to bring excitement and fun to thrive in their love and marriage. 

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