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Cancer Best And Worst Matches For Marriage - Find Your Perfect Match

13 Aug, 2021 by Somya Shrimal

Cancer Best And Worst Matches For Marriage - Find Your Perfect Match

13 Aug, 2021 by Somya Shrimal

Were you born with Cancer as your zodiac sign? Want to know which is the best or worst partner for Cancer?

Individuals born between June 22 to July 22 are Cancer zodiac natives. Cancer zodiac personality is blessed with exceptional intuitive power, creativity, and compassion. They are very lovable. If not for how inclined they are to cry on small things, then definitely for how they are always available to help people who genuinely need them. They are the ultimate caretakers. No matter what they are going through, if you ask for their help, they will never disappoint you. 

However, dealing with them is not a kid’s task. On the negative side, they may be slightly irritating and standoffish. For sure, they never hesitate to lend a helping hand, but they also have a reputation for being clingy. The best match for Cancer woman and man is the one who balances all these negative traits and at the same time fulfills the crab’s expectations of being a Cancer perfect match. 

Wondering, what are these expectations? Let’s find out.

What It Takes To Be A Cancer Best Match

In love and relationships, Cancer zodiac natives are very romantic, loyal, kind, and nurturing. They never shy away from showing their love to the one who proves to be the best partner for Cancer. But, they need someone to win their trust in order to conquer their heart. Cancerians seek a bond of eternity rather than casual flings. That being said, once someone wins over their trust, it doesn’t take much time to make a place in their heart. 

To be the Cancer best match, one must be compassionate. They seek someone on whom they can rely blindly and can share their feelings. They look for safety and security in their relationships. Hence, to be a Cancer best match for marriage, it is important to win over their trust. 

Not sure if you are capable of being a Cancer woman best match for marriage or a Cancer man best match for marriage? Your zodiac sign can help you. 

You already know what crabs look for in the Cancer perfect match, so let's move further and understand which zodiac sign fulfills these requirements and makes the best partner for Cancer as well as the best match for Cancer man and woman.

In the later part of this blog, I will also tell you about the worst match for Cancer man and woman and of course all about the Cancer Soulmate.

Cancer Best Match For Marriage

When will I meet my life partner according to the date of birth?Being a Cancer native, this thought must have crossed your mind at least once. 

For your information, astrology can help you in invincible ways. It can also tell you the list of sun signs that get along well with Cancer zodiac natives to help you choose your Cancer best match. As per astrology, the natives of Taurus, Pisces, and Scorpio are the best matches for the Cancer zodiac natives. Read on to get detailed insights into the bonding of these zodiac signs with Cancer sun sign natives. 


Scorpio man being the Cancer woman best match for marriage makes a fantastic bond with them. Both Cancer and Scorpio are water signs and thus, they get along incredibly well. They share a set of similar traits which are sexual, trustworthy, and extremely intuitive. Together, they are capable of developing an eternal bond. And, as far as negative traits are concerned, Scorpio’s insecurities get balanced by Cancer’s over possessiveness. Thus, Scorpio feels secure and safe in this bond. While Scorpio is filled with intensity, Cancer seeks passion in a relationship. Needless to say, they perfectly complement each other’s traits.


Cancer compatibility works differently for different zodiac signs. When it comes to Taurus, there is nothing that a Cancerian has to worry about. Physically, Taurus woman is the best match for Cancer man. This is also true if the genders are reversed. The reason is both Cancer and Taurus crave similar intimate experiences. They both seek tenderness, warmth, and a sense of closeness in their bond. That being said, all their traits are not entirely similar. While Cancer relies on emotions, Taurus is driven by practicality. Taurus’ lazy and stagnant nature contradicts the hyperactive and prompt personality of Cancer. However, all their differences complement each other and help them to make their bond perfect. When these two zodiac signs get together, they both celebrate their bond and feel blessed to have each other’s back. 


The best match for a Cancer man is a Pisces woman. Just like Cancer, Pisces is also a water sign and that is why they both are capable of developing an intense and fulfilling bond. Surprisingly, Cancer and Pisces understand each other’s unsaid words. They both know very well how to support each other and give each other the sense of comfort they need. However, judging their bond merely based on their similarities will not be the right thing to do. Yes, their similarities make Pisces a suitable match for Cancer, but it is their differences that make Pisces the best partner for Cancer zodiac sign natives. Pisces is intuitive and sensitive. On the other hand, Cancer is a natural caregiver. Their differences perfectly balance each other in significant ways and make Pisces a perfect match for Cancer. 

That’s all for the best matches. Now, wherever there is sunshine, there are dark days as well. You already know which is the best match for Cancer man or which is the best match for Cancer woman. But, do you have any idea which is the worst partner for Cancer? Read on to know!

Cancer Worst Match For Marriage

Wondering, who is the worst partner for Cancer? 

Aquarius, Aries, and Gemini are blessed with magnificent abilities. But their traits do not align with Cancer’s expectations and that is why they can collectively be called the Cancer worst matches. Let’s see why.


While Cancer is driven by emotions and feelings, Aquarius considers logic as their main priority while making decisions. No matter how hard they try, these two signs just cannot understand each other. Cancer finds Aquarius zodiac natives too cold and aloof. And, that is why Aquarius is considered the worst partner for Cancer. 


You already know which is the best match for the Cancer woman for marriage. But, what about the worst match for a Cancer woman? 

As per astrology, Aries is the worst partner for Cancer women and even men. Although Aries and Cancer physically mingle well, emotionally and mentally they struggle to understand each other. 

When these two signs are presented with challenges, they both behave extremely disparately. While Aquarius stands strong and faces the hurdles presented to them fearlessly, Crab prefers to hide into their shell. Due to this, Cancer and Aries do not get along very well, and at the same time, Aries is considered the worst match for Cancer man and woman.

Expert Advice:- If you are a Cancer zodiac sign native, then wearing a suitable Cancer birthstone can help you to handle this situation. 


Undoubtedly, Geminis are enthusiastic, brilliant, and curious. They are loved by almost everyone but they fail to attract an introverted Cancer. The reason is simple, Gemini takes things lightly. Cancer being a water sign, needs someone to understand their emotions and feelings. Needless to say, Gemini struggles to do that and that is why in any case you cannot call Gemini the Cancer best match.

The above three zodiac signs make the worst match for a Cancer woman and also the worst match for a Cancer man. However, one cannot rely on just sun signs to determine the outcome of any relationship.

The fate of a person as well as a relationship is determined by various aspects. The best way to find your perfect match according to astrology is by consulting an expert astrologer.

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