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8 Amazing Benefits of Wearing Black Thread on Your Leg

23 Nov, 2022 by Parita

8 Amazing Benefits of Wearing Black Thread on Your Leg

23 Nov, 2022 by Parita

You might have witnessed many individuals wearing black thread on their ankles and would find it 'cool'. But let us remind you of the infants whom you might have also seen wearing it. Do you think their Grandma or Parents make them wear the Kala Dhaga for the same reason? 

The answer is clearly 'No'. The black thread in leg means more than what today's generation thinks it to be. As per the scriptures, there are many advantages of wearing black thread in leg. 

So, what are these benefits? Let us have a look at them.

Benefits of wearing a black thread

Heals Stomach Aches 

The black thread for leg acts as an effective remedy for individuals experiencing frequent stomach aches. So, if an individual gets a lot of stomach aches, they should first understand in which leg to wear black thread and then tie it on their ankle. Tying the black thread on the ankle not only helps in curing normal stomach aches but also helps in treating navel dislocation - the condition that causes much discomfort to an individual. 

An Aid to Monetary Problems

Binding a black thread in leg means getting rid of the monetary problems. This solution can lessen your problems of shortage of money by gradually bidding them goodbye, yet bringing prosperity to your house. You can tie a black thread in right leg, if you are facing a lot of monetary problems in your life. 

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Heals Leg Injury

If you have ever suffered from a leg injury in the past that is not getting cured, or if your leg is being hurt and is undergoing treatment, wear the black thread in which leg the injury has occurred to get it mended quickly. Moreover, tying the black thread in right leg, as well as the left, reduces the leg pain that appears due to arthritis. Further, it also helps in healing the leg pain caused due to excessive work or walking. 

A Shield from Buri Nazar

You might have heard that negative people, who hold severe grudges and are evil at heart, might try to harm the ones they are jealous of. This jealousy may have risen when they see someone lead a happy and prosperous life. To protect yourselves from such people, you can search for 'black thread on which leg for gents' or 'in which leg to wear black thread for ladies' and wear it on your ankle. You might be wondering how this black thread for leg prevents you from evil eyes? So, this nullifies all the negative energy that comes your way and protects you from the ill effects of black magic. 

8 Amazing Benefits of Wearing Black Thread on Your Leg

Gets Good Luck & Wealth at Your Doorstep

The powerful planet Saturn, when delighted, blesses an individual with fortune and good luck. As mentioned earlier, a black thread for leg gets you the shield of Shani Dev. As a result of which, you can get promotions at work and settle financial disputes in your favor. 

Protects from ill-effects of Shani Dosh

When you wear black thread around your ankle, the negative effects of Shani Dosh get neutralized. So, if you have Shani Dosh in your Kundali that is causing botherations for you, get a black thread and tie it as an anklet with utmost devotion.

Promotes Immunity Among Children

One of the benefits of wearing the black thread is that, if worn by children, it increases their immunity. So in case you know a child who falls sick frequently, get them to wear the Kala Dhaga, and you will notice their body gaining strength to fight against diseases. 

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Guards You from the Nastiness of Rahu & Ketu

The shadow planets Rahu and Ketu, if enraged, enter the house of the enemy planet, thus disturbing your domestic life and causing financial problems. As per ancient history, it is believed that the Kala Dhaga can help in such cases. So, on which leg to wear black thread? The answer is 'Left'

Do's & Don'ts to wear the Kala Dhaga as Anklets

  • As per astrology, the thread should be worn only after tying 9 knots.
  • Do not tie any other coloured thread on which leg you have worn the black thread. 
  • Tie the thread only on Auspicious times, Tuesdays or Saturdays - as suggested by the Astrologer. 
  • To intensify the impact of black thread, chant the Gayatri Mantra every day after wearing it. Also, note that you do this at the same time each day.
  • Chant Shani Mantra 22 times as soon as you wear the thread.
  • The Kala Dhaga impacts the Astro signs in both - positive and negative manner.
  • Getting a black thread from a Bhairav Nath Temple can yield you the best solutions. 


Now, as you are well aware of the numerous benefits of wearing black thread in leg, get one for yourself and if you are a male, wear it on your right ankle; and females can wear it on their left. However, it is always better to seek advice from expert astrologers before wearing the black thread.

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