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Aries Best and Worst Match for Marriage - Find Perfect Partner

28 Jan, 2021 by Swati

Aries Best and Worst Match for Marriage - Find Perfect Partner

28 Jan, 2021 by Swati

Born between March 21 to April 19, Aries natives are known for their fiery personality and active spirit. They are strong and courageous warriors who follow their hearts and always lead in each and everything. Aries believe that one should live their life to the fullest and thus they never let any moment go dull or boring. They are never afraid of taking risks and go on adventures to explore new places and get new experiences. They want to lead and love being the first whether it’s in their career or personal relationships. In love, Aries is the most romantic zodiac sign among all the zodiac signs. These natives know how to express their love and bring romance and passion in bed.

However, dealing with the first sign of the zodiac is not easy. It takes a lot of energy and effort to find Aries best match or be the Aries soulmate. As per Vedic astrology, the best match for Aries man or Aries woman can only be their most compatible zodiac signs. These congenial zodiac signs are the best partner for Aries as they share similar traits and the qualities to balance the negative traits of Aries.

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If you are an Aries and looking for Aries best match for marriage, here is the guide that offers detailed insights into the Aries compatibility based on the zodiac signs astrology. In this post, you can find the Aries best match and worst matches and know what are the Aries woman best match for marriage or Aries man best match for marriage. So, take a look and explore the guide to Aries perfect match.

Aries Best Matches

(Aries best match for marriage - Leo, Sagittarius, Libra and Gemini)

Of all the signs, these four signs are considered the best partner for Aries. Here are the detailed insights about these signs and their bonding with the Aries zodiac sign natives. 


Leo natives are the perfect match for Aries zodiac. Being a fire sign, Leo shares similar traits as the Aries. They both are vivacious, active and full of confidence. They are very romantic and love adventures and taking on new challenges. Aries finds the charming Leo irresistible and Leo loves the passion of the Aries. Leo man is the best match for Aries woman especially when it comes to marriage. Leo man balances the aggressive nature of Aries woman and encourages her to bring out her best. In turn, Aries woman complements the energy of Leo man and offers support to all his endeavors.

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Another best match for Aries man and woman is Sagittarius. Like Leo, Sagittarius is the fellow fire sign of Aries. They both share the same interests and traits but their relationship with each other is quite different. They both are adventurous in nature and spend great time exploring new places. Sagittarius natives know how to get along with the combativeness of Aries with their good wit and calm spirit. However, to be an Aries man best match for marriage, Sagittarius woman needs to learn to deal with the dominant nature of Aries man. 


Aries and Libra are ruled by opposite elements. Air governs the Libra while Aries is ruled by the Fire. Thus, there are various differences between the Aries and Libra zodiac people. On one side, Aries is a warrior while on the other end, Libra behaves as a peacemaker. They both share different interests and thoughts and there is hardly a moment when they agree on the same thought. However, Libra is the Aries best match for marriage. They both share excellent chemistry and have the quality to curb each other’s negative energies. Although Libra man and woman both are the best partners for Aries, the chemistry of Libra woman and Aries man best match for marriage. 


Gemini is Aries best match for marriage. Like Aries, Gemini possesses vivacious and vibrant nature. They compliment Aries and helps them to enjoy their life to the fullest. On the other hand, Aries offers an orientation to Gemini and allows them to achieve their goals. Aries and Gemini both enjoy each other’s company and make a perfect romantic pair. Aries and Gemini relationship is usually harmonious and balanced. However, Gemini seems to be a perfect match for Aries in friendships rather than romantic relationships. Moreover, as far as marriage is concerned, Gemini woman and Aries woman best match for marriage as per astrology.

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Aries Worst Match

(Aries worst matches- Taurus, Cancer and Capricorn)

Out of the twelve zodiac signs, these three signs are considered the worst match for Aries man and woman. Here are the quick insights into their relationship. 


Taurus is the nearest sign of Aries but in terms of chemistry with Aries, it is too far to score any brownie points. Taurus and Aries don’t share any similar traits that could help them to make a good bond. Where Aries loves adventures and carefree life, Taurus desires comfort and luxury. They both seek different goals in life and have different thoughts when it comes to settling down in life. Taurus is the worst partner for Aries as they don’t offer them the excitement and vigour that they look for. When it comes to marriage, Taurus man is the worst match for Aries woman and Taurus woman is the worst match for Aries man. If Aries and Taurus want a blissful relationship, they should Ask an Astrologer and get marital solutions for resolving their differences. 


As per Vedic astrology, Cancer and Aries relationship is a recipe for disaster. Cancer is the worst match for Aries as they both show volatile nature towards each other. Aries and Cancer both are courageous in nature but their perspective and approach in solving any problem are quite different. Where Aries natives approach problem heads on, Taurus keeps things a little slow and calm. In a relationship, Cancer woman takes a defensive approach which makes Aries man very dominating and aggressive, and thus according to astrologers, Cancer woman is the worst match for Aries man. Similarly, the Cancer man and Aries woman relationship have a lot of friction. They both try to lead and control each other and thus Cancer man is considered the worst match for Aries woman. For the success of Aries and Cancer marriage, they should balance their negative attributes by wearing respective Cancer and Aries gemstone.


Although Aries and Capricorn match is less volatile than Cancer and Aries, it is still not a very good match. The goals and perspectives of the Capricorn and Aries are very different. Aries is aggressive and passionate while the Capricorn is calm, slow and composed. They could not get along with each other and thus there are often possibilities of divorce in marriage of Aries and Capricorn. However, they can get success in marriage if they consult a marriage astrologer and sort their differences with astrological consultation.

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