Home Astrology Learn how Business Astrology by Date of Birth can help you Begin a Successful Business

Learn how Business Astrology by Date of Birth can help you Begin a Successful Business

28 Nov, 2022 by Parita

Learn how Business Astrology by Date of Birth can help you Begin a Successful Business

28 Nov, 2022 by Parita

You might have seen some of your friends and family members failing in businesses even after planning and investing a hefty amount, while some people, though with small investments, earn huge profits. What do you think is missing in the former case? Your horoscope can help.

Your Business horoscope indicates if you will be successful in a business or not. So let us learn what is your business astrology by date of birth. 

What is Business Astrology?

The placement of planets and the connection between them in the birth chart helps the astrologers predict what will be appropriate to you careerwise. This celestial tool that helps foreshadow if business suits you or not is called Business Astrology.

Significance of Planets & Houses in Business Astrology Predictions

Mercury is the most significant planet while looking for free business astrology by date of birth, whereas the most influential houses to consider are the 2nd, 7th, and 9th houses in the janam kundali. The combinations of these houses and planets help comprehend if you have a successful business horoscope. 

Let us learn about these combinations in business astrology predictions here:

  • The best yoga for starting a business is when the ruling Lords of the 2nd, 7th, or 9th house favor the ruling planet of the 10th house. 
  • If Mercury has friendly relations with the ruling planets and the Lords of the 2nd house, 7th house, 9th house, or 11th house, you will not only do business but excel in it. 
  • Your business might not grow well if the ruling planet of the 2nd house weakens due to the harmful impacts of the enemy planets. 

Business Partnerships as per Business Astrology

While some individuals believe in sole entrepreneurship, others are more inclined towards partnerships. However, let us understand what your business astrology by date of birth predicts.

When can you do partnerships?

  • You can get into a partnership with your spouse or friend when you have the planets Mercury, Moon, or Jupiter sitting in your 2nd house and are powerful. 
  • You can begin a business with your spouse when the ruling planets of the 2nd and the 7th house are not equally strong. 
  • If either the 2nd or the 7th house has Mercury positioned on them, both houses are considered equally strong. In such cases too, you can do well in the business.

When can you not do partnerships?

  • You should not get involved in partnerships when the ruling planet of the 2nd and 7th house gets weak due to the harmful effects of the other powerful planets.
  • If the ruling planets' 2nd and 7th houses hold equal powers in your birth chart, then, too, a business partnership is not suggested. 

Business Astrology Start a Successful Business through business astrology by date of birth

Other Factors Impacting Your Business Horoscope

The details mentioned above tell how business astrology by date of birth gets impacted by the houses and planets in your birth chart/janam kundali. However, there are circumstances wherein even these might prove wrong. So, if you or someone you know is facing this problem, here are the possibilities of the same.

This free business astrology by date of birth states that choosing the wrong business field can result in not-so-extraordinary business growth. Let us explore what line of business each planet indicate as per the business astrology predictions - 

  • The Sun presents a business in the Government Sector.
  • Mercury exhibits choosing a business in media or marketing 
  • Venus indicates immense success in Entertainment or Telecom Industry
  • Moon offers a profitable business in the food industry.
  • Mars indicates car manufacturing and sales.
  • Jupiter indicates education, consultation, lottery, or gambling.
  • Saturn indicates the garment industry or real estate.
  • Rahu presents success in gambling.
  • Ketu exhibits profitable opportunities in the IT Sector.


You can also search for a free business name as per Vedic astrology or business name astrology to find more details related to your business. In case you still need expert consultation to understand all the details related to this, talk to our business astrologers today.

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